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  • 1. Promotional Cover BY Judah Chandra I will be using the following programs: Adobe In Design CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3. I will create my Promotional Cover within Indesign and will edit images within Photoshop. I will be doing this to show progression in my work, ideas, technology and skills.
  • 2. Making a Back Ground
    • Creating a simple background was a noted priority as a background can increase or decrease the visibility of the typography and images thus affecting the end product. I paid close attention to the colours used within the background to ensure the right colour scheme was established, this to relate the promotional cover to the Magazine we created in the As.
  • 3. Adding Sponsorship
    • The Masthead and strapline was crucial for the targeted audience to identify the relationship and belonging of the promotional cover to the STREETS magazine. This illustrates progression as the magazine name was already established and was reused as I played my part in creating the magazine.
    • I later-on added the website URL so the targeted audience who are already attracted to the magazine and the promotional cover would be able to log unto the website. This will further increase the publicity of the magazine and in turn increase the income of the magazine.
  • 4. Fort Minor Logo Creation
    • Using a bright background, colour white to catch the eyes of audiences.
    • Created a red outlined box in the white box to further contrast the colours thus increasing the chances that the audiences will be attracted to the Logo.
  • 5. Fort Minor Logo Creation Continued
    • I used the font; Rockwell Extra Bold due to the thickness of typography illustrated through the use of the font. This makes the text stand out from the crowd to further attract the audience.
    • While the Text outlining is interesting, the use of contrasting colours adds further interesting effects due to the contrasting colours. This effect is that eyes are overwhelmed by the colours thus will be further attracted to the magazine.
  • 6. Adding the title
    • I then added the song- fortminor changes to the right side in large bold font that contrasted with the background to catch the reader’s eye straight away. “Changes” was placed in yellow typeface with white outline to show a change from the rest of the page and therefore a metaphor for life with 2 meanings.
  • 7. promotion
    • I then added the promotion, “The album out 10 October 2010” to illustrate to the reader the release date. “The album” was put in yellow font to eye-catch the reader so they read the text beneath. “Out” is in italic and slanted with a red outline to deliberately show the album release. Moreover, by adding the release date the reader can be ready to buy the album and put it in their planner if they are interested.
    • The small font shown conveys what is in the album with singles, and music videos, and it also directly links with the DVD so the reader can link the promotions together and therefore watch the music video.
  • 8. Page number
    • I then added the page number to make the promotion look more professional. It also follows traditional codes and conventions of magazine as it is on
    • Page 2 which is normally an advert or promotion
  • 9. Bottom strip
    • I then added the bottom strip to give a link to the website so the reader can find out more themselves and further information on the band and their songs.
  • 10. Placement of picture (1)
    • The main image in high key lighting and in top quality was then placed on the page in a mid-shot to signify determination and perseverance. The image adds flavour to the magazine which is now coming together
  • 11. Placement of picture (2)
    • I then placed a box, similar to the logo creation with consistent colours to continue with the house-style and therefore look professional. A second picture was placed with a close-up and a glare in the sunglasses to portray that the eyes are the reflection of someone’s soul and their experiences.
  • 12. Top strip
    • An image of the city was then added as well as a circular red underline to emphasize the top strip.
    • The image is that of the city and links with the title, “Streets” and this is the title placed into reality to help the reader engage with the magazine and therefore more likely to read more.
  • 13. Final product part 1
    • From this…
  • 14. Finished promotional magazine