Trends     2012!             !Opportunities that come from everything that is happening in consumers’ world!              ...
Class of twenty twelve     !!!                                 !                                             2012	  starts...
The trends for this year  8!   !                                     !                                                    ...
1!!The Insight Point /!Direct & RawA	  year	  ago	  we	  talked	  about	  the	  average	  citizen	  taki...
2!The Insight Point /!Un-categoricallyMore	  than	  10	  years	  have	  passed	  since	  Zygmunt	  Bauma...
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!The Insight Point /!Life is a game                                                                     ...
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For more info...  :)!   !                                     !                                             The	  compilat...
Juan Isaza  @!   !                                     !                                             Strategic	  Planning	...
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Consumer Trends 2012 - English version


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Consumer trends by The Insight Point
Juan Isaza - English version
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Consumer Trends 2012 - English version

  1. 1. Trends 2012! !Opportunities that come from everything that is happening in consumers’ world! The Insight Point!
  2. 2. Class of twenty twelve !!! ! 2012  starts  with  more  questions  than  certainty,  in  a  climate  of  economic  turmoil,   specially  in  Europe,  and  with  the  elections  in  the  US  that  will  capture  a  great  deal   of  attention  during  the  year.  With  great  expectations  about  Facebook  listing  in   the  Stock  Exchange  in  a  year  where  it  would  probably  be  proven  that  is  better  to   trust  in  corporations  than  in  nations.  In  latin  america,  with  great  expectations   about  the  elections  in  Venezuela  and  Mexico,  making  the  most  out  of  a  good   economic  moment  but  suffering  the  negative  impact  of  everything  that  could   happen  in  other  latitudes.       With  all  of  this  in  mind,  we  present  the  trend  report  of  The  Insight  Point.  As   usual,  it  is  important  to  say  that  this  report  does  not  have  other  interest  than  to   generate  points  of  view  that  get  together  ideas,  actions  or  advances  that  trace   paths  of  what  consumers  are  experimenting  in  their  lifes,  jobs,  urban  spaces,   brands  and  technology.       Identifying,  grouping  or  defining  trends  has  the  purpose  or  letting  businesses   explore  new  ideas  and  lateral  thinking.  As  in  past  years,  maybe  the  main  use  of   this  document  is  to  make  brands  question  opportunities  that  they  might  have  in   front  of  them  in  this  eight  points.       Finally,  I  want  to  thank  everyone  that  supported  this  report  with  their   observations  and  ideas,  specially  Mario  Ponce  and  Felipe  Serrano  from  DDB.  Also   everyone  that  used  this  report  in  their  strategic  planning  process  during  2011,  the   more  than  12  thousand  users  that  read  it  on  Slideshare  and  the  hundreds  that   downloaded  it,  recommended  it  or  tagged  it  as  their  favorite.  To  all  of  them,   thank  you  so  much.      The Insight Point /!
  3. 3. The trends for this year 8! ! ! 1.  Direct  &  raw   2.  Un-­‐categorically   3.  Everything  is  social   4.  Obsessive  tracking   5.  The  center  is  ego   6.  Real  is  real   7.  Life  is  a  game   8.  Private  Value  The Insight Point /!
  4. 4. 1!!The Insight Point /!Direct & RawA  year  ago  we  talked  about  the  average  citizen  taking  power  over  institutions.  We  said  that  they  would  be  censored  and  criticized  thanks  to   WE  ARE  GETTING  INTO  A  WORLD  OF  connectivity.  Just  as  we  saw  in  the  Middle  East:  citizens  that,  in  many  cases,  without  the  help  of  traditional  media  or  institutions,  used   CONSUMERS  THAT  ARE  MORE  AND  MORE  Facebook  and  Twitter  to  agree  and  plan  how  to  overthrow  dictatorships   INTERESTED  IN  A  REAL  EXPERIENCE.  PEOPLE  that  seem  impossible  to  topple.    Now  the  citizen  feels  that  they  can  have  access  to  reality  without  filters.  What  was  done  before  by  “agents”  (a   SEARCHING  TO  KNOW  WHAT  HAPPENS  typical  term  from  the  20th  century)  can  now  be  done  by  themselves.       BEHIND  THE  SCENES.  WITHOUT  FILTERS.  IT  IS    To  talk  about  Direct  &  Raw  is  to  talk  about  a  whole  new  transparency.  Media  is  needed  for  the    analyzing  and  compiling  of  news  but  maybe  it  is   NOT  THE  MOMENT  FOR  FANTASY  OR  TO  no  longer  needed  for  the  access  to  the  sources  in  an  era  in  which  public  personas  “tweet”  directly  the  news.  Employers  can  have  direct  feedback   SWEETCOVERED  THINGS.  THE  CITIZEN  WANTS  of  the  moral  of  their  employees  without  the  intervention  of  a  consultant  and  farmers  can  negotiate  directly  with  buyers   TO  CONFRONT  THE  TRUTH  WITHOUT  AGENTS  .  Loyal  clients  are  the  ones  that  convincevince   OR  MIDDLEMEN.  skeptics  about  a  brand  without  the  intervention  of  advertising  .  By  this,  it  is  not  strange  that  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  banking    appears  again  .  All  of  this  makes  it  easier  the  direct  connection  that,  maybe,  will  go  to  extremes  like  a  football  team  that  is  managed  by  their  fans  .     For Brands…The  great  questioning  of  institutions  that  have  tried  to  manage  our  life  will  continue  because  the  citizen  will  feel,  in  some  way,  that  they  are  no  longer  needed.  With  this  we  will  see  more  and  more  critics  to  central   To  be  able  to  see  the  brands  and  companies  in  a  direct  banks,  Wall  Street,  or  even  the  capitalist  system way,  without  secrets  and  fake  appearances,  will    7hnutqx  .   increase  credibility  among  consumers.  Trendwatching    In  a  year  of  elections  in  USA,  we  could  see  the  skepticism  of  citizens   calls  it  “Flawsome”  and  predicts  that  brands  that  put  toward  the  “perfect”  candidates  as  well  as  toward  the  perfect   their  perfect  image  aside  will  win  credibility  from  PowerPoint  presentations  that  dress-­‐up  everything  .  Everything  that  seems  covered  in  sugar,  perfectly  constructed   consumers.  And  as  always:  Give  part  of  the  control  to  of  transformed  by  a  middleman  will  be  challenged.   consumers  will  give  good  dividends  to  whom  do  it   fearlessly.  
  5. 5. 2!The Insight Point /!Un-categoricallyMore  than  10  years  have  passed  since  Zygmunt  Bauman  talked  to  us  about  liquid  modernity.  However  we  never  had  seen  so  clearly  that  liquid   THIS  YEAR  WE  WILL  SEE  WITH  EVEN  MORE  world.  Everything  change  swiftly  and  what  we  used  to  se  as  immutable,  nowadays  experience  a  great  change.  Changing  of  places,  jobs,  spouses,   POWER,  HOW  DIFFICULT  IT  IS  TO  TAG  THINGS,  values  or  sexual  orientation.  There  seem  to  be  no  limits  in  a  world  where   SEGMENT  OR  DRAW  LINES.  THE  BETA  STATE,  tags  dont  have  a  place  because  everything  flows  and  everything,  even    what  we  used  to  hold  as  solid  truth,  melt.     DEFINED  LAST  YEAR,  IS  NOW  EVEN  MORE    In  the  words  of  Trendwatching,  the  great  trend  for  this  2012  is  the   CLEAR:  WE  LIVE  IN  A  WORLD  IN  WHICH  “Eternal  Disruption”  as  a  result  of  new  technologies,  innovation  and  the  change  of  values,  that  has  a  lot  to  do  with  this  liquid  world  in  which  it  is   THINGS  NOT  ONLY  EVOLVE  BUT  CHANGE  impossible    to  put  a  tag  before  discovering  that  everything  has  changed.  We  will  see  how  prices  drop  or  products  become  free  for  a  day   THEIR  VALUES  OR  ESSENCE  IN  A  MATTER  OF  everything  because  brands  want  to  bring  new  users  and  because  change  is  the  only  constant.     SECONDS.      This  year  we  will  see  the  pop-­‐up  phenomena  growing  stronger  with  restaurants  that  appear  for  a  few  hours  and  it  will  not  be  surprising  when  whole  shopping  malls  that  appear  today  will  be  gone  by  tomorrow  .  The  debates  between  connection  and  disconnection  will  mark  people´s  life.  Spaces  and  devices  that  keep  people  connected  are  growing  as  well  as  spaces  that  invite   For brands...people  to  disconnect  .  It  will  be  impossible  to  trace  the  line  between  television  and  internet  with  the  popularization  of  TV  sets  and  websites  in  which  people  will  watch  their  favorite  series  or   It  will  get  even  more  obsolete  to  talk  about  movies,  legally  and  illegally.  To  go  beyond  this  particular  line  will  also  be   demographic  targets.  Psychographics  will  be  proof  of  this  liquid  world.       impossible  to  define  as  immutable  values.  It  will  get  Leaders  of  the  world  kissing  in  the  last  campaign  by  Benetton  and  last   even  more  complex  to  segment  products  or  summers  Target  ad  that  showed  a  child  with  down-­‐syndrome.  It  is  not  only  an  interest  to  generate  controversy,  it  is  the  liquid  reality  in  which   brands.  Brands  should  avoid  establishing  with  one  barriers  between  pretty  and  ugly,  tender  and  cruel,  violent  and  pacific,  seem  to  disappear.     target,  like  Lego  just  did  with  its  new  line  for  girls   (  ).  
  6. 6. 3! !The Insight Point /!Everything is socialPeople  continue  to  use  connectivity  to  make  better  buying  decisions.  According  to  a  study  by  Google  in  2011,  79%  of  smartphone  users,  use   CONSUMERS  WILL  LOOK  FOR  ACCESS  MORE  them  to  buy  and  share  shopping  amongst  friends.  In  a  way,  it  is  still  valid   THAN  OWNAGE  OF  THINGS  IN  CONTRAST  TO  to  say  that  you  have  not  bought  it  until  you  have  “posted”  about  it  in  social  media.   PAST  GENERATIONS  WHO´S  LIFE  WAS    However,  what  is  interesting  now  is  that  Hyper-­‐Plural  shopping,  which   GOVERNED  BY  THE  OWNAGE  OF  GOODS,  WE  we  talked  about  last  year,  has  now  turned  into  a  Hyper-­‐Plural  community.  Why  buy  a  bicycle  if  you  can  borrow  it  and  then  leave  it  back   ARE  IN  FRONT  OF  A  CONSUMER  THAT  in  an  authorized  site?  Because  of  the  expansion  that  this  initiatives  have  seen  in  the  world,  borrowed  or  loaned  bicycles  have  turned  into  an  icon   WANTS  TO  SHARE  WITH  HIS  FRIENDS,  of  this  need  to  share,  and  find  ways  to  use  less  polluting  means  of  transportation.  Levi´s  has  just  launched  a  line  of  jeans  for  those  that   CONTACTS  AND  EVEN  STRANGERS  travel  by  bicycle  In  various  countries  different  ideas  are  seen  that  make  life  easier  for  those  that  have  joined  this  movement    Why  buy  something  that  you  could  borrow  from  a  friend  by  just  asking  in  Facebook?  Maybe  one  of  the  most  emblematic  cases  is  Kindle,  with  its  library  where  now  you  can  loan  books  .  There  is  a  social  recognition  towards  everything  that  sounds  like  austerity  and  to  avoiding  unnecessary  spending.  Citizens  will  show  themselves  more   For brands...critic  of  spending  and  squandering  in  government  and  companies.  Group  buying  will  continue  to  be  a  strong  form  of  saving  and  efficient  buying  at  all  levels,  from  consumer  products  to  charter  flights Crowdsourcing  continues  to  be  relevant  and  7ve2zyr  .  With  exclusive  platforms  through  invitation  or  through  the   participating  continues  to  be  a  more  important  hyper  popular  Groupon.     incentive  than  owning  for  some  social  groups.  We    It  is  undeniable  that  maybe  the  most  important  engine  of  all  of  this  is  the   will  see  brands  and  categories  open  to  participation  value  that  is  given  nowadays  to  sustainability.  We  will  see  hundreds  of  applications  that  help  people  to  locate  who  has  what  other  needs.    All  of   and  co-­‐creation  which  would  be  unthinkable  a  few  this  to  slow  down  unnecessary  production.  So  we  will  also  see  many   years  ago.    As  an  example,  FiatMio  CC  (Creative  initiatives  to  sell  and  buy  used  objects  or  even  “non-­‐used  ideas”  .     commons)  
  7. 7. 4! !The Insight Point /!Obsessive trackingThe  need  to  measure  everything  will  be  seen  in  people  as  in  institutions.  Companies  will  become  more  critic  on  what  represents  to  have  a  fan  or   ONE  OF  THE  MOST  IMPORTANT  USES  THAT  follower  in  social  media.  The  need  to  understand  the  value  that  generates   PEOPLE  FIND  IN  TECHNOLOGY  IN  A  DAY  TO  every  invested  penny  will  be  a  constant.  We  are  in  the  era  of  Econometrics  and,  with  this,  the  solid  belief  that  what  cannot  be   DAY  BASIS,  PARTICULARLY  IN  APPLICATIONS,  measured,  does  not  exist.  The  Economist  warns  that  en  2012  the  focus  of  corporations  trying  to  avoid  risk  will  concentrated  more  in   HAS  TO  DO  WITH  THE  POSSIBILITY  OF  “accountability”  than  in  “creativity”.   TRACKING  EVERYTHING  THAT  HAPPENS.    Penetration  of  smartphones  that  in  average  is  close  to  20%  in  Latin  America,  has  caused  that  applications  that  link  geo-­‐referencing  and  social   MEASURE,  CONTROL  AND  QUANTIFY  WILL  BE  media,  for  example,  no  longer  belong  to  the  elite.  Las  year  we  talked  about  consumers  desire  to  control  everything  with  applications  that   THE  VERBS  OF  2012.  helped  them  control  the  quality  of  sleep,  their  children  development,  the  consumption  and  burn  of  calories,  among  many  things.  This  year  we  will  see  how  all  of  this  becomes  more  popular  an  even  bigger  in  a  group  of  consumers.  And  we  will  see  new  applications  that  help  collect,  in  a  general  way,    everyday  data.  .  Also  tracking  so  specific  that  they  will  help  us  evaluate  our  own  body:  Blood  pressure,  visual  and  skin  health  .  Applications  that  start  popular.     For  complement  or  even  replace  visits  to  the  doctor  will  be  more  and  more  Applications  will  make  the  life  of  teachers  and  school  directors  easier  by   The  possibility  of  tracking  everything  and  the  fact  of  helping  understand  the  evolution  of  students  or  entrepreneurs  that  will  be  able  to  know  and  reward  good  conduct   feeling  that  anything  can  be  analyzed  all  the  time,  is  amongst  employees  .  Alzheimer  patients  will   not  always  negative.  We  will  see  many  examples  of  have  a  better  life  thanks  to  geo-­‐referencing  shoes  that  will  always  show  their  location  .  We  will  see  many  ideas  about  the   brands  that  better-­‐up  their  services,  their  offers  and  combination  of  a  place,  a  person  and  a  time  in  order  to  generate   prices  by  optimizing  the  relation  between  time  and  information  that  is  both  powerful  and  useful.    The  smartphone  will  turn  into  a  vital  tool  to  feel  that  you  have  everything  “under  control”.     space  in  which  consumers  access  their  services.  A  good   example  in  
  8. 8. 5! !The Insight Point /!The center is egoA  year  ago  we  talked  about  My  World  is  the  World.  And  this  year  the  only  thing  the  only  thing  there  is  to  say  about  this  is  that  volume  has   WE  HAVE  ALWAYS  HEARD  THAT  EVERYONE  IS  increased.  If  a  year  ago  it  was  interesting  to  see  how  consumers  where  configuring  content  in  order  to  be  informed  only  of  what  interested   THE  CENTER  OF  THEIR  OWN  UNIVERSE.  BUT  them,  now  we  see  a  world  custom  made  for  anyone  becoming  more   NEVER  BEFORE  IN  HISTORY,  PEOPLE  HAD  evident  and  defined.    If  social  media  is  the  new  public  space,  it  will  never  be  a  space  like  streets  or  shopping  malls  because  it  is  not  a  collective   SEEM  THE  WORLD  FROM  SUCH  A  PERSONAL    space,  it  is  an  individual  space.  It  will  be  a  social  space  but  custom  designed  for  each  one.     PERSPECTIVE.    THE  POSSIBILITY  OF    The  fact  of  going  from  a  society  in  which  mass  media  chose  (or  impose)   CUSTOMIZING  TASTES,  INTERESTS  AND  an  agenda  to  the  world,  to  a  world  where  that  agenda  is  selected  by  citizens,  is  not  a  small  change.  Today    you  can  configure  your  world  in   SELECTING  CONTACTS  HELPS  EVERYONE  TO  which  there  is  no  poverty,  iniquity  or  war.  You  can  also  configure  a  world  where  only  some  brands  or  some  categories  exist.  The  peak  of   DESIGN  THEIR  OWN  REALITY.    the  called  F-­‐commerce  to  refer  to  all  commerce  done  inside  Facebook  is  proof  of  this  It  implies  more  than  recommendations  in  Amazon,  since  the  volume  of  information  of  a  person,  their  relationships  and  interactions  is  huge,  and  this  will  make  the  offer  more  personal.      This  customization  that  goes  to  such  intimate  levels,  will  let  us  use  our  profile  to  search  for  the  home  that  will  better  fit  with  our  life  http:// For  ,  find  people  with  whom  we  could  have  better  chemistry  or  an  application  that  will  learn  our  tastes  and  preferences  in   A  few  years  ago,  the  big  challenge  for  brands  was  to  order  to  recommend  restaurants  with  absolute  assertiveness  http:// recollect  data.  This  year,  however,  we  will  see  that  the  .  This  year  we  will  see  new  and  impressive  examples  of  how  information  about  our  life  becomes  actionable  and   challenge  will  be  to  use  this  data  in  a  creative  way.  In  useful.  From  there  that  it  will  not  be  exaggerated  to  say  that  the  world   the  Cannes  Advertising  Festival  we  will  see  interesting  will  get  configured  to  our  measures  and  that  Facebook  and  our  mobile   brand  ideas  that  have  transformed  data  about  applications  will  get  to  know  us  better  than  our  own  family.     consumers  into  content  in  an  individual  scale  that  helps   him,  connects  him  or  simply  entertain  him.  
  9. 9. 6! !The Insight Point /!Real is realThat  old  idea  of  ON/OFF  in  which  the  real  world  and  the  virtual  world  where  a  continuous  line,  is  no  longer  a  trend.  Now,  it  is  everyday  life.   WHILE  THE  VIRTUAL  WORLD  THAT  That  world  surrounds  us  and  it  is  impossible  for  many  to  approach  the  real  world  without  virtual  help.  Just  as  we  lost  the  ability  to  make   AUGMENTS  THE  REAL  WORLD  IS  GROWING,  mental  arithmetic  calculations  thanks  to  the  calculator,  very  soon  we   WE  WILL  SEE  MANY  CASES  IN  WHICH  will  be  unable  to  memorize  a  route  because  that  task  will  be  left  to  Google  Maps  or  our  GPS.  In  a  world  that  starts  to  depend  on  the  virtual   CONSUMERS  WANTS  TO  GO  BACK  TO  WHAT  in  order  to  live  the  real.  It  is  not  weird  that  original  versions,  retro  stores  and  the  taste  for  the  vintage  start  to  pop-­‐up  everywhere.  In  the  era  of   IS  REAL,  TO  ORIGINAL  VERSIONS,  TO  THE  gaming  and  tablets,  Monopoly  decided  to  launch  a  replica  of  their  original  game  in  a  wood  box  .  At  the  same   ANALOG,  TO  THE  ANTIQUE.  IT  COULD  BE  time    will  see  many  initiatives  to  return  to  the  use  of  35  mm  cameras  in  an  era  where  they  seem  as  an  anachronism  in  front  digital  photography   NOSTALGIA,  BUT  IT  IS  ALSO  THE  RESULT  OF  A  .     LOGICAL  SATURATION  OF  A  WORLD  FULL  OF    It  is  this  interest  for  the  real  what  has  made  department  stores  like  the   BYTES.    british  Selfridges  to  put  on  their  shelves  the  seal  of  “genuine  vintage”  in  an  important  number  of  original  vintage  objects.  That  desire  to  own  what  we  owned  before  everything  came  from  China  and  was  mass-­‐produced  or  an  imitation,  will  bring  a  lot  of  opportunities  for  brands  and  companies.  According  to  The  Economist,  bosses  will  find  out  that  home-­‐office  has  been  disastrous  for  corporate  culture  and  will  look  again  for  face  to  face  jobs.   For Brands...  In  a  world  in  which  expressing  affection  was  replaced  in  many  cases  by   The  big  opportunity  for  brands  could  be  in  creativity  clicking  in  the  “like”  button,  today  we  live  in  the  nostalgia  for  the   that  is  born  out  of  nostalgia  and  also  out  of  revelry.  In  analog.  Putting  a  megaphone  on  a  street  so  that  people  shout-­‐out  instead  of  “posting”  is  a  clear  sample  of  this  interest  from  consumers   Singapore,  a  series  of  coffee  shops  created  the  for  more  authentic  experiences  .   BeDisloyal  card,  in  order  to  give  points  to  those  that     went  to  traditional  coffee  shops  and  not  chains  (Maybe  Occupy  Wall  Street  or  Spain´s  outraged  has  something  to  do  with  nostalgia  for  the  French  may.  Without  a  doubt  it  is  more  than  Do  not  forget  the  power  that.  But  in  a  world  full  of  social  media,  4.7  instead  of  6  degrees  http:// that  brand  activations  have  with  real  real  actions  in  real  ,  it  looks  like  there  is  a  need  to  join  forces  face  to  face  in  order  to  change  the  world.   spaces.            
  10. 10. !The Insight Point /!Life is a game 7!Everything  is  a  game,  like  we  said  last  year,  today  this  could  not  be  more  relevant.  67%  of  smartphone  users  have  downloaded  applications   MUCH  HAS  BEEN  SAID  ABOUT  THE  related  to  games,  says  a  study  conducted  by  Nielsen.  According  to  Time,  in  2012,  50%  of  users  that  accessed  Facebook  did  it  to  play.  So,  in   EXPANSION  THAT  GAMING  WILL  LIVE  IN  OUR  August  when  Facebook  reaches  1  billion  users,  they  will  also  be   LIFETIME  AND  IN  THE  LIFE  OF  BRANDS.  consolidating  the  biggest  group  of  gamers  in  history.       MAYBE  WHAT  IS  MORE  RELEVANT  IS  THAT  IT  Of  the  many  collected  observations  in  which  gaming  has  different  roles,  it  is  detected  that  gaming  also  has  an  education  role.  It  is  corroborated   WILL  STOP  BEING  AN  ACTIVITY  AND  NOW  with  applications  and  real  life  experiments  that  gaming  has  a  great  didactic  power  not  only  to  entertain  but  also  to  motivate  employees     WILL  ALSO  BE  A  TOOL  TO  LEARN,  INTERACT    and  to  learn  sciences  in  school  .     AND  MAKE  REAL  LIFE  EASIER.      Maybe  the  most  interesting  advance  in  gaming  is  that  they  are  seen  less  as  games  and  more  as  part  of  real  life.  That  is  why  the  Situationist,  censured  by  Apple,  is  no  interesting  .  The  dividing  line  between  reality  and  game  is  the  great  transformation  in  our  thinking  and  in  the  vision  that  man  has  traditionally  given  to  gaming    as  something  in  the  border  real  life.  Graphics  on  game  consoles  have  permitted  that  games  are  felt  less  as   For Brands...recreational  activities  and  more  as  real  entertainment  http:// In  the  last  year,  there  have  been  many  great  cases  of  .  And  we  will  see  how  equipment  that  once  was  used  to  play  is  now  part  of  other  territories,  like  a  british  company  that   the  usage  of  games  by  brands.  Maybe  the  great  uses  Kinect  to  study  the  shopping  behavior  of  people  http:// opportunity  now  is  to  see  games  not  as  games  and  to  .     explore  the  limits  with  real  life.  The  usage  of  geo-­‐  It  is  because  of  this  that  we  will  see  more  effort  in  tech  companies  to   referencing    or  augmented  reality  can  extend  the  expand  the  limits  of  their  devices  that  work  with  gesture  recognition  in  order  to  make  them  part  of  our  lives.  The  same  thing  happens  with   brand    experience  beyond  the  limits  of  virtuality  and  voice  that  will  be  more  and  more  useful.  “Voice  recognition  is  the  new   win  differentiation  by  involving  the  life  of  people.    QWERT”  says  Alexander  Ljung,  founder  of  Soundcloud.    
  11. 11. 8! !The Insight Point /!Private ValueThe  concern  for  the  concentration  of  information  about  people  that  some  platforms  have  will  increase.  This  will  surely  cause  a  lot  of   THIS  YEAR  THE  CONCERN  FOR  PRIVACY  AND  challenging:  Facebook  as  owner  of  all  personal  information  and  connections,  Google  of  searches,  Amazon  and  Apple  of  preferences.  In   SECURITY  WILL  GROW  AS  MORE  AND  MORE  2012  there  will  be  a  lot  of  talk  of  who  will  be  able  to  lead  new  spaces  in   PARTS  OF  OUR  LIFE  (INCLUDING  MONEY)  GO  television  (Google,  Apple,  Amazon?).  Also  about  who  would  be  the  leader  in  pays  through  mobile,  where  there  is  no  clear  owner.  Apple,   THROUGH  DIGITAL  PLATFORMS.  FACEBOOK  Google  and  Nokia  hand  in  hand  with  Microsoft,  but  also  banks  and  credit  card  companies.   AND  GOOGLE+  WILL  CONTINUE  TO  GROW    As  digital  platforms  involve  more  and  more  of  people  life,  the  worry  and   BUT  NOT  WITH  BLIND  USERS  BUT  WITH  restlessness  will  grow.  According  to  Sheryl  Sandberg,  Chief  Operating  Officer  of  Facebook,  the  growth  of  people  shared  information  will  be   CRITIC  USERS  THAT  PAY  ATTENTION  TO  THEIR  accompanied  with  an  attitude  of  carefulness  about  what  is  being  shared  ,  even  more  as  voice  and  face  recognizance   RIGHTS.    schemes      that  could  raise  questions  about  the  risks  for  people´s  privacy.    So,  this  will  be  a  year  where  laws  will  be  discussed  (in  those  countries  where  they  have  not  been  approved)  and  will  be  implemented  and  citizens  will  be  taught  about  their  rights  (those  in  which  there  have  been  laws  in  regard  to).  Examples  will  come  out  of  platforms  that  understand   For Brands...the  worries  of  people  about  privacy  and  about  the  use  of  information    and  applications  to  save  and  protect   There  is  no  doubt  that  the  big  opportunity  for  brands  content,  profiles  and  preferences.     will  be  in  a  proactive  attitude  in  front  of  users  doubts  in    Many  will  question  social  media  and  the  use  they  give  to  conversation   regard  to  the  information  that  is  being  kept  and  used.  data  and  “privacy  will  capture  more  attention  as  users  become  aware  of   Talking  about  privacy  with  an  ample  knowledge  and  how  much  information  from  their  personal  and  professional  life  they  are  involuntarily  giving  out  in  social  media”  just  as  Sysomos  blog  points  out   offering  spaces  for  questions  could  be  one  of  the  in  their  predictions  for  2012     functions  that  give  more  credibility  to  community   managers  among  participants  of  brand  communities.  
  12. 12. For more info... :)! ! ! The  compilation  of  trends  here  included  is  the  result  of  a  work  of   capturing,  filtrating  and  evaluating  of  many  direct  and  indirect   sources.  Among  them:     To  consult  more  sources:     Tags:  trends,  trendspotting,  consumer,  marketing    The Insight Point /!
  13. 13. Juan Isaza @! ! ! Strategic  Planning  VP  in  the  Mexican  branch  of  DDB  and  director  of   Social  Media  Lab  for  DDB  Latina.  Since  2008  he  is  part  of  Planning   Futures  Group,  a  group  with  the  task  of  creating  and  implementing  of   strategic  tools  that  are  used  by  DDB  offices  throughout  the  world.           He  writes  regularly  for  his  blog  as  well  as  for  the   Colombian  newspaper  Portafolio.       Twitter:  @juanisaza     Previous  reports  can  be  consulted  in       This  document  can  be  reproduced  partially  or  completely  as  long  as   the  source  and  the  link  be  provided.    The Insight Point /!
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