Presentacion Animales 5ºA


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Presentacion Animales 5ºA

  2. 2. ZEBRA This animal is a zebra. It’s black and white. It lives on land. It eats meat but it doesn’t eat fish. It runs , walks, jumps, but it doesn’t swim ,climb trees or fly.
  3. 3. IGUANA This animal is an iguana. It’s green.It lives in trees. It eats fruits and vegetables,it doesn’t eat meat or fish.It climbs trees, walks, runs, or jumps , but it doesn’t fly or swim.
  4. 4. ANTEATER This animal is an anteater. It’s grey. It lives on land. It eats ants , but it doesn’t eat meat or plants. It walks, runs, or jumps but It doesn’t swim, or fly.
  5. 5. spider This animal is a spider. It ‘s brown It eats worms. It doesn’t eat plants. It lives in trees. It runs.
  6. 6. DOLPHIN This animal is a dolphin . It`s grey. It eats fish. It doesn`t eat insects It lives in water. It swims.
  7. 7. TIGER This animal is a tiger. It is orange and black It eats meat and fish. It doesn’t eat plants and insects. It lives in the jungle . It`s a predator. It runs and climbs trees.
  8. 8. Elephant This animal is an elephant. It´s grey. It eats plants and leaves. It doesn´t eat meat, fish or insects. It lives in the grassland. It runs and swims. It doesn´t climb trees or fly.
  9. 9. FROG This animal is a frog. It´s blue. It eats insects. It doesn´t eat meat, fish or plants. It lives on land. It swims and jumps. It doesn´t run or fly.
  10. 10. whale This animal is a whale. It´s black and white. It eats fish and seals. It doesn´t eat plants, insects and leaves. It lives in water. It swims. It doesn´t run, climb trees or fly.
  11. 11. SEAL This animal is a seal. It’s white or brown. It eats fish but, it doesn’t eat insects or plants. It lives on land. It swims but, it doesn’t run,climb trees or fly.
  12. 12. EAGLE This animal is an eagle. It eats fish or meat. It doesn’t eat fruits, plants or insects . It’s brown and white. It flies, but it doesn’t run, climb or swim.
  13. 13. LION This animal is a Lion. It`s brown and dark yellow. It eats meat . But it doesn`t eat fish,plants or insects. It lives on land. It hurts, runs , swims or climbs. But it doesn’t fly.
  14. 14. FLAMINGO This animal is a flamingo. It`s white. It eats plants. It doesn´t eat fish and meat. It doesn’t swim. It flies.
  15. 15. ANT This animal is an ant . It´s brown. It eats plants. It doesn’t eat meat. It doesn’t fly and swim It walks. It lives on land.
  16. 16. This animal is an otter . It ‘s brown. It eats fish. It doesn’t eat meat . It doesn’t fly. It swims but it doesn’t run . otter
  17. 17. THE END Alumnos de 5º A. Juan Pablo Bonet. Curso 2009-10