Unit 2


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Unit 2

  1. 1. BY: Juan Fernando Blandon Guerra
  2. 3. She’s tall She’s short He’s old She’s Ugly He’s thin She’s beautiful He’s young He’s overweight
  3. 7. He has brown eyes . He has short hair . He has long ears . He has a straight nose . He has thick lips .
  4. 8. She has long hair . She has thick eyebrows . He has light complexion . He has beautiful chick bones . She has a long neck .
  5. 10. Face. Shoulder . Chest . Breast . Arms . Stomach . Waist . Legs . Feet .
  6. 11. 1. Shirt 2. Shirt 3. Dress Shirt 4. Sport Shirt 5. Polo shirt / jersey 6. Flannel shirt 7. Blouse 8. Turtleneck 9. Pants / Slacks 10. (Blue) Jeans 11. corduroys 12. Skirt
  7. 12. 1. Tee shirt 2. Tank top 3. Sweatshirt 4. Sweat Pants 5. Running Shorts 6. Tennis Shorts 7. Lycra Shorts 8. Jogging Suit 9. Leotard 10. Tights 11. Sweat Band 12. Coat 13. Overcoat 14. Jacket 15. Wind Breaker 16. Sky Jacket 17. Bomber Jacket 18. Parka
  8. 15. ANSWERING THE PHONE Hello? (informal) Thank you for calling Quick Fix Kitchens. Sam speaking. How may I help you? Eddie’s Electric Store. How can I help you?
  9. 16. INTRODUCING YOURSELF “THE CALLER”  Hi. It’s Joanne. (informal) Hello, this is Sally Fields calling. Hi, this is Bernadette from the accountant’s office. Hi, this is Laura speaking.
  10. 17. ASKING TO SPEAK WITH SOMEONE Is Bob in? (informal) Is Mrs Smith there, please? Can I talk to Mrs Jones, please? May I speak with Mr Green, please? I’d like to speak to Mrs Smith, please. Would Dr Brown be available? Is John around? (informal)
  11. 18. CONNECTING SOMEONE  Just a sec. I’ll go and get her. (informal) I’ll just get him. (informal) Hang on a second. (informal) Please hold the line. I’ll put you through to her office. One moment, please. I’m sorry but her line is engaged at the moment. Would you like to call back later? Bear with me, please. All of our operators are busy at this moment. Please hold the line. I’m sorry, but she’s not available at the moment. Can I take a message?
  12. 19. TAKING A MESSAGE FOR SOMEONE Would you like to leave a message? Who’s calling please? I’ll let her know you called. I’ll make sure she gets the message. May I take a message? Can I take a message? Would you like to leave a message?