Venture Lab - Task 2


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Venture Lab - Task 2

  1. 1. Commercial IdeaThere is a famous rockstar looking for the celebration of hismarriage and a representative of a luxury event firm isshowing him the different plans; a party in a castle or in anexclusive island, an elegant coctel in a 5 star hotel, etc… butthe rockstar do not feel happy with these options, he islooking for a unique experience, something diferent! Moneyno matter!So, here comes another representant of the firm with a secretshining folder that contains our exclusive iceHotel proposal,and the rockstar looks very interested in this proposal, wewill start showing him the different experiences we offer inthe iceHotel and then the rockstar just say absolutly yes tothe offer! Each proposal is unique and unrepeteable, becausewhen the guest is gone the hotel simple melt down.
  2. 2. Value Propositions Our Hotel include a variety of unique activities that complete the new experience of our guests, such as:  iceBar  iceRestaurant  iceHoneyMoon  iceWedding  And more… Also our hotel promote local development hiring people from the area and training them specially for the treatment of our guests
  3. 3. Customer Relationship The celebrity is talking with a representant of a luxury firm, and showing him the different plans for the marriage … but the celebrity is not happy with this offers, he wants something different, unique! Then the representant look for a secret folder where is the exclusive offer of our hotel only for those who can pay it! You won’t find our service in other events or luxury fairs, it is too exclusive!
  4. 4. Key Partners The ice hotel is an ambitious project that has the alliance of companies worldwide that have great experience in their field of action (Energy company, Photovoltaic/ power storage, Oil and Gas , local government, partnership with luxury hotel chains). Some of these companies have worked on projects related to ice hotels for example THE ICEHOTEL
  5. 5. Key PartnersThe companies are:1. Philips is a world leader in lighting and consumer lifestyle products. Saudi Arabian Oil Company, is the national oil company of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco has both the largest proven crude oil reserves and largest daily oil production. Headquartered in Dhahran, Saudi Aramco operates the worlds largest single hydrocarbon network, the Master Gas System. http://www.saudiaramco.com3. Nordic hotels concist of two hotels in the centre of Stockholm.
  6. 6. Key Partners Thoms & Nilsson The company Thoms & Nilsson from Gothenburg consists of the industrial designer Jens Thoms Ivarsson and Mats Nilsson, a stone sculptor in the fourth generation. Thoms & Nilsson has since 2003 designed and sculpted ice projects for ICEHOTEL. Polaris The choice of snowmobiles is paramount for the safety and comfort of our guests. We are very happy with Polaris Four Stroke which is also kind to our beautiful environment.
  7. 7. Key Activities Enjoy a romantic week with your loved one. And what better place than in the ice hotel in Dubai, this hotel allows you to live the experience of sleeping on ice and lost in an extraordinary winter in the desert.
  8. 8. Key Activities Activitie Description Image Ice Bar Surprise your senses! Visit an ICEBAR where ice sculptures nearly come to life in the magic blue light of the bar. ICEBAR will offer visitors a unique chance to experience high quality design and enjoy a drink “in the rocks”
  9. 9. Key ActivitiesActivitie Description ImageHoney moon Enjoy one of the most romantic moments of your life And what better than the ice hotel in the desert, take the opportunity to live where the experience of sleeping on the ice and lost in an extraordinary winter in the desert.
  10. 10. Key ActivitiesActivitie Description ImageWedding Church Ice The ceremony and the unique experience of the place, the ice, the snow and the almost unreal environment leave no-one untouched. And perhaps the shared memories and experiences are stronger for the very reason that the church is impermanent.
  11. 11. Key ActivitieActivitie Description ImageDinner Delight your palate with the best international food in a restaurant to let him surprised. Almost everything at the restaurant is sculpted out of ice. Diners will sit on ice benches or chairs, eat at ice tables, out of ice plates, drink from ice glasses served from a bar made ​of ice.
  12. 12. Cost StructureEnergy furnishment Buildingequipments staff recruitment and training
  13. 13. Revenue Streams Guests pay per stay
  14. 14. Key ResourcesCall Center
  15. 15. Key Resources
  16. 16. Key Resources Installations and Personnel
  17. 17. Key ResourcesNatural FoodA lot of Suppliers