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Examples from the life of King Joash
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Examples from the life of King Joash


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  • 1. Expositional sermonPastor; Juanito D. Samillano Jr.
  • 2. • 2 kings 11; 1-14 1 When Athaliah the mother 2 Kings 11;1-14 of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she proceeded to destroy the whole royal family.2 But Jehosheba, the daughter of King Jehoram and sister of Ahaziah, took Joash son of Ahaziah and stole him away from among the royal princes, who were about to be murdered. She put him and his nurse in a bedroom to hide him from Athaliah; so he was not killed. 3 He remained hidden with his nurse at the temple of the Lord for six years while Athaliah ruled the land.
  • 3. • 4 In the seventh year Jehoiada sent for the commanders of units of a hundred, the Carites and the guards and had them brought to him at the temple of the Lord. He made a covenant with them and put them under oath at the temple of the Lord. Then he showed them the king’s son. 5 He commanded them, saying, “This is what you are to do: You who are in the three companies that are going on duty on the Sabbath—a third of you guarding the royal palace, 6 a third at the Sur Gate, and a third at the gate behind the guard, who take turns guarding the temple— 7 and you who are in the other two companies that normally go off Sabbath duty are all to guard the temple for the king. 8 Station yourselves around the king, each of you with weapon in hand. Anyone who approaches your ranks is to be put to death. Stay close to the king wherever he goes.”
  • 4. • 9 The commanders of units of a hundred did just as Jehoiada the priest ordered. Each one took his men—those who were going on duty on the Sabbath and those who were going off duty—and came to Jehoiada the priest. 10 Then he gave the commanders the spears and shields that had belonged to King David and that were in the temple of the Lord. 11 The guards, each with weapon in hand, stationed themselves around the king— near the altar and the temple, from the south side to the north side of the temple.
  • 5. • 12 Jehoiada brought out the king’s son and put the crown on him; he presented him with a copy of the covenant and proclaimed him king. They anointed him, and the people clapped their hands and shouted, “Long live the king!” 13 When Athaliah heard the noise made by the guards and the people, she went to the people at the temple of the Lord.14 She looked and there was the king, standing by the pillar, as the custom was. The officers and the trumpeters were beside the king, and all the people of the land were rejoicing and blowing trumpets. Then Athaliah tore her robes and called out, “Treason! Treason!”
  • 6. What Does the text says?• Theme; Examples from the life of King Joash• Introduction;• The name Joash means “the Lord has Given”• Reign 40 years in Judah, southern part of the Land of Israel, (835 - 796 B.C.)• He was 7 years old when he started reigning as King• He repaired the temple of the Lord by putting a chest box outside the temple gate and the people has the opportunity to be part by dropping some of their money inside the box for repairing the temple.• He fought many battles and succeed.
  • 7. Why God used Jehosheba a priest to be a nurse (take care) of Joash? • I; Athaliah was a wicked Queen • II; Jehosheba was a righteous woman• A; Primarily, God used her (Jehosheba) as replacement of the losses of Joash life. (lost his family, and the throne)• B; secondary, God used her to prepare Joash to be king• C; Lastly, This gives us a lesson that we must choose wise for our (your) kids.• (Schools, instructor, teachers)
  • 8. Who was Athaliah? What manner of life she have?• She was the daughter of Ahab and Queen Jezebel, two of Israel most evil rulers.• Married to Jehoram king of Judah and became queen.• Athaliah was..• I; ungodly (faithless) Queen of Judah• II; Threats (gives pressures) to Joash.• III; caused of the lost of his family• IV; Ruined his young life (not allowed to go out from the temple)
  • 9. Comparisons of Athaliah now a days.• All though she was dead but her works remains and destroy the life of many young peoples and couples these present days.• I; Ungodly Friends- (Cause to destroy the harmony in the homes)• II; Net working sites (do not go to school)• III; Cigarettes and Liquors• Republic Act 10351, which raises taxes on cigarettes and liquors.• Manila Bulletin “if we are going to observe the drunkards and smokers now a days after the approval of this law there are no change”
  • 10. Why Jehosheba Hid Joash in the House of God?• I; because the house of God was the right place for Joash in order for him to be safe.• II; because of the faith of Jehosheba that the God of Israel was able to rescue and protect him (Joash) from the hands of queen Athaliah.• II Corinthians 10;4• Aramaic Bible in Plain English The weapons of our warfare are not according to the flesh, but of the power of God, and by it we subdue rebellious fortresses,• GODS WORD® Translation The weapons we use in our fight are not made by humans. Rather, they are powerful weapons from God. With them we destroy peoples defenses, that is, their arguments
  • 11. Why Jehosheba Permitted (allowed) Joash to reign as king even though he was 7 years old? • Because she saw that the ability and wisdom he had was enough even though he was seven years old. • Observe some of Joash sources of his wisdom.• School- Temple• Teachers- Church leaders and the Levites• Supplier- God (God gave him wisdom). • How about the life of your kids?
  • 12. • The life of Joash gives us examples that we can follow… • I; bringing your kids to the temple is a must. (Consider where Jehosheba brought Joash) • II; as Parents, we must choose Godly instructors for our (your) Childrens. • III; above all, we need to help them in order for them to know that God is the source of everything they need.