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Spm™ General Solution Overview
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Spm™ General Solution Overview


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Business unit overview of our SPM/RPO solution.

Business unit overview of our SPM/RPO solution.

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  • 1. Solution Overview:Selection Process Management ™
  • 2. Overview of MSH Group Who We Are MSH Group is a multi-discipline solutions partner in Human Resources, Technology & Business Transformation. We believe that convergence of technology and the demands of the next generation workforce require an evolution in your Human Resources and Information Technology organizations. The members of our consulting teams possess experience across diverse industries and as former leaders and professionals in global organizations. Our average consulting industry experience is 20 years and covers nearly 15 industries. We employ nearly 25 management consultants and 20 SPM consultants across our 3 divisions and offices in the US, India, Venezuela and Panama. We use strategic insight, optimized solutions, and a collaborative approach to help those who have achieved success reach even higher. We are the trusted advisors of leading corporations across all major industries, and we have pioneered the art of driving value creation. At MSH Group, we know that sustained success comes from the perpetual desire to be better. We’ll help develop and execute strategies that will transform your traditional cost centers into a competitive advantage and help your organization reach its highest potential.We do this through:  Industry-leading human capital, comprised of experienced strategists with diverse perspectives in human resources, enterprise technology and organizational design services.  A full suite of specialist practices, which enables us to provide integrated talent management services as well as IT management solutions for clients.  Dedicated sector experts that provide counsel based on in-depth industry knowledge and experience.  Local expertise to ensure that every customer is managed effectively from start to finish. We provide ongoing support throughout the process and make full use of our strong local presence to facilitate project management on a global scale.  Following a proven implementation and project management framework that ensure solutions are delivered on time and budget.  Working closely with our customers to ensure complete transparency at all stages - an approach which leads to long-term partnerships. 2
  • 3. Overview of MSH GroupWhat We Do What We BelieveWe use our knowledge and understanding of your We believe in mutual success. We know that we willbusiness to help your company manage growth, only be successful if our clients are successful. Thatmaximize revenue, and explore new opportunities. the hardest problems require the best people, andOur global presence and reach across industries that the best people will in turn be drawn to workingand functions give our clients the benefits of a multi- on the hardest problems. Our firm is built around thenational corporation without having to compromise a belief that you can’t have one without the other. Thelocal feel and a top-rate customer centric approach. two components reinforce each other to make our firm and our work that much stronger.Our Commitment 3
  • 4. Some Experience Highlights…• Global diversified Telecommunications giant struggles to identify key role on global management team • Successfully executed a selection process management solution for Global Director, Human Resources & Talent Management• Fortune 100 client selects MSH to lead talent acquisition effort for Total Rewards group • Successfully executed a selection process management solution for Sr Manager, Global Compensation Analysis• Fortune 500 Wireless Device Manufacturer struggles to identify key role on International management team • Engaged to create a selection process management solution for Sr Manager, International Compensation after position being open for 16 months• Fortune 500 organization integrates 2 new acquisitions and engages MSH to lead all recruitment efforts through transformation • Led end to end recruiting & selection program for global organizations Americas region encompassing 23 positions at executive and management level across 22 markets, including the following HR positions: • HR Leader, Talent Management • HR Leader, Regional HRBP • HR Leader, Total Rewards • HR Leader, HRIS• Top 5 Security, Energy & Telecommunications Giant • Led executive selection process management effort for global telecommunications organization with mission critical talent gaps in service delivery from executive level management to technical architecture & development professionals. Position titles confidential.• Fortune 250 Telecommunications Organization faces talent shortage. • Managed Recruitment Process Outsourcing initiative leading acquisition of 250 unique professional to leadership level hires in New Product Introduction(NPI), Product Development, Global Integration, Software Engineering, Technical Architecture, Monitoring Systems, Service Delivery, Compliance, Project Management and Converged Network Technology.• Fortune 500 Retailer selects MSH Group to accelerate acquisition of expanded HR Capabilities • Senior Director, Corporate Human Resources • Regional Director, Human Resources – Canada • Sr Manager, Compensation
  • 5. Some Experience Highlights• Global technology giant partners with MSH to accelerate talent acquisition efforts • Successfully executed a selection process management solution for a multi country talent acquisition effort . Included corporate functions in executive suite and legal, marketing, human resources, finance, controllership and business unit consulting leadership in solutions sales, design, delivery and implementation across 17 offices.• Global software player engages MSH to build strategy for the war on talent in an emerging market • Engaged to assess Latin America region technology sector through execution of a competitive research and analysis project mapping multiple aspects of industry, country and functional people pipelines and organizational models. Conducted analysis identifying organizational gaps against industry competitors resulting in a people strategy aligned with business strategy.• Fortune 100 client selects MSH to lead talent acquisition efforts for regional talent optimization in support of growth • Successfully executed staffing program for 230 professionals located in regional, country and area offices in marketing, sales, operations, human resources, information technology and environment, health & safety functions in Miami, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela.• Fortune 500 organization integrates 2 new acquisitions and engages MSH to lead all recruitment efforts through transformation • Led end to end recruiting & selection program for global organizations Americas region encompassing 23 positions at executive and management level across 22 markets.• Fortune 500 CPG organization on boards new EVP, Human Resources • Consulting team engaged to conduct market benchmarking including industry and competitive analysis, talent mapping and executive selection process management for global and regional VP, Director and management level team.•Fortune 250 Security, Energy, Telecommunications Organization • Created project management office capabilities – Moving the organization from 16% to Over 49% on OPM3 Maturity (SMCI) and use of best practices within 120 days. This included creating a portfolio, program and project management methodology based on PMI principles, reusable artifacts, project gating, project steering committees, program reviews, supply & demand management, prioritization, and qualification process.
  • 6. Overview of MSH GroupCorporate Values & PrinciplesOur standards and commitment to client success put us in a league of our own as a world-class professional servicesorganization. Integrity, respect for the individual, delivering results, innovation, collaboration, will to win, customer focus andmaking a positive impact in society are just some of our core values. To reinforce these values, we follow a set of principlesthat underpin the way our employees work with one another and represent our company in the marketplace. They alsocommunicate our commitment to exercise ethical business practices. 6
  • 7. Overview of MSH Group MSH Group’s Unique Business Model Sets Us Apart Human Capital Talent IT Consulting Sector Focus Global Reach Management Practices Practices Diverse backgrounds  Attract Talent  IT Management  Automotive  US Extensive knowledge and - Employer Branding  Technology Innovation  Consumer Goods  Canada experience in dealing with - Market Intelligence  Enterprise Applications  Financial Services  Latin America challenges at hand - SPM™ / RPO  IT Governance  Life Sciences  Caribbean Leadership advisors - Corporate Recruitment Design  Enterprise Operations  Hospitality & Transformation  Aligning IT with Business  QSR - Onboarding  Security  Develop Talent  Technology - Performance Coaching & Management  Professional Sports - Organizational Development  Construction - Organizational Effectiveness  Retail  Retain Talent - Succession Planning - Compensation & Total Rewards - Recognition - Work-Life Programs 7
  • 8. Overview of MSH GroupGlobal Reach Headquarters in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale Affiliate Offices United States Latin America  Chicago  Bogota  Dallas  Caracas  New York City  Mexico City  Phoenix  Panama City  Sao Paulo 8
  • 9. Overview of MSH GroupOur Multi-disciplinary Team Possesses Experience with the Following Global Brands: 9
  • 10. Overview of Our Talent Management Practices Talent Management & AdvisoryMSH Group’s Talent Management Practice leverages internal expertise to support client initiatives driving organizational success. Our professionals align needs and capabilities with internal depth and diverse business experience as well as knowledge from organizational modeling, performance, career management, succession planning, development and leadership advisory successes.The single biggest difference between MSH Group and pure strategy consulting firms is that we turn theories into actions. Our expertise allows us to go beyond ideas and directly to tangible business objectives. We catalyze high performance by leading our clients through strategy to desirable outcomes. Like you, we know that there is always room to do more. We’ll help you reach your maximum potential and gauge our performance on your success. Our greatest desire is to grow together. And that, we think, makes for a much more enjoyable and fruitful partnership.  We help build an understanding of what it takes to engage and retain employee talent  We work closely with our clients to create human resource plans to improve business performance through engagement actions  We develop Assignment and Activity Planning to support career development  We help our clients across different business sectors transform operational performance into sales while lowering output costs and capital expenditure 10
  • 11. Overview of Our Talent Management Practices Talent Management Expertise: ATTRACT TALENT DEVELOP TALENT RETAIN TALENTDevelop a customized attraction MSH Group offers tools that provide Retaining employees is one of thestrategy to identify dynamic talent development by integrating most critical issues that organizationsprofessionals whom will drive assessment and coaching. Our are facing today. MSH Group’sbusiness objectives. Together with development solutions improve multi-disciplinary team works in closeour client we establish a plan of bottom-line performance, attract and partnership to help our clients createaction for attaining Talent retain talent, drive a performance a sound plan to determine the extentManagement objectives. culture, and increase organizational to which turnover is a problem in your agility. firm, diagnose turnover drivers, andOfferings include: formulate retention strategies. Offerings include: Employer Branding Offerings include:  Performance Coaching Market Intelligence & Management  Succession Planning Selection Process Management  Organizational Development  Compensation & Total Rewards Corporate Recruitment Design  Organizational Effectiveness  Recognition & Transformation  Work-life programs Onboarding 11
  • 12. Overview of SPM Solution™ 12
  • 13. Talent Management Expertise : Attract TalentSelection Process Management ™Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a flexible and scalable solution for professional recruiting demands. MSH Groupintegrates seamlessly with all touch points to execute effectively and bring the best talent to our clients.Our expertise in understanding the overall strategy/objectives and aligning our unique SPM™ model to deliver the righttalent at the right time differentiates us from other organizations who focus on tactical processes . Value creation is at theforefront of all our work. Best in class selection process management solutions(SPM™) customized to the demanding needs of an enterprise. Led by experts in the transformation of global organizations through the infusion of next generation leadership through innovation, development and retention of the worlds best professionals. Effective sourcing and assessment practices aligned with skills, competency and culture requirements. Weekly reporting on all activity; Tailored to the indicators of the business. World class support including coaching, feedback and culture assimilation. Flexibility; Our support center can support increasing demand instantly.Full-service offering includes:Stakeholder Alignment Talent Mapping + ResearchCustom screening approach Employer BrandingSkills & Competency Assessments Project ReportingBehavioral Interviewing Experienced Internal Consultants 13
  • 14. Talent Management Expertise : SPM Cycle SPM™ ModelMSH Intake Intelligence Engagement Qualification  Requirements  Strategic  Evaluate  Attract Target Sourcing List Candidates Metrics/Performance ManagementClient Present Interview Offer Support  Review top  Coordinate  Facilitate  On-boarding Reporting candidate list  Calibrate  Negotiate  Quality of Hire MSH Client Services
  • 15. Overview of Our Talent Management Practices Selection Process Management Lifecycle (Internal) Intake Intelligence Engagement QualificationIntake is the initial function of Intelligence is MSH Groups During the Engagement Qualification is where MSHthe SPM lifecycle and where best in class internal phase, the SPM team Group truly differentiatesthe full understanding of the research function building utilizes the deep themselves from other RPOhiring need is defined. MSH custom sourcing based on understanding of the providers. Our internallyfocuses on attributes such individual needs. The organization to approach developed qualificationas years of experience, Intelligence function allows talent. Since we are standards ensure anyoneeducation, functional MSH Group to be more integrated closely, this allows presented has been fullyrequirements, to intangible efficient and effective in our team to represent vetted from a skills,qualities desired such as developing a strategy to opportunities accurately and experience, technology,behavioral, cultural and deliver for our clients true ensure the candidate corporate culture, personality,leadership attributes. Recruitment Process experience. The candidate logistics and compensation Optimization. also fully understands the perspective.MSH Competitive Advantage: role, industry, objectives of MSH Competitive Advantage: the organization, and MSH Competitive Advantage: 360 Job Requisition expected contributions.  Behavioral Assessment assessment  Regional Market Standardized Requirements  Competency Assessment Assessment MSH Competitive Advantage: gathering Process  Experience Assessment  Competitor Breakdown  MSH Network and Referral  Credential Verification  Talent Mapping  Industry Expertise Base  Macro and Micro Understanding of Client Organization and Role requirements  External Client Branding 15
  • 16. Overview of Our Talent Management Practices Selection Process Management Lifecycle (External) Present Interview Offer SupportPresent begins with internal In the Interview phase, MSH The Offer phase begins once Support is what happensProspect selection and the Group aims to truly partner a prospect has completed after a successfulsubsequent packaging of a with our Clients and drive the the interview lifecycle and is Prospect/Client match.Prospects profile for Hiring interview process by Whereas an agency has being prepared to be offered. completed their work once aPartner review. The Prospect managing prospects MSH Group handles the Prospect starts onsite, as aPortfolio highlights the expectations, coordinating of negotiation directly with true consulting partner MSHqualifications of the schedules, full preparation, prospects and fully Group is vested in theProspects in an easily and driving timelines to outcome, not the transaction. represents the client in what Our firm provides adigestible format that gives a ensure the sometimes is a critical time in the customized support solutionoverview of details such as cumbersome interview process. that ranges from 30, to 60, torecent work process is as efficient and 90 day evaluations withexperience, education, comp effective as possible. MSH Competitive Advantage: hiring managers to ensure the prospects transition intoensation their new role is a smoothexpectations, references, an MSH Competitive Advantage:  Management of expectations one and initial objectives ared focus letters.  Client Services Model throughout lifecycle being reached up to client’s expectations.  Management of Talent  Understanding of ClientsMSH Competitive Advantage: through Interview process benefits, relocation, and MSH Competitive Advantage: Prospect Portfolios bonus packages  90 Day Onboarding support Focus Letters  Ensuring Prospects are  Client Evaluations of Standardized Follow Up vested in final out come process and MSH  Expert negotiation skills and  Prospect Evaluation of Process process and MSH Full understanding of the legal understanding of Prospect and their contracts within team requirements 16
  • 17. Thank You 17