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This is a powerpoint designed to help students when writing about themselves for this end-of-Primary project.

This is a powerpoint designed to help students when writing about themselves for this end-of-Primary project.



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All About Me All About Me Presentation Transcript

  • By _________________ Primary __Intxaurrondo Hegoa Primary School Donostia
  • Hello!My name´s _________.I´m ______ years old.I´m 1 metre __ cms. tall.I weigh ___ kilos.I´m (character adjective).My hair is _____ and myeyes are _______.
  • I live in _______, a beautiful___________ in the BasqueCountry.It´s __________________,and it´s got about_____________ inhabitants.________ is near the sea.There are mountains, parks,houses, blocks of flats... There are three beaches too.
  • There are ____ of us in myfamily.My father´s name is _____.He´s ____ years old.My mother´s name is________.She´s ___ years old.My sister´s name is _____.She´s ____ years old.
  • • This is my (dog, cat,…). It’s called _________.• I also have _______.
  • When I was born Iweighed ____ kilos.I said my first wordwhen I was ___ months.The word was “____”.
  • I´ve got a lot of friends.My best friend is ____._____ is ______ and_______._____ is ______, _____,good friend and _____.____´s (height)and (built).
  • These are my classmates.There are _________pupils in my class: ___boys and _____ girls.They are good friendsand they are very ____.
  • My school is (SIZE).There is one building bothfor Primary and for Infant and Preschool pupils.Our school has got abasement floor, a groundfloor, a first and a secondfloor.
  • There are ___________classrooms, a musicclassroom, a gym, ______shower rooms, a computerroom, ___ special needs rooms,a kitchen and a canteen.
  • My class teacher is ________.She is _______ andsometimes she´s_______.
  • My English teacher isJuanma, my musicteacher is ______, my P.E.teacher is ________, mySpanish teacher is_______, myworkshop teacher is ______and _________ teaches theother subjects.
  • My school subjects areP.E., Basque, Spanish,Music, Science,English, Maths andWorkshop.My favourite schoolsubject is ______.I hate ________.
  • My hobbies are ______________, ________ and ________.On (day of the week) I _________At school we ___________.In my free time I _________, _____________and ___________.
  • My favourite food is________.My favourite drink is________.My favourite colour is_______.My favourite schoolsubject is _______.My favourite TV programmeis “______________”.My favourite sport is _____.
  • My favourite season is___________.My favourite (SPORT)team is _______________.My favourite (SPORT)players are _______ and_____________.My favourite singer / pop groupis _____________.
  • • My favourite star is ________. He/she is a (job)________.• He/She is _______ and _________.• He/She (sings/plays/performs/dan ces…) very well.• I think he/she is (adjective).
  • • My favourite TV programme is “_______”.• It’s on _______ at ________.• The presenter / main character’s name is ____________.• I think it’s ________!
  • • I wake up at _______. Then I have breakfast at ________. I have _______, _______ and ______. After that I have a shower and clean my teeth/wash my face. Then I go to school at __________.• I go to school by _____ / on foot.
  • • In the morning I stay at school from _____ till _____. I have a break from _____ till_____. I play and I have my elevenses. I have lunch at the school canteen / at home at ______. In the afternoon I go back to school at __________.• I go home by _____ / on foot at ______________.
  • • At home I do homework and eat my afternoon snack. Then I go to ______lessons / I go to the (SPORT) training session at ________ on _______. After that I have watch TV and I have dinner at ________. Finally, I usually go to bed at __________.
  • • At home I ______, ________ and ______.• My mother _______, _______ and _______. My father _______, _______ and _______.• My sister _______, ________ and ______.• My brother _______, _______ and _________.
  • • In my life I‘ve had flu, a temperature, a cold, ________, ________ and __________.• I don’t like being sick.
  • This is me __________It was an important day,because I ___________ _________It was on ____ ______200___.
  • • This is my favourite photo.• Here I am _____ing _____ in/at _________.• I am with _________.
  • Next summer I will ___________I will ______________.
  • When I grow up I wantto be a _________ or a______________.I´ll marry and will have__ children.I´ll buy a ____ and________ house in ____and ______.
  • That was all aboutme.I hope you like it. BYE!