Clarice Lispector. Quest For God


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Quotes from the work (novels, stories, journalism, correspondence) of Clarice Lispector, Brazilian writer. Music by J. S. Bach (St. Mathew Passion)

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Clarice Lispector. Quest For God

  1. 1. — Clarice Lispector (1920-1977)
  2. 2. The novels of Clarice Lispector often make us think of the autobiographyof St. Teresa— Le Monde, September 19, 1970
  3. 3. That rare person who looked like Marlene Dietrich and wrotelike Virginia Woolf― Gregory Rabassa, translator of Latin American fiction
  4. 4. Clarice came from a mystery / and departed for another― Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Brazilian poet
  5. 5. Glimpsesof a soul turnedinside out
  6. 6. Being born ruined my health
  7. 7. I write as if to save somebody’s life. Probably my own life
  8. 8. I am sure that in the cradle my first wish was to belong
  9. 9. I did not decipher her. But neither did she decipher me
  10. 10. I was guilt from birth, she who was born with the mortal sin
  11. 11. As I well know, for they have told me themselves,certain people think I am dangerous
  12. 12. Everything touches me — I see too much, I hear too much, everything demands too much of me
  13. 13. I am so mysterious that I don’t even understand myself
  14. 14. My problems are those of a person with a sick soul and cannot be understood by people, thank God, healthy
  15. 15. No human being ever gave me the feeling of being so completely loved as I was loved without restrictions by that dog
  16. 16. Alongside my desire to defend my privacy, I have the intense desire to confess in public and not to a priest
  17. 17. The solitude I always needed is at the same time entirely unbearable
  18. 18. Though He is not human, He still sometimes makes us divine
  19. 19. From the moment I resigned myself, I lost all my vivacity and all my interest in things. Have you seen the way a castrated bull turns into an ox? That is what happened to me
  20. 20. John Pawson’s project After all, profundity is not the only thing that exists. The surface is a real aspect
  21. 21. Photo by Tessa Posthuma de BoerSomeone else told me that I move with the lassitude of a fifty-year-old-woman... which can happen with someone who has made a pactwith everyone, and who forgot that the vital center of a person hasto be respected [January, 1947 – Clarice was 27]
  22. 22. There is no doubt I am more important as a mother than as a writer. If I wasn’t a mother, I would be alone in the world
  23. 23. Ah! It was easier to be a saint than a person!
  24. 24. Respect even the bad parts of yourself — respect above all the bad partsof yourself — for the love of God, don’t try to make you perfect — don’tcopy an ideal, copy yourself — that is the only way to live
  25. 25. I wonder: If I look at the darkness with a lens, will I see morethan darkness?
  26. 26. If I had to give a title to my life it would be: in search of the thing itself
  27. 27. Sometimes all the purity of body and soul is in illicit love, not blessed by a priest, but blessed by the love itself
  28. 28. Photo by Aurelio AmendolaI feel anxiety, I’m afraid to be just one body. Little balls of mercury on the broken thermometer — My fear and anxiety is of being one body
  29. 29. God has no name: He remains perfectly anonymous: no tongue can pronounce his real name
  30. 30. The passage from life to death frightens me: it’s like passing from hate which has an objective and is limited, to love which is limitless
  31. 31. My misfortune is asking questions, since I was little I was nothing but a question
  32. 32. Magic is the fact that we invented God and that, miraculously, He exists
  33. 33. Trying to put into sentences my most hidden and subtle sensation, I would say : given the choice, I woul have been born a horse
  34. 34. And I — all that’s left to me is to bark at God
  35. 35. Quotes fromWhy This World – A biography of Clarice Lispector by Benjamin MoserPublished by Oxford University Press Inc., New York 2009 Music from St. Matthew Passion by J. S. Bach All illustrations and photographs from internet Clarice on screen photo by Adriana Paiva/Verve Comunicação