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Juan jiménez roa golf




Published in Sports
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  • 1. Juan Jiménez Roa Laude El Altillo Golf
  • 2. Outline
    • What is golf?
    • The swing
    • Hole length
    • Equipment
    • Special shots
    • Effects of the ball
    • Summary
    • Questions
  • 3. What is Golf?
    • Golf is a sport in which you have to introduce a ball in a hole, using as less shots as you can.
    • A golf court has 18 holes.
    • Each hole has: tee, fairway, rough and green.
  • 4. The swing
    • The swing is the movement that you have to do to hit the ball.
    • The Backswing is the movement to take the club up.
    • The Downswing is the movement to go down and hit the ball.
  • 5. Hole lenght
    • We can clasify the holes in:
    • Par 3: Introduce the ball in 3 shots.
    • Par 4: Introduce the ball in 4 shots.
    • Par 5: Introduce the ball in 5 shots.
  • 6. Equipment
    • To play golf you need:
    • The clubs
    • The balls
    • The shoes
  • 7. Equipment: Clubs
    • You can carry 14 clubs in your bag.
    • We can divide them in:
    • Wedges: The ball goes higher but less distance.
    • Irons: The irons go from 3 to 9.
    • Woods: This clubs are used to make maximum distance.
  • 8. Equipment: Balls
    • Golf is played with special balls.
    • This balls have little circles to make the ball fly.
    • The ball is made of differnt materials.
  • 9. Equipment: Shoes
    • To play golf you need special shoes.
    • You need them to stay static during the shot.
    • This shoes don´t damage the green.
  • 10. Special shots
    • Fade: the ball describe a movement from left to right.
    • Draw: tha ball describe a movement from right to left.
  • 11. Effects of the ball
    • When you hit the ball, it have 3 possible effects on the green.
    • Backspin: The ball goes back when it´s on the green.
    • Leftspin: The ball goes to the left on the green.
    • Rightspin: The ball goes to the right when it´s on the green.
  • 12. Backspin hole in one
    • http:// www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v =TfeO1Fr1rkE&vq= small#t =21
  • 13. Summary
    • In golf you have to introduce a special ball in a hole, using different clubs, and using as less shots as possible.
    • The ball can go from left to right and from right to left (Fade and Draw).
    • The ball can go back, right and left on the green.
  • 14. Questions
    • Irons go from…
    • 4 to 9
    • 3 to 8
    • 3 to 9
  • 15. Questions
    • If the ball goes from rigth to left it is
    • A rightspin
    • A draw
    • A fade
  • 16. Thank you!