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Real dreams is an app that will help anyone who is interested in lucid dreaming to attain those goals. This goes into the role of speculative design with a skew on how technology can actively interface with a person's subconscious and then give back control to the user.

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Real Dreams

  1. 1. Feedback Loops: Lucid Dreaming Major Studio: Interface
  2. 2. Lucid Dreaming A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming.
  3. 3. Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. Stanford University The Lucidity Institute
  4. 4. Brainwaves Awake - Beta waves NREM - Alpha waves REM - Theta waves (Lucid dreams occur here) Delta - Delta waves
  5. 5. Why lucid dream?
  6. 6. So how do we get there? Dream Recall Reality Testing Inducing Lucidity
  7. 7. Past Interfaces Sleep Cycle - app to monitor sleep Nova Dreamer - sleep mask to induce lucidity Lucid Dreaming - The Unexplainable Store - app to induce lucidity
  8. 8. The Results
  9. 9. Prototype: Real Dreams Mobile Application
  10. 10. Step 1: Creating a Profile
  11. 11. Step 2: One Week Evaluation Establishing a dream library
  12. 12. Week 1 Bedtime Morning Daytime zzz √× √× tag tag tag zzz sleep patterns Alarm Dream Recall Reality Testing The Black Box
  13. 13. The Black Box Keeping track of your waking and dreaming life
  14. 14. Understanding Your Dreams The program will learn to looks for common nouns in your dream recalls. Word cloud made from current dream recalls, courtesy of
  15. 15. Understanding Your Dreams Then repeat this process with the tags from reality checks.
  16. 16. Understanding Your Dreams √×+ = Dream Awake
  17. 17. Keeps you informed√×
  18. 18. Step 3: Inducing Lucidity Setting off triggers and getting feedback
  19. 19. Building a Library Dream Recalls, Reality Testing and Dream Report
  20. 20. Dream Recall: Immediately upon waking to the preset alarm the user records the dream as concisely as possible. This will take several times to improve as dream recall develops.
  21. 21. Reality Testing: Take a picture and tag it. Categories and tags will then be compared to your Dream Recalls and find patterns.
  22. 22. Dream Report: Getting feedback on your dreams and lucidity before and after you sleep.
  23. 23. zzz √× √× tag tag tag zzz √× tag tag tag The Loop Bedtime Morning Daytime sleep patterns lucid trigger Alarm Dream Recall Lucidity Report Reality Testing The accelerometer on the iPhone will determine when you are in REM sleep and activate a sound trigger. The Dream Report will remind you of dream elements to pay expect In the morning Dream Recall you will report wether or not you achieved lucidity Reality Testing during waking hours will continue to build the database of things you come into contact with. 1 2 3 4 √× √× zzz √× tag tag tag Black Box with new data Black Box Dream Report
  24. 24. Step 4: Keeping Lucidity Setting goals
  25. 25. Sweet dreams