Christmas in the united states


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Christmas in the united states

  1. 1. Christmas in the United States
  2. 2. In the United States, many people celebrate Christmas. Even though Christmas is a Christian holiday, not everyone who celebrates it is Christian. Many people think of Christmas as a time to celebrate being with family and friends, and to give to the less fortunate .
  3. 3. The Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving. People decorate their houses for Christmas. Some of the most common decorations are Christmas lights, wreaths , and evergreen branches . Christmas Decorations
  4. 4. People decorate the insides of their houses, too. The most important decoration is the Christmas tree, an evergreen tree that is decorated with lights, garland and ornaments . At the top, people put a star or an angel. Christmas Decorations
  5. 5. People hang stockings as well, by their fireplace or on the staircase . Some people decorate the inside of their houses, and others put up a nativity scene – either in their house or in their yard . Christmas Decorations
  6. 6. To get into the holiday spirit, some people go door to door singing Christmas carols, or songs. Many people watch traditional Christmas films, like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. There are usually a lot of Christmas parties before Christmas. Christmas Traditions
  7. 7. Another common tradition is to bake Christmas cookies. People eat Christmas cookies during the whole Christmas season, but on the night of Christmas Eve children leave milk and cookies for Santa Clause. Christmas Traditions
  8. 8. Christmas Eve is the 24th of December. In the US, we don´t celebrate it as much as in Europe. Every family has their own tradition for Christmas Eve. Some people go to church, but almost everyone eats a big dinner with their families. Christmas Eve
  9. 9. American children believe in Santa Clause. On Christmas Eve he flys in a magic sleigh pulled by 9 reindeer to deliver toys to all the children. He puts them under the Christmas tree and in their stockings. He comes in and leaves through the chimney . Santa Clause
  10. 10. On Christmas morning, Americans exchange gifts with their immediate family . Then they spend the day with their extended family , and have a big dinner in the late afternoon. Most Americans also go to church in the morning. Christmas Day
  11. 11. In the US, we only celebrate Christmas and Christmas Eve. People have to work the week between Christmas and New Years. But people usually leave their decorations up until the beginning of January and are still in the holiday spirit . The Christmas Season
  12. 12. Christmas is not the only holiday Americans celebrate in December. Many Americans who are Jewish celebrate Hannukah. Hannukah lasts for eight days, and is celebrated by lighting candles on the menorah, playing dredl, and eating latkes, or potato pancakes. Jewish children usually get a present on each day of Hannukah. Some African Americans celebrate a holiday called Kwanzaa in December, which celebrates their unique culture and origins. Other Holidays
  13. 13. The Christmas season in the United States ends with New Year’s. On New Year´s Eve, 31st December, many Americans go to parties with their friends. In Times Square in NYC, there is a large ball that drops and counts down (10 seconds) to the new year at midnight. This is broadcasted so that people all over the country can watch it on TV. New Year´s Traditions
  14. 14. A common tradition for New Year´s is to make a new year´s resolution . New year´s resolutions are goals people set for themselves for the year to come. For example, many people resolve (or promise ) to stop smoking, or to exercise more regularly. New Year´s Traditions
  15. 15. How do you celebrate Christmas in Spain?