Executive Summary Nelson Enríquez


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Executive Summary Nelson Enríquez

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Executive Summary Nelson Enríquez

  1. 1. Professional SummaryPage 1Nelson EnriquezMulticultural Executive and Business Leader with more than 17 years of experience in the IT,Strategy and Planning areas, with specialized Business studies at Stanford (USA), INSEAD (France)and EGADE (Mexico).International experience with several projects in other geographies including Asia, Europe, MiddleEast and South America, focalized in Business Integration: valuing and acquiring Technology relatedcompanies (Due Diligence process) and integrating the IT related operations to Company standards(Merge & Acquisitions). Experience includes retail, pharma, services and manufacturing industries asa Partner at IT Services Company at Monterrey and External Director in a Big Five consultant firm.With analytical savvy, problem solving and drive to make the highest possible business impact inall the initiatives and projects where I participated, and a penchant for Technology.Personal experience includes participating as a speaker in different international IT events andTechnology vendor’s user conference since 2000 (Microsoft Tech Ed, Gartner, Microstrategy, Tibco,Informatica, and SAP.)During my last role at CEMEX as Technology Innovation Director, my main responsibilities wasto design, sale, engage and implement Innovative Technologies and practices to change the way inwhich CEMEX works, operates and serves its customers globally, being recognized by specializedpublications for our achievements (Forrester, Forbes, Huffington post, Gartner, Technology Reviewby MIT, Computer World honors program Winner).Other functions with experience are Enterprise Architect, responsible for Enterprise ArchitectureBusiness Services (SAP and Non SAP Technologies, corporate function with global accountability)and CTO Role responsible of IT Security Strategy, IT operations projects and CEMEX SAPArchitecture with global scope.Education CEMEX CIMP alumni 2008 (CEMEX Executive program at Insead, Stanford and ITESMEGADE) BS in Computer Systems, Universidad Autónoma de La Laguna, Magna Cum Laude, Torreón,Coahuila, México 1996 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, 1997Specialties Highly developed communication skills for Executive Committees and Top Managementaudiences (CEO, CxO, Regional VPs, Corporate VPs) Strategic thinking to design solutions and leadership for Business Transformation andprocess reengineering. Strong analytical skills to understand Technology, Processes and Organizations. Strategic, Tactical and Operative IT experience for Business Operations. Understand and capitalize the business value of emerging Technologies. Leading and developing of high performance, cross-functional & multi-cultural teams Virtual Teams design and developmentPersonal 36 years, Married, 2 Children’s (6, 10 years old) Residence at Monterrey, Mexico, Willingness to Travel and relocate Hobbies: Running, Motorcycles (Ducatist)
  2. 2. Professional SummaryPage 2Experience & Accomplishments Partner Monterrey Firm & External Director-Big Five Consultant firm (2012-current)o Responsible to design ,develop and execute (Acting Technology Evolution Director)the IT Strategy of Retail business in Centro America and Caribbean (1.2 BUSD sales)o Define The IT strategy, governance model , roadmap and portfolio of a retailcompany (1.5BUSD in sales)o Define the Technology strategy and platform’s for the i-trade service for anInternational Company (foods)o Complement and reinforce the point of sale technology strategy for an autotransport company in the north of Mexico (0.3BUSD in sales)o Define the strategy and roadmap for shop floor automation linked to backendsystems in US operations for a manufacturing business (0.4BUSD in sales) Innovation Technology Director, CEMEX Corporate (2009 - 2012)o Responsible to define, promote and implement Innovative Technologies for theCollaboration and Innovation Strategy at CEMEX with a Global scope, include newoffer and services and practices for business operations (Applied TechnologyProgram)o Define strategies to promote and implement global initiatives towards to TransformCEMEX operations, presented to CEMEX Top executives and committee members: One Top Management: Propose, promote and delivery a new platform forbusiness Results KPIs for CEO and Executive Committee in order to improvethe analysis and decision making process, leverage innovative technologies(BI, advance analytics, mobile, tablets) in a secure and collaborative schema BYOD (Bring your own device program): allow CEMEX employees to bringtheir own devices to work in a secure al legal compliance framework in orderto improve their productivity and attract new talent. Email & Documents @ Cloud: Evolve email and documents current servicesto the Cloud in a secure and policy aligned schema , 25,000 users with abusiness sense narrative managed at CEMEX Committee Level Mobile solutions for business operations :Define and promote in topexecutives audiences Innovative mobile technology integrated to SAP in orderto improve our commercial services for Colombia and Mexico sales force andPoland end customers Telepresence business case definition and project Implementation for CEMEXtop Management and Country Directors (2 board rooms, Madrid andMonterrey, and 15 head offices around the world) Open Innovation Marketplace, Develop, promote and implement an openinnovation market place for employees and CEMEX customers in order tocapture innovative ideas to evolve the business.o Responsible of Shift CEMEX Platform(web 2.0 technologies, social networking appliedto business challenges) Strategy and Implementation at CEMEX with a Global Scopeo Responsible of a team of more than 50 consultants (internal and external),accountable of a 2.5 MUSD budget portfolio and delivery business results accordingCEMEX business Goals; Develop and coordinate technology partners network forsolutions delivery.
  3. 3. Professional SummaryPage 3 IT, CEMEX Corporate (2001 – 2009)Technology Office Managero Manage all the Technology related Projects at CEMEX, global basis, from definitionof new IT business services (SAP design implementation and evolution and non-SAPbusiness applications) to IT operations projects (networking, storage), including ITSecurity domain (Intrusion detection, e-discovery, network access control).o Implementation of Total Cost of Ownership Model at CEMEX in order to reduce Costof IT services without impacting business operations with a result of more the 2 MUSDof recurrent yearly savingso Design and Implement the CEMEX application landscape optimization andrationalization program in order to reduce application complexity, cost and optimizebusiness operations, more than 300 services and applications were decommissionedo CEMEX Net optimization project in order to support HD videoconferencing andreduce the cost of telecom with a global scopeo Responsible of a team of 25 senior consultants (internal and external) of 1.0 MUSDbudget portfolioEnterprise Architect Managero Enterprise CEMEX Solutions Architect, direct responsible of SAP LandscapeArchitecture (ECC, BW, CRM) design and implementation for RMC Integration(CEMEX acquired operations in Germany, UK, France and Ireland) in to a single SAPInstance and business model (CEMEX Way) for 25,000 employees, back office and frontoffice processes with total budget of 100 MUSDo SAP ERP and CRM Upgrade for Europe Region, direct responsible of the businesscase design and country managers and Regional VP engagement. Program leader forthe design and implementation of the project (team of 100 FTEs, 6MUSD budget), themain achievement was a transparent go live in the countries in parallel without anybusiness impacts and prepare the SAP service for the complete CEMEX operation,including Historical data migration and integration with more local systemso Responsible of the Design and Implementation of Enterprise Application Integrationprogram in order to connect our SAP centric systems to local applications in all CEMEXcountries (Cement and Ready Mix dispatch systems) al legacy systems (BI, LegacyERPs, financial consolidation systems)with more than 600 real time interfaces wereimplementedo Responsible of a team of 100 consultants (Internal and external), responsible of a 8MUSD budget Portfolio during 2008Technology Evolution Managero Technology Evolution Manager, responsible of bring new technologies to the Companywith business value: Responsible of e-selling first e-commerce portal for CEMEX customers(Mexico and South America) Definition and implementation of the CEMEXID concept (Single Sign Onschema for all IT services CEMEX Employee Portal (CEMEX Plaza) architecture definition andimplementation for 20,000+ userso Due Diligence IT Leader for Korea (Dolphin project) and Malaysia (Snapper project)supporting CEMEX Expansion in ASIA
  4. 4. Professional SummaryPage 4 E-Business Sr. Consultant, CEMTEC / NEORIS (1998 – 2001)o CX Networks Business startup (Neoris) in conjunction with BCG, direct responsible ofthe valuation and selection of Acquired Companies in the IT services domain,including Dot Com companies evaluation in USA, Middle East (Israel) , Europe(Portugal, Spain) and South America(Brazil, Argentina)o PMI(Post Merge Integration) team member for Solid and Rizal Cement Companiesat Philippines, including Due Diligence Phase in the IT domain for both companieso Definition and construction of First Intranet site at CEMEX for travel and expensesprocesso Responsible of define the first Internet professional services branch at CEMTEC inorder to support CEMEX e-enabled strategy and other customers Universidad Autónoma de la Laguna (1995 – 1997)o Technology Infrastructure Manager.o Data Center Administrator
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