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Mercury justin

Mercury justin






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    Mercury justin Mercury justin Presentation Transcript

    • What can mercury do to a person? Mercury can cause Lung cancer, headaches, coughing, chest pain, and difficulty breathing; It may also cause soreness of the mouth, loss of teeth, nausea, and diarrhea. A very high exposure to mercury can damage your kidneys.
    • Where does mercury come from? The mercury comes from burning coals as well as chlorine plants and recycling of auto metal scraps and the fuels from factories and cars.
    • What are ways that mercurygets into your body? Mercury enters your body four ways, breathing the emissions from coal-fired power plants, by your skin and by contaminated food and drinking contaminated water.
    • What are the most common symptoms ofmercury poisoning? They cause headache, memory loss, trouble performing complex tasks, depressed mood, metallic taste in your mouth, joint or muscle pain, chest pain dizziness or faintness and amnesia.
    • How does it go in the fish/habitats Degassing of mercury from rock, soils, and surface waters, or emissions from volcanoes and from human activities. Movement in gaseous form through the atmosphere. Deposition of mercury on land and surface waters.
    • Is mercury only found in fish? Mercury is not only found in fish they are also found in daily products like , meats , eggs , pasta , fruits , and vegetables.
    • The bioaccumulation food chain. The fossil fuels enter the water because the fuel dissolved toxic mental into the soil and rocks. When it rains it makes it ways to the river or stream. Then it goes into the bottom of the river and the bacteria. Then the bacteria gets eaten by smaller fish and so on until humans and bird eat the fish.
    • What happens to pregnantwomen? Breast milk, increasing the risk of delays in brain development. The children may delay in motor skills and learning problems.
    • What kind of fish that we can eat often. Because of low mercury The fish we can eat is Catfish Clams Scallop Shrimp Trout Lobster oysters
    • What kind of fish you should noteat often ? The fish that we cannot is Because of high level of mercury Shark Large tuna Swordfish
    • What are the limits on fishconsumption in New Brunswick? The limits on fish consumption in New Brunswick are brook trout (under 29 cm) and other limit of nine species to one meal/two weeks.
    • What can be done to reducemercury releases?  Preventive measures include reducing the use of mercury-containing products and raw materials, and replacing products and processes that contain or use mercury with ones that do not.  Reduce mercury release by not using your cars and instead go for a walk.