Financial intelligent for start ups
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Financial intelligent for start ups






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Financial intelligent for start ups Financial intelligent for start ups Presentation Transcript

  • Financial Intelligent for Start-ups How to quickly create cash flow Jubril Salaudeen Addullah SecureHuda Limited [email_address] [email_address] +2348034700331
  • About SecureHuda Ltd
    • We are a Training and Consulting outfit
    • We offer training on:
    • - Islamic Banking
    • - Islamic Insurance
    • - Islamic Microfinance
    • - Entrepreneurship
    • - Sales and Distribution
    • - Strategy and Financial modelling
    • - Leadership and Management
  • outline
    • Creative financing techniques
    • Financial Discipline
    • Financial Independent
    • Financial freedom
    • Venture Capital
    • Three Dirty Little Secrets on Raising Outside Capital
  • Introduction
    • A difficult task for entrepreneurs is raising capital
    • Once you accept cash from a ‘investors’ you lose your autonomy
    • However you need all the cash to jump-start your business and make it attractive to others
    • Where will you get the cash required to kick-off
  • Creative Financing Techniques
    • How do successful entrepreneurs lunch their businesses without any external funding
    • Could it be that they have very rich relatives and wards
    • Some came from humble background like me
    • Yet the started successfully and their enterprise has blossom
  • A lesson from My boss
  • A multi-Billion =N= set-up
    • Successful business-people share two traits: -
    • They make decisions quickly and
    • They move quickly.
    • They don't dawdle.
  • You are too risky
    • Startups need capital to start
    • Venture capitalists and angel investors only fund companies which already have traction (i.e., sales).
    • This is one big reason why no one is funding you. Something at the concept stage is perceived as too risky.
  • Are you qualify?
  • Are you qualified
    • Are you Embarking on a Campaign to Raise Capital / Funding?
    • Look at Yourself Objectively and Honestly to Determine if You Even Qualify.
    • Most People Don't Stop to Do This.
    • You will end up wasting 6 to 12 months of your life writing a business plan which will never be read
  • Who Qualifies for Investor Capital Today?
    • Someone who has already taken a start-up from zero to 50 million in sales or better.
    • Do you have 2 other senior executives with experience in building wildly successful companies,
    • A proprietary technology in a sector currently considered hot by the venture capital industry,
  • ...cont...
    • A top-notch technical team,
    • A target market at least one billion dollars in size,
    • Aminimum of one year of rising sales to blue chip customers.
    • It you don't meet the above criteria venture capital funding won't happen.
  • The Three Dirty Little Secrets About Raising Outside Capital The Three Dirty Little Secrets About Raising Outside Capital 3
  • 3 dirty secrets
    • Veteran entrepreneurs try to avoid raising outside capital at all costs. It takes forever
    • Your odds of succeeding are only 1:500 and angel investors your odds improve to 1:200, no one knows the numbers for certain.
    • In about 50% of instances of success in raising venture capital, the founder is fired within the first year and kisses most of his or her stock good-bye.
  • How lucky can you be
  • what typically happens when you needs outside capital
    • 1. The lucky 1 in 500 finds investors. 2. Most die on the vine. In many cases, the wannabe entrepreneur simply abandons the project and moves on to something else. 3. A tiny minority of entrepreneurs finally gets mad at having wasted so much time. Then it begins to figure out a creative way around the funding problem by focusing on creating cashflow with the resources and opportunities at hand, instead of continuing the futile quest for outside capital.
  • The Mother of Invention
    • This problem of capital scarcity for early stage companies is so prevalent that you may have begun to notice that there are literally thousands of people in the business of "helping" entrepreneurs raise money. At least that's what they lead you to believe.
  • Tricks to take away your cash
    • * Matching Service s: We'll match your project with one of our many accredited angel investors. Call now! Operators are standing by! Just $199 to register. * Business Plan Services : We'll write a business plan for you which will attract funding. Only $999. * Finders : I can help you raise money for a fee…and, by the way, I require a retainer up-front. * Money-Raising Bootcamps : Attend our weekend bootcamp for $1,195, and you'll discover that it's not what you know but who you know that counts when it comes to raising money.
  • Take a close look
    • Look