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A martial arts training resource which covers the white belt to orange belt in relation to JuJitsu.

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JuJitsu Training Resource - White To Orange

  1. 1. White to Orange Training Resource ContentsDisclaimerForewordAboutIntroductionChapter 1 : Basic StancesChapter 2 : Basic StrikesChapter 3 : 7th KYU White BeltChapter 4 : 6th KYU Yellow BeltChapter 5 : 5th KYU Orange BeltChapter 6 : Closing WordsChapter 7 : AcknowledgementsI am a senior instructor and after my mentor John Hart am Mr Enso Ryu.I have been training in Martial Arts now for over 14 years and have recently achieved my4th Dan. Over the years I have been really fortunate and have had the opportunity totrain with some really excellent martial artists from all sorts of martial arts backgrounds,Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Kung Fu, Pencak Silat, Wing Chun and many more.Sensei Ian Woolston – Authorhttp://www.ensoryu.co.ukU UWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 1
  2. 2. Legal DisclaimerEnsoRyu.co.uk or any of its partners will not accept liability for any accidents orU Uinjuries which you or any other person may sustain resulting from improperpractice or use of any of the techniques listed in this training resource. Allmartial arts techniques, if performed incorrectly, can cause serious injury andshould not be attempted without supervision from a qualified martial artsinstructor. Because of the nature of some of the techniques detailed in this training resource, you should consult a physician before using or applying these techniques. You acknowledge and agree : • That self-defence, practicing and applying the techniques shown within this resource, is inherently dangerous. The techniques shown here may cause significant and unintended injuries if applied or practiced incorrectly or in a careless manner. • That personal instruction by a qualified instructor is the safest method of learning both martial arts and personal defence techniques. • That while practicing these techniques you must be careful to avoid strong pressure and damage to sensitive areas, including but not limited to eyes, throat, face, groin and pressure-point areas. • That the best defence is to avoid potentially dangerous situations whenever possible. • That there can be no guarantee that a self-defence technique will, when applied in an actual situation, be effective and we strongly urge that if running away is an option then you should run away rather than try to use a self-defence technique. • That you waive, release and discharge any and all claims of damages for death, personal injury or property damage which you may have, or which you may have in the future • That you agree to indemnify and hold harmless EnsoRyu.co.uk and U U everyone associated with this site, against all claims, losses, damages and expenses, including but not limited to legal fees and costs, whether asserted by you or anyone else, resulting from (i) any breach or repudiation of this Agreement and Release of Liability; and/or (ii) any loss or injury to person or property, arising from or associated with your use and/or attempt to use the techniques shown in this package.You are free to distribute this resource any way you see fit as long as thecontent is not changed in any way.Distributing content by the use of spamming is not to be used and EnsoRyu orany of its partners will not be held responsible for any other irresponsibleperson.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 2
  3. 3. ForewordThis training resource includes text, images and videos. In order to view thevideos which have been embedded within this document you will need to use ata minimum, Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 9.To download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader please visithttp://www.adobe.com/reader.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 3
  4. 4. AboutLet’s go against all I normally teach and let’s start with me - why should I writea book and why should you believe anything I tell you? I’ve been training in the Martial Arts now for over 15 years and have been really fortunate with the instructors I have had, I started under Sensei John Hart, who himself had been a personal student of Soke Robert Clarke, one of the best around. Unfortunately, for me anyway, he and his wife started a family and he wanted to spend time with them so he hung-up his Gi a year after I passed my ShoDan, so from that point on I trained under Hanshi Steve Barnet of Goshin Ryu International, Recently promoted to 10th Dan, accepted into the GrandMasters Hall of Fame and made Soke. Two excellent guys, both on and off the mat. Off and on the mat they both personify what to me is a “good” martial artist, no ego, no arrogance just excellent ability.Through these and others I’ve been able to attend many courses, training withsome big names. I’ve done courses on Judo, Aikido, Kung-Fu, Penchak-Silat,Escrima, Wing Chun, Kick-Boxing and many more with people from all aroundthe world, and feel I’ve been very fortunate for the privilege. Some better thanothers but you take away something from all of them. Every day you learnsomething new, each time I teach the white belt syllabus to a new starter I learnsomething new, a new angle for the foot or the hand, anything and it all amazesme, nobody knows it all. So when asked what style I do, if it works – use it!Enso Ryu is the name and I am proud of it – so proud of it in fact this is also thename of my club. The name Enso Ryu has such a deep meaning to myself, myfamily and my students that my website also goes under the same name. TheEnso Ryu website is a website which was borne out of frustration. Over the yearsI have lost count of the amount of times students have asked me about goodplaces to obtain martial arts equipment and I’ve had to point them here or therebased upon my experienced with these suppliers and products, experienceswhich varied over the years. Some products better than others and changes toproduct lines and no-one ever told me about them, I had to go out there andmake the mistakes myself.So, why not have one site, operated by someone who knows what’s important tothe martial artist, somewhere you can come and get good products, at goodprices with the option to see reviews of products as well as add your own. Seeproducts from more than one supplier all in one place. That’s now my aim – toprovide the discerning martial artist with an open and honest place to obtain theequipment they need.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 4
  5. 5. IntroductionJu-Jitsu- What’s it all about? Is that like Karate or Judo? So what style do youdo? So where can I get some good reference books to help me practise athome?All these are questions I get asked time and time again, and that is why Idecided to put together this reference guide as a starting point and may welldevelop it further to include the rest of the syllabus and maybe some extra littletechniques as well.What is Ju-Jitsu?Translated it is the art of “Gentle Techniques”, now don’t get this wrong, itdoesn’t mean it’s easy on your opponent, it means it’s easy on you. If you’reusing physical strength to do this, chances are you’re doing it wrong, don’t getme wrong I’m not saying that my 11 year old could hold down a big guy high ondrugs with one finger because that’s just ridiculous, but I could teach her someways of causing that same guy a lot of pain. The roots of Ju-Jitsu are hard totrace, if you read one book it tells you it is the father of all arts, read anotherand it started a few hundred years ago, another it points back to thousands ofyears ago. Basically, Japanese arts in general are hard to trace due to the natureof the times they have gone through meant that a lot of the arts had to be keptsecret, only the privileged few were taught. Only the Samurai were allowed tocarry swords at times, the Samurai were the masters of these arts, andrespected by all, then they became the downtrodden, forced to work asbouncers almost. Other aspects of the arts only passed down from Father toSon.I’m not going to go on and on about its history, it’s important - it’s tradition, butthere are a lot of other books out there by a lot of people who are far morequalified than I am for this, for me it works, no matter what your size or fitnesslevel. If you like kicking, fine we do it, if you like punching, again we do it, if youlike grappling, great, it’s all there, and we use the whole body as a weapon.Every art has its benefits, personally I’m not a great kicker, there are somereally good high kickers out there, I’ll kick to the head, but only on a fewoccasions, firstly for a warm up exercise, secondly if they’re on the ground!I read somewhere that once your leg goes above waist height you’ve straightaway lost about 50% of your power, which to me is significant. Plus, if you’re ina crowded place, you try balancing on one leg and swinging it round to kickthem in the head!Ju-Jitsu is a great form of self-defence, it’s a very practical martial art and Iwork on a few main principles. If it works use it, the best form of self defence isdon’t be there, If he can’t see you he can’t chase you, if he can’t stand up, hecan’t chase you, those are basic examples. Ju-Jitsu is essentially one of the mosteffective arts out there, by definition it’s Martial, it’s designed to work onbattlefields in a combat situation, but what we do has evolved, we try to keepthe roots, but keep it up to date as well.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 5
  6. 6. Is it like Karate or Judo or Aikido? Yes and No. I’m not fully trained in Karate,not by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve done bits of Wado Ryu, Shotokan,Shukokai, and Shukokai has a small amount of grappling in but the others formy humble opinion are a sport, very big on Kata and very big onKicking/punching. That statement in itself will instantly annoy a lot of people. Sobe it, it’s a very emotive topic, but let’s be clear, understand what you wantfrom the art first, every one of them has their own merits, everyone of them canbe good. I’m not saying it’s rubbish, I’m simply saying that it’s not for me.Judo, was developed from Ju-Jitsu by Jigaro Kano so yes there are a lot ofsimilarities, but let’s be straight, it’s a sport, it’s not a martial art, there is nostriking, no kicking and no pressure points.Aikido was developed by O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba from Ju-Jitsu, so yes therewill be similarities, I’ve trained with quite a few different people from the worldof Aikido and there are some very soft styles of Aikido, what I term as Flowery,(Yes, I’ve just annoyed even more people!) then there are the others, Peoplelike Sensei Shane Riley of White Rose Aikido, brilliant at what he does, and itworks and hurts, a lot, Sensei Ken Cottier as well, a martial artist who trainedwith O Sensei, I feel very privileged to say I have been on the mat with peoplelike these. Taekwondo, nothing like Ju-Jitsu, Wing Chun, again nothing like Ju-Jitsu (but I’ve found some of it can fit in well with what we do). Kung-Fu, againis nothing like Ju-Jitsu (again like Wing Chun there a bits I’ve taken and use inwhat we do.)Ju-Jitsu is a rotational art, we move and move our attackers quite a lot in acircular motion, and we become the centre of that circle. A lot of the Chinesearts are directional, straight line attacks, take Wing Chun for example, a straightpunch working on the principal that the bodies main organs are all within 4inches of the centre line, it’s a chain punch that goes one over the top of theother, very very fast strikes, one on top of the other, you get hit like that bysomeone good it’s like getting hit by a jack hammer, it might not have the samepower as another bigger strike but they’ll hit you more times and you get thatover the heart for example it’s going to disrupt the rhythm and has the potentialto be very nasty!!OK, disclaimer time, my students have heard this many times, it can hurt, it isdesigned to hurt but it’s not knitting it’s a martial art. In Ju-Jitsu we can doanything from restraining an attacker to killing them. Even the smallest thing wetake for granted has the potential to cause great harm, I can perform a smallstrike to the neck, hit the carotid artery, this is going to push blood back into theheart and up into the head, all it takes is a weak area in one of those sectionsand it’s going to burst. Scary isn’t it?! But if you train properly it’s safer thanfootball or many other sports out there, you can get injured playing tiddlywinks!!This book is designed to be a supplement to your training, there is no substituteto getting on the mat with your Uke and practise practise practise. These dayspeople don’t like that, we get bored very easily but too often people forget thesemoves, they move on too quickly from one move to another, a lot of thesethings I am trying to teach here are completely new things, totally alien. We arenot trying to train the mind to remember all of these things; we are training thebody to react independently of the mind. In a confrontational situation the mindWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 6
  7. 7. will get in the way, BAR, or Body Alarm Response takes over, tunnel vision,adrenalin flows, fight or flight kicks in. You need to be able to react instantly andlet the body’s training take over, you need to get used to seeing a fist comingtowards your head, when you first start this is a daunting sight.One final thing before you start, I’ve described most moves as if from the righthand side, and that’s the only way some clubs train, however, most people havetwo hands and could quite easily attack you with either or both so remember totrain for it.Now read on and enjoy your training. Don’t forget to warm yourselves upproperly before your train, get the blood flowing and get yourself stretched offproperly.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 7
  8. 8. Chapter 1 Basic StancesShort Fighting StanceThis is our most common stance, it can be seen as quite disarming and gives theappearance of submission, some call this the fence, it gives you a distancebetween you and your aggressor, as soon as they make contact with your leadhand you know exactly where they are, you can either back off and maintain thedistance or now you know where they are move in to a pre-emptive strike. Don’tforget the angle of that rear foot; it makes a difference to your mobility andpunching power.Front StanceIt has its uses, it is a very strong stance front to back, however, it is very weakside ways and unlike the short fighting stance it is not particularly mobile, youneed to move your weight quite a lot in order to change stance. Used a lot inKata.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 8
  9. 9. Back StanceBasically the reverse of the Front Stance.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 9
  10. 10. Horse StanceI’ve not yet found a practical use for this, primarily a Kata stance.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 10
  11. 11. Chapter 2 Basic StrikesBasic PrinciplesOk, hands and feet are important but you need to get the hips working, theywork independently of the rest of your body, look at golfers etc, when they takea shot or when you throw something your hips move forwards first and the armsare the last things to move, it’s exactly the same with a punch, the hips goforwards, this creates a tension/spring effect in the shoulder which then dragsyour arm through last, I’ll mention it again later but remember science lessons,F=MxA, Force = Mass X Acceleration, Force is what you are putting into theopponent, Mass is your fist which you can’t do anything about, so to increase theforce you need to increase the Acceleration, logical? This is where the hipsgenerating a spring effect combined with relaxation until the moment beforeimpact really comes into effect.There are a number of things to remember with strikes, don’t hit the pads, strikethrough the pad, the pad is just in the way, aim to make contact with your Ukebehind the pad, then in reality what you do is convert that to your Uke, andinstead of hitting Uke’s Sternum for example, you change your point of focus toUke’s spine aiming right through the chest, you’ll be amazed at the extra poweryou’ll generate.With the pads what you need to remember is put the power straight through thepad and out the back, don’t let the fist slide off the pad, you lose the power, itshould go straight out of the back.Last thing, with any strike, don’t straighten your arm or leg out, as you strikeyou risk hyper-extending your joint, it hurts a lot, avoid it, just keep a slightbend in the joint.Leading JabThis is one of our fastest strikes, it’s with the hand closest to your attacker, allyou do is move your weight forwards and strike out with your fist, for me thetarget would be the nose, this strike is primarily a distraction, you’re not goingto finish a fight with this strike, but it will tell you where your Uke is, and distracthim for a finisher. If it connects with the nose then you’ll be surprised at theresults, the eyes water, a lot, and if they can’t see you, they can’t see your otherhand coming in or you running in the other direction! Remember though, as youmove in with your jab, your other hand comes up, to guard your head, youreally need to protect that!White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 11
  12. 12. Right CrossUsing the basic principles move your hips forwards first then your shouldersmove with your hand the last thing to move and fire the punch straight, don’thook it, bringing your left hand up to protect your head from counter attack.Right HookBack to the hips again I’m afraid, you need to get those hips working fast andwhip the hand through, keep your hand vertical, little finger towards the ground,keeping your arm in a tight circular motion, the tendency is to let it loose and itjust makes it a wild looping haymaker, this is more like the punch of the un-educated on the street and is slow and predictable. Don’t over commit to thepunch, there’s a fine line between committed and over committed and the lattertakes you off balance and leaves you vulnerable if you miss.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 12
  13. 13. Front Snap KickThis is the jab of the kicking world; it’s a kick with the front foot. From yourshort fighting stance, the aim is to have a nice fast kick to the groin, kicking withyour toes pointing down so that the top of your foot is going in between Uke’slegs. You should be aiming to do this kick with no telegraphing, i.e. don’t moveyour shoulders, if your weight distribution is wrong then you need to move yourweight backwards so telling your opponent what you are going to do.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 13
  14. 14. Chapter 3 7th KYU White BeltSeniors1. Rolling, front, back, left and right side breakfalls2. 3 escapes from front strangles3. 3 escapes from back strangles4. Straight arm lock5. Shoulder lock6. Hip throw7. Recumbent ankle throw8. Rising, downward, cross, inside, outside blocks9. Punches - Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut10. Kicks - Front Snap, Side Snap11. Mat etiquetteJuniors1. Rolling, front, back, left and right side breakfalls2. 1 escape from front strangles3. 1 escape from back strangles4. Straight arm lock5. Shoulder lock6. Hip throw7. Rising, downward, cross, inside, outside locks8. Punches - Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut9. Mat etiquetteWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 14
  15. 15. Chapter 3 7th KYU White BeltRolling BreakfallMost likely to be used if you’re thrown over someone’s head or are tripped andhave the room to get back up and facing your opponent quickly.Like a forwards roll but instead of going straight over the front what you actuallydo is go over one shoulder, so step forwards on your left, your right hand isgoing to touch the mat first, rolling down your arm and along your back to yourleft hip and up to your left knee, keeping a right angle at the right knee withyour back straight, you are aiming for an L shape with your lower legs, fromthere you keep your feet where they are and pivot round on your feet anti-clockwise coming up into a short fighting stance.Front BreakfallMost likely used if pushed forwards or tripped with no room to roll or legs aretrapped. Some clubs do this with legs open almost in a star shape, this fromwhat I can gather comes from Judo, it aids stability, this I can’t argue with,however Judo is a sport, it has rules, on the street there aren’t any (or at leastnone that an attacker will abide by). On the street you will get a kick straight inbetween your legs so it’s better to close them.Fall forwards onto your fore-arms, hands flat, the only parts of your body totouch the ground are your fore-arms and your feet. From there you roll overonto your back, this enables you to see more of what is going on, protectyourself and get to your feet quicker and easier. Important - do not fall forwardsonto your hands and lower yourself down, doing this you risk damaging yourwrists with the likes of a scaphoid fracture.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 15
  16. 16. Back BreakfallGo backwards performing almost a curtsey to lower yourself down, (when youfirst start at least). Roll backwards along the curve of your spine, keep your chintucked onto your chest to protect the back of your head. As your shouldersreach the floor then spread your arms out to the side and slap the floor to stopyou going any further, you do not let your legs rise up too far; if they do you areexposing yourself for a kick to the coccyx and kidneys.Side BreakfallsThese are the most common breakfalls we use in Ju-JitsuTo start out with a right side breakfall, push you right leg across the front ofyour body, what this does is push you to the right, let it, let gravity pull youdown and relax, let your body almost crumple to the floor with your right armextended so that your shoulder is on the floor, and slap the floor. Important – donot land with your elbow on the floor. If you land on the concrete or woodenfloor this could well break your elbow, even doing it on mats, this really jarsyour shoulder, trust me I’ve done it!White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 16
  17. 17. Front Strangle EscapesAlways put one hand above the strangle!Left hand above Uke’s arms, step back on left at about a 65 degree angle into aback stance, hips pointing away in the same direction, at the same time bringthe right arm over the top of Uke’s arms keeping the arm straight, aiming totake Uke’s wrists off with your shoulder, as your arm comes down it traps Uke’shands to your chest, keep them there using your left hand whilst you push backoff your left leg and elbow Uke in the jaw, if too far away from them use bottomfist.Left hand above Uke’s arms, right uppercut to sternum/zyphoid process, use thesame punching arm to come across Uke’s body to take hold of the right arm atthe elbow from underneath, pull back across body into your body, at the sametime left palm heel across the jaw, pivot on right take left round and take Uke tothe floor, finish with a strike.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 17
  18. 18. Left hand above Uke’s arms, right uppercut to zyphoid process, then to jaw,keep arm going though the middle of Uke’s arms to take hold of Uke’s right handwith your right hand, put your left hand on to Uke’s right elbow and push up, atthe same time step through on your left leg into a front stance, keep your leftleg bent, back straight, with your left elbow push Uke’s shoulder down on to thetop of your thigh, with your left hand push down on to Uke’s elbow, eitherkeeping his arm straight or bending it forward, using your right hand take holdof Uke’s hand, apply a wrist lock using a two way twist and push in at the sametime.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 18
  19. 19. Back Strangle EscapesStep back and slightly to the left on left leg to close the distance to somethingyou want to work at, elbow back to sternum/solar plexus with right elbow thendrop hand down to punch in groin, keep hand moving round and behind Uke, (move left hand up to guard face) bring right arm up and over the top of Uke’sshoulder keeping it tight, take hold of own arm, then at the same time as youstep back on right pull down with your arms bringing Uke down to your centrepoint then finish with a knee to the head.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 19
  20. 20. Step back and slightly to the left on left leg to close the distance, elbow back tosternum/solar plexus then drop hand down to punch to the groin, keep handmoving round to the back of Uke and place hand on Uke’s back. With left handtake hold of Uke’s right arm, move your right leg across the front of both Uke’slegs keeping tight against them, then pivot on feet, twist your hips slightly to theleft and pull a bit on the arm, (if technique is right then very little pull isrequired) Once Uke is on the floor finish with arm bar and punch or drop yourknee into the floating ribs.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 20
  21. 21. Step forward on right foot, right hand comes across to guard face as you turn tothe left to look towards your attacker, left back fist to floating ribs, left handthen comes up and goes over the top of Uke’s arms, elbowing Uke in the jaw asyou bring your arm over the top then underneath both arms trapping themabove the elbow, bring your hands together in a praying position and push upcausing Uke to come to his toes, head butt, then pivoting on your left foot turnanti-clockwise push your hips through and hip throw Uke (give back one armduring training to avoid injury!) finish with a punch to the jaw. I’ll include a fewangles on this one as there’s quite a lot to it.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 21
  22. 22. Straight Arm LockStraight right hand punch to the stomach, left downwards block, move your hipsbackwards making sure you clear your body, at the same time you counterattack/weaken with a heavy palm heel strike to Uke’s clavicle with a combinedforward and downward strike. (Done right this can in itself be devastating,underneath this you have the sub-clavian artery, at the right angle this strikecan break the clavicle and cause it to splinter and puncture the sub-clavianartery causing internal bleeding and potentially death) slide your right handdown Uke’s right arm, ensure your fingers are on the inside of the arm, thumbon the outside, this is so that if Uke starts to pull their arm back then you canstart to feel them move and close your grip, you have two natural handles whichwill help to stop the arm coming out, the elbow and the wrist. As your right handreaches the wrist then pivot on your left foot and keeping a circular motion goingpull your right foot back so you face the same way as Uke as your left handcomes round for a roundhouse palm heel to Uke’s jaw. Follow through with thestrike then pull back with a left elbow strike into Uke’s upper right shoulder, Lu2for you pressure point lovers! Leave the elbow there, pull up on Uke’s arm andround in a clockwise circular motion, this gives you room to get your left armunderneath Uke’s reach up and take hold of your own arm or Gi keep it tight.Position your arm with the Ulna up just above Uke’s elbow, if you like pressurepoints you’re looking for TW10, if you prefer anatomical then the tricep tendon.Some points work by direct pressure some with a rub, this is a rub point, so asyou press down with your right hand applying the lock apply a rubbing motionwith your Ulna into TW10, really increases the pain factor. Remember, squeezeit on slowly in training, get all the little bits right and you’ll be amazed howeasily this goes on, obviously in reality you’d just crank it on and snap the arm!White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 22
  23. 23. Shoulder LockRight hand punch to the stomach, countered with a left downwards block, moveyour hips backwards making sure you clear your body, at the same time youcounter attack/weaken with a heavy palm heel strike to Uke’s clavicle with acombined forward and downward strike. Push the right hand over the top, carrythe left hand through and pull the left knife hand into Uke’s tricep and pullacross your body, put your left hand on top of your right hand, pivot round onyour left foot pulling round in a circular motion, as you turn then pull Uke’sshoulder into your stomach, this is your centre, your hara, this is where you arestrong, and in this position Uke is weak. As you have turned then your right legshould be drawn back, use this and finish with a knee to the head.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 23
  24. 24. Hip ThrowFrom a right punch to the head.Inside block, pivoting slightly on your feet away from the punch, almost pushingthe punch away from you then fold the hand over and keep hold of the arm, pulldown on it to break Uke’s balance. Step in/across on the leading (left) foot, bigtoes should be almost touching with your foot in between Uke’s feet. Weakener,punch to the solar plexus area, now using the momentum a fast pivot isrequired, keeping the body low as you spin round anti-clockwise on your left footstrike with the palm heel to the hip and continue the hand moving round theback of the body to rest on the back. Keep low, your centre of balance must bebelow Uke’s and your feet must be together in between Uke’s feet with yourbody directly in front of Uke body facing in the same direction. Pull Uke down onto your hips, as your knees are bent keeping your body low you should have hislegs straight whilst yours are bent so the simple act of straightening your legstakes his off the floor then pull on the arm so Uke lands at a 90 degree angleacross your feet, step forward slightly on your left keeping hold of the arm andfinish with a simple arm bar and strike.Release and step back in to your fighting stance until Uke comes to his feet.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 24
  25. 25. Recumbent AnkleRight hand punch to the head, two beat outside block, left hand side breakfallkeeping hold of Uke’s right hand. As you go down place your lead foot, in thiscase, your left, over the top of Uke’s lead foot and lock the ankle out at a rightangle. With your right foot kick through Uke’s knee, this will push Uke back andto the side if you locked your ankle out you will also have a minor lock on Uke’sankle. Push yourself up and over onto your left knee on all fours, then with yourright foot kick back through Uke’s groin. (for you pressure point lovers instead ofkicking through the knee lift your target and kick through Spleen10)White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 25
  26. 26. BlocksAll these will be described as form a right punch. A key point to note aboutpunches, it sounds obvious, but it’s the bit at the end of the arm that hurts, thehand, get inside it and it can’t hurt you.Easier said than done, it takes a lot of practise to have the confidence to moveinto a strike.Rising Block Against An Overhead StrikeMoving into a front-stance bring your left arm vertically straight up your centre,as you reach the arm coming down you flick out with your elbow creating astrike into the attackers arm. For me it works better if you aim above your Uke’selbow into the tricep tendon. If you go lower then you are striking against Uke’sforearm, bone against bone, this is going to hurt both of you and that is notgood.Downward Block Against A Punch To The StomachThere are two of these blocks, the first one you move into a back stance andsweep your left arm down in a circular motion diverting the strikes energy andmore importantly its direction away from youThe second downward block is more of a strike, as the punch comes in you moveyour hips back and come with your forearm horizontal and strike to Uke’sforearm, again for you pressure point lovers you are aiming to Lu5, as you makecontact you pull your arm towards you in a C motionWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 26
  27. 27. Cross Block Against A Right Punch To The HeadSurprisingly enough, there are two of these as well, a kata one and a realisticthrow block. The kata one is with either hand (quite often the lead hand) but asthe strike comes in it moves across your body with the forearm vertical andperforms a strike to Uke’s forearm ensuring you finish clearing the bodyThe second block is a very good block if you want to do a throw from a hookedpunch. Not the best block to do against a straight punch. So you start off inopposite stance, i.e. if Uke is punching with the right and have their left legforward then you have your right leg forward,White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 27
  28. 28. Inside BlockThis is the most common block you use. As the right punch comes in to the headyou move your weight over your back leg, a back stance, this is for two reasonsprimarily – it moves your head off-line from the punch (the most importantthing) and it gives you more time to get your hand inside the punch and strikeinto Uke’s arm with a knife hand, then fold your hand over the top of Uke’s armtrapping it.Pay attention to where on Uke’s arm you strike – some people just say strike thearm that’s all it needs. I disagree; if you strike too high then the right forearmwill continue round and hit you. Too low on the forearm and the force you arestopping is increased and you are hitting bone. Aim for either Lung 5 or the tipof the bicep nearest the inner elbow, keep your elbow up and this stops Uke’sfist continuing on to strike you!White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 28
  29. 29. Outside BlockWell talk through this one from a right punch to the stomach. As the punchcomes in, keep your left foot in position and pivot on it taking your right footbackwards and round in a large circular motion, at the same time you performan outside block, pushing the attacking hand away and taking hold of the hand.The other block is a two beat block, one of the best punches I’ve used against astraight punch to the head! As usual I’ll describe it from the right punch to thehead. Receiving the punch you are in a left short fighting stance, your left handup in front of your face guarding and closest to your attacker, as the punchcomes in your left hand pushes it away from your centre line, not by a lot, all itneeds is to clear your head, if you push it too far then you lose control andcontact, if it’s not far enough, you get hit! As you divert the strike, with your lefthand at Uke’s wrist you step forwards and to the outside of Uke, this takes a lotof practise to develop the confidence to step into it. After the punch is divertedyour right hand comes up underneath your left hand to keep contact with Uke,place your hand on to Uke’s attacking arm above the elbow and then slide yourhand down to the wrist, the reason for this is basically, once you have contact,keep it, you know where Uke is and if you’re relaxed enough then you can feelwhat Uke is doing through his/her arm. If they start to pull the arm back youcan feel it and close your grip stopping it moving all the way back. It sounds alot and when you first do it it feels very strange, however there are drills you cando and should do again and again and you will feel a lot more comfortable withthem and as I say it’s an excellent block against a straight punch.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 29
  30. 30. Chapter 4 6th KYU Yellow BeltSenior1. Hip throw into shoulder arm lock2. Hip throw into cross over arm lock3. 3 defences against kicks to the head whilst on the ground4. 3 arm locks from a standing position5. Shoulder arm lock (advanced)6. 3 Wrist locks from a push7. Body drop8. Wrist throw with lock9. Reclining leg throw with strikes10. 4 breaks from ground strangles11. Break from hair grabs12. 3 breaks from wrist grabs13. Palm heel, knife hand, ridge hand & elbow strikes14. Front, side and roundhouse kicks.Junior1. Hip throw into shoulder arm lock2. Hip throw into cross over arm lock3. 2 defences against kicks to the head whilst on the ground4. 3 arm locks from a standing position5. Shoulder arm lock (advanced)6. Body drop7. Reclining leg throw with strikes8. 3 breaks from ground strangles9. Break from hair grabs10. 1 breaks from wrist grabs11. Palm heel, knife hand, ridge hand & elbow strikes12. Front, side and roundhouse kicks.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 30
  31. 31. Chapter 4 6th KYU Yellow BeltHip Throw Into Shoulder Arm LockOk, so by now you’re good at hip throw, or you should be capable of it otherwisewhy have you gone past White?! You should already know then that you arekeeping hold of the punching arm as you throw them, now your finish changes.Assuming they are punching with the right hand you are going to pull up on theright arm so they are on their side, your right leg goes over the top of them andyou pull your foot back to kick into the solar plexus area with your heel, leaveyour foot there nice and tight. Keeping it tight slide your left knee down theirshoulder, starting at the top and all the way across their shoulder blades keepingit tight, this is important, it makes it uncomfortable for them and that combinedwith your foot in the solar plexus means they have nowhere to go, take yourfoot out and they can quite easily wriggle out of this. With your left hand nowslide it across the top of Uke’s arm then back underneath forming a fig 4 lock,your right hand now strikes into Uke’s shoulder and stays there, your left handtakes hold of your right forearm. To apply the lock you do two things, yousqueeze your arms together and at the same time keeping your back straightyou push forwards with your hips.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 31
  32. 32. Hip Throw Into Cross Over Arm LockThis is also known as step over arm lock. So, hip throw again, pull up on thepunching arm again, this time with your right foot you kick into the ribs andleave your foot there.(Some clubs do this differently and this foot goes over thetop, I don’t like it that way, it’s too easy for Uke to turn and face you, so startingto attack you, this way they have to roll up your leg if they want to turn) Withyour left foot you now stamp through Uke’s face/throat, sounds nasty, and itwould be. Pull your left foot back into Uke’s throat now you are going to sit downwith your backside as close to Uke’s shoulder as possible, when you go downyou go down at a 45 degree angle to Uke going out above their head. With theirelbow on or above your leg you pull back now on Uke’s trapped arm over yourright thigh, as you do this you squeeze your knees together and raise your hipsoff the ground, Note: keep your shoulders back and resting on the ground. Alsosqueeze it on, if you just pull back in training then you’ll damage your partner,it’s surprising how quickly it goes on if you get all the bits right.You’ve not finished, remember this is a practical martial art not a sport and inreality people bite! Your calf is very close to Uke’s mouth, reach down with yourleft hand, put your fingers underneath Uke’s jaw at the front, as you pull upkeeping the mouth closed the heel of your hand should fall nicely onto Uke’snose, press it down it’s very uncomfortable and restricts breathing.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 32
  33. 33. 3 Defences Against Kicks To The Head Whilst On The GroundAs you’re just getting used to these then let’s start off with a couple of things.You are going to be on your side guarding, Uke should come in kicking you inthe head with the outside leg (i.e. the leg nearest your head) as you get betterthen you are able to deal with either leg.A big thing, do not just put your hands up and try to block a kick with yourforearms, it will hurt! You have got a big leg bone coming towards you at greatspeed and you are going to try and stop it with your little forearms, which doyou think will win?!! This is force against force and not what we do in Ju-Jitsu,remember, it’s the gentle art. As you meet the attacking leg, divert the energydown and into you, you absorb the energy, hooking your hands round the backof Uke’s leg to trap it and squeezing your forearms in to the leg.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 33
  34. 34. This block/trap is the same for all 3 attacks.After the block, your left hand comes up with a palm heel strike to Uke’s Patellaon the attacking leg, strike upwards at a 45 degree angle aiming to displace theknee cap. Keep the momentum going up rising up then bring your left handdown and place your fist on the floor tight at the back of Uke’s foot, pushingforwards with your left shoulder push Uke to the floor. (In reality, they’dprobably be there already; you’ve just taken out their knee cap!) Continue to rollup their body and as you turn drive your right elbow back into their Groin and aback fist into Uke’s sternum.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 34
  35. 35. After the block, bring your bottom leg, in this case your right leg up towardsyour chest, what you are aiming for is your right foot to cross Uke’s right foot,lock your ankle out, with your left foot kick through Uke’s knee, if you likepressure points then you can use your big toe or the ball of your foot and kickthrough Spl10 on the inside of the thigh about 10cm above the knee. Roll overonto your right knee and driving back with your left foot kick through Uke’sgroin. This should sound familiar, its recumbent ankle throw.After the block, bring your right foot up towards your chest and over Uke’sankle. Your left leg comes up and over so it is behind Uke’s leg, kick back intothe back of Uke’s knee and leave your foot there, as Uke falls forward, roll overonto your left side keeping at 90 degrees to Uke, leave your foot on the back ofUke’s knee, take hold of the trapped foot and push forwards with the toestowards Uke’s head.(Many people miss this part out and then wonder why theystruggle to push themselves up into a kneeling position) Pushing the toesforwards gives you the room to get up, otherwise you are pushing against hisleg which if he is strong he is quite capable of resisting or at least making it a lotmore difficult. Once you have your gap come up to a kneeling position on yourleft knee with your back straight, bring your right foot round and place it onWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 35
  36. 36. Uke’s left side in front of your knee, either finish in a stance looking for what’snext or reaching forwards with your right hand over the top of Uke’s head, Iwant you to think of a bowling ball, and his eye sockets are those little holes foryour fingers!! Pull back towards you. In training go careful, your Uke may like tokeep his sight, if so just use the top of the eye socket (there’s some very nicepressure points there) also be careful and ease the head back in training, youdon’t want to pop it.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 36
  37. 37. 3 Arm Locks From A Standing PositionFrom a right handed over head downwards strike, step in on your left foot andit’s a rising block with the left, flick your left forearm into Uke’s tricep tendon,it’s important that you aim for this point, it means that you are above Uke’selbow, on the soft part, closer in to Uke and inside the part that hurts, if Uke hasa weapon then you make sure your head is underneath your arm and you are ina front stance. With your right elbow bring it through with a strike to Uke’s ribs,carry on through with the strike and your right hand then goes underneath Uke’sarm and then pull it backwards and strike into the top of Uke’s elbow with aridge hand strike, this bends the elbow, fold in Uke’s hand towards Uke, andtake hold of the forearm with your right hand, to apply the lock you pivot at theforearm and push your arm away from you. Watch the angles, if Uke’s arm goesin too close to Uke’s head then it’s not quite as painful and easier for Uke to getout of. Push it out away from Uke at about 75 degrees. For a better look see thephotos.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 37
  38. 38. From a right hand punch to the head, as the punch comes in, step forwards andto the left at 45 degrees as you perform a two beat outside block, keep hold ofthe right wrist and with the left hand strike inside the right elbow fromunderneath with a ridge hand strike. Pull the right elbow into your left arm pit,not deep in but this stops the elbow raising and also slipping out. This lock wecall chicken wing and is finished by pulling the hand downwards into theforearm. Keep your fingers out of the wrist joint as this restricts the movement.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 38
  39. 39. Ok, I’ve got a few little tricks for you now and this is where I give you a headstart, it’s taken me years for to pick up all these sorts of little tricks and I’mgoing to pass them on to you now. Some people are very flexible and can gettheir hands right down, however I will get a tap out of anyone with these littletweaks. Don’t just pull the hand in, apply a twist as well, twist the handdownwards in the direction of the little finger, if that doesn’t work then with youleft hand underneath take hold of the trapped hands index finger, with your righthand take hold of the trapped hands little finger, pull them apart, this hurts.Now my personal favourite, bend the little finger inwards with the tip of the littlefinger pointing in towards the knuckle and squeeze it on, this doesn’t sound likemuch but it’s a nasty pain.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 39
  40. 40. From a punch to the stomach the start is the straight arm lock from white belt.As you perform a downwards block clearing the body perform a heavy palm heelstrike to the right clavicle, the right hand slides down the arm towards the wristwith the fingers on the inside of Uke’s arm, take hold of the arm, pivot on theleft foot, and at the same time the left hand palm heels Uke’s jaw and carries onthrough and then strike backwards with the elbow into the shoulder, Uke thenstrikes with his free hand, block with the left and pull the arm underneath Uke’sown to continue with the straight arm lock. Ok simple so far, it starts to get alittle more complex now, and this is where the photos and the video clips herereally benefit. Un-wrap the arms and then step forwards with your right andpivot again on the left the right foot then goes through and in front of Uke’s left,lifting Uke’s left arm, pull Uke’s right hand up into Uke’s left arm pit and pushdownwards into the arm pit, you can let go of the right hand now, your rightelbow pushes onto his shoulder the right hand pushes onto and forward on hisWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 40
  41. 41. elbow at the same time pull up on the left wrist, twisting the wrist towards thelittle finger and fingers towards the forearm. This we call triple lock, as you areapplying a lock in three places the wrist elbow and shoulder. Sounds complicatedand the video should help, it is a very effective lock and very practical as well.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 41
  42. 42. Shoulder Arm Lock And Advanced Shoulder Arm LockShoulder Arm LockFrom a right punch to the head, it’s an inside block with a right hand palm heelto the clavicle, push forwards and over the top of Uke’s right arm, above theelbow, reach round and underneath the arm to take hold of your own right arm,you apply the lock by squeezing together and applying pressure with your leftforearm into Uke’s tricep and simultaneous pressure downwards on Uke’sforearm. If you want an extra tweak to this one then push downwards with yourright fingers into Uke’s shoulder, your fingers go down inside of the clavicle inbetween the bone and the trapezius muscle, you’ve got some nice little pointsunder there and if the Uke is susceptible then they will really squirm.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 42
  43. 43. Advanced Shoulder Arm LockThis is from a single grab to the collar from the rear and a punch to the head.Step forward and block the punch with both hands, with the right hand take holdof Uke’s punching wrist. With your arm closest to Uke’s back elbow to Uke’s jawand carry on through with the strike, reach over Uke’s arm that has hold of yourcollar, this is the key part, your arm wants to be as high up Uke’s arm as youcan and as tight as you can. Now your arm is underneath Uke’s with plentyspare, you can push Uke’s other arm across the front of both your bodies butlower, you than reach your left over the top of Uke’s punching arm and trap it in,you now have both of Uke’s arms wrapped up and you have one free, with yourfree hand push back under Uke’s jaw as the finish.3 Wrist Locks From A PushSome key points for these moves. Don’t worry if you miss the first one, they’relike buses - you can guarantee another will be along shortly.You do not just stand there and meet these things, if you let the push just comein and hit you then the bigger stronger person is going to win, remember this isthe gentle art. Let’s assume that these are going to be a right push coming intoyour left shoulder or even the middle, as the push comes in then step back withyour left foot, your left hand comes up and covers the attacking hand, holding itto your chest, you’ve got them, don’t let them get away from you now, at thesame time as you step back and trap the hand strike into Uke’s attackingforearm (pressure point lovers - Lu5), this brings Uke’s head forward so you canknock it back again with a back fist.Above is the start to all of these moves, what follows are the different finishes.With your right hand reach down and take hold of Uke’s trapped wrist and turn itclockwise so that the back of Uke’s hand turns into your left shoulder, pull onUke’s wrist tighten the hand into your shoulder and hold with your right hand.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 43
  44. 44. With your left hand push up on Uke’s elbow putting a bend in the arm, then pulldown keeping the bend in the arm, this bend adds the twist to the wrist, becareful, these locks go on a lot quicker than you would expect.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 44
  45. 45. With your right hand reach over and take hold of Uke’s trapped hand keepingthe palm of your hand to the back of Uke’s hand. Pull Uke’s hand over to thecentre of your body, keeping the little finger upwards, put your hands togetherto enclose Uke’s trapped hand, personally I like to use my fingers and pull onthe pad of the hand just under the little finger to open the hand out rather thancrunching the hand, I find that I get a better lock on the wrist this way. Fromthis position you apply the lock with either a straight or bent arm - it doesn’treally make a difference but I prefer to keep the arm straight, when I amteaching to younger students I tell them to leave their index finger open andthen imagine they are pointing straight down Uke’s centre-line and to step backon the right leg at the same time, this really applies the lock and you also haveyour leg back ready to finish with a kick to the head.Simpler one, take hold of Uke’s trapped hand and move it into your stomach inthe centre, keeping Uke’s fingers vertical, hold into your stomach and cup yourhands underneath Uke’s elbow, apply the lock by pulling up on the elbow intoyour centre. Be careful again, I’ve seen a slim girl do this move on a heavilybuilt 6’4” guy and have him screaming! No effort at all.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 45
  46. 46. Body DropFor this description we’ll do it from a right punch to the head.Normally we start these moves in a left stance, left leg and left hand leading,this time we go in with a cross block, so for a practical cross block, we have ourright foot forward and the right hand as the leading hand, the right hand strikesto Uke’s bicep, the left comes up to the inside of Uke’s forearm this stops the fistswinging round and striking you as you stop the upper arm moving. As aweakener perform a backfist strike to Uke’s right ribs, (for you pressure pointpeople, you are going for the Liver/gall bladder cross over point) keep the handmoving and put your right hand behind Uke’s back. With your left hand take holdof Uke’s right arm, your left leg comes behind your right and moves so it is justin front of Uke’s left foot, move your right leg across the front of both Uke’s legskeeping tight against them, then pivot on feet, twist your hips slightly to the leftand pull a bit on the arm, (if your technique is right then very little pull isrequired) Once Uke is on the floor finish with arm bar and punch or drop kneeinto the floating ribs.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 46
  47. 47. White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 47
  48. 48. Wrist Throw With Lock.We’ll talk through this one from a right punch to the stomach. As the punchcomes in, keep your left foot in position and pivot on it taking your right footbackwards and round in a large circular motion, at the same time you performan outside block, pushing the attacking hand away and taking hold of the hand,once you’ve taken the foot back in a quarter circle stop, open up the left footgiving you room to get your hips through for a roundhouse kick to the sternum,after the kick, put your foot down in between your left and Uke, closing thedistance down, put your right hand onto the back of Uke’s trapped hand. Somepeople do this with their thumbs into the back of the hand, I prefer to do itcovering the back of the hand with my palm, pushing over the top and towardsUke’s little finger at the same time, go careful, if done properly this is designedto snap the wrist. As you push over with the hand take your left foot backwardsin a quarter circle. Once Uke is down the lock you perform is not really practicalbut does hurt, what you are looking for is a 90 degree angle at the shoulder,with the right arm going out to the side, then a 90 degree angle at the elbowwith the forearm going upwards from Uke’s head, then you put Uke’s hand downpalm flat on the floor, this needs to be kept flat, so to help you can put yourknee down on the back of Uke’s hand, as an added benefit, it hurts a lot! Toapply the lock push down on the elbow. Some people are very flexible in thewrist and so can get the elbow right down to the floor, this is where the knee onthe back of the hand goes, to get a tap from your Uke, just grind a little withyour knee on the back of the hand!White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 48
  49. 49. Reclining Leg Throw With strikes.From an overhead strike to the head, you perform a left rising block, at thesame time you step in with your right leg so that your right shin goes over thetop of Uke’s left foot, with your right hand reach across the front of Uke’s rightleg and then put your fist down on the floor keeping it tight to the back of Uke’sleg, keeping the leg where it is push back with your shoulder into Uke pushingthem backwards, there’s the throw, here’s where the strikes come in. slide inbetween Uke’s legs and strike in with your right side into Uke’s groin, with theright elbow strike to the Solar Plexus, then a right downwards palm heel to thesternum, leaving it there and push yourself up to your right knee. With yourleft hand take hold of Uke’s right leg and push over the top of your head, bringyour left foot round and stand on Uke’s right arm, stopping them moving, withyour right hand finish with a right leopard strike to the throat.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 49
  50. 50. 4 Breaks From Ground Strangles.From the mount, (this is where Uke’s legs are on either side of your body) withUke strangling you. First thing to remember - like any strangle always get onehand above the attacker’s arms. If they’re going to strangle you then they’re notreally that nice and you never know what else they’ll do. So let’s say that you’vejust put your left hand above the attack, so it’s above Uke’s right arm, nowreach across and put it under their left arm, put your right hand onto their leftelbow and you’re going to do three things at once now, you’re going to pull yourleft elbow down pulling Uke down and into you, (and as you’ve trapped theirright arm they’ve nothing to stop themselves falling to the side) push across onthe left elbow with your right hand and raise your hips off the floor, this pushesUke forwards as well as to the side, keep them going until you are on top of Uke.Finish with a choke of your own, I like to slide one arm underneath Uke’s neck toact as a base, the other hand reach across Uke’s throat and drop your forearminto Uke’s throat grab hold of your own arms and squeeze.From the guard, (this is where Uke is in between your legs) the same rules applyin that you get one hand above the attack, so your left hand goes over the top,your right strikes into the lymph nodes under the armpit. Then comes upthrough in between Uke’s arms and takes a strong hold of Uke’s right hand.Whilst all this is going on your left leg bends and your foot plants on the ground,you then pivot on your leg and push your hips out to the left to enable you toput your right foot on top of Uke’s left knee. Now you are going to do somemore things simultaneously, you are now going to push out with your right foot,and pull across your body with your right hand, pulling the trapped hand across.So Uke should now be face down to your right on top of your right leg and youhave hold of their left arm. Keep your right elbow on the floor, your forearmneeds to be vertical (there is a reason that you’ll see in a minute). Roll over ontoyour right side and push over Uke’s head with your left leg, still keeping yourright forearm vertical, now you need to put your left ankle under Uke’s throatyou can even force your foot through or lift Uke’s head up using the eye socketsor hair, Uke’s arm should now be suspended on your arm at the wrist and yourleg should be on top of Uke’s elbow. To apply the lock roll forwards applyingWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 50
  51. 51. more pressure on to Uke’s arm, this is why you need to have your forearmvertical, if you have an angle then as you apply downwards pressure your armwould give way and the arm would just go to the ground this way you cansupport it and apply the lock.From a side mount position (Uke is knelt to one side of your body stranglingyou). For this one and the sake of descriptions Uke is knelt to your left handside, your right hand goes above the attack, your left hand comes in with athumb strike to the xyphoid process (the small finger of bone that protrudesdownwards from the bottom of the sternum protecting the heart) this done rightcauses Uke to arch backwards away, your left knee comes up into the gapcreated now between Uke’s right arm and their ribs, take hold of Uke’s left armas your right leg goes over the top of Uke’s head, push backwards with your legsand take Uke into a cross over arm lock.I can never imagine anyone strangling you from this position but it’s on thesyllabus so I teach it. Uke is knelt above your head looking down your body,they are using both hands to strangle you. If they are big then there is a chancethat you may not be able to reach up as far as necessary, if you want to bringUke closer to you then bring both hands up and inside of Uke’s arms then strikeWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 51
  52. 52. outwards at the elbow brining them in, then the weakener is a double strike tothe ears, this is with fingers together and a cupped hand, (I’ve heard somepeople say you do this with fingers open and some say you do it with a back fist,I don’t believe it) what you are doing is perforating the ear drums, you do thisby forcing air down into the ear. Take hold of the ear and then with the indexfinger push into the pressure point at the joint of jaw (TW17). Pull Uke forwardsand drive your knee onto the top of Uke’s head, turn Uke over on to their backand finish with a hammer fist strike to the nose.Break From Hair GrabWhat we are working against this time is a one handed grab of the hair. If thishappens then the first thing to be aware of is that a punch is quite likely tofollow. Block, then put both hands on top of Uke’s hand that is grabbing yourhair, the hand that is next to Uke’s clench into a fist, drive your knuckles intothe back of Uke’s hand and pull down with the top hand, stoop forwards slightlyand lush forwards, this pushes Uke’s arm up, as it starts to go this way thenyou’ll be able to start to straighten your legs a bit and push up making it evenmore uncomfortable for Uke. Assuming that Uke is attacking with their righthand then you are going to step under the arm and pivot anti-clockwise, thisputs a twist on the arm, you should have Uke’s arm behind them and bent uptheir back, push your right hand in between Uke’s back and arm and reach ashigh up as you can.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 52
  53. 53. Uke tends to try and bend forwards now to ease the pain, dig your fingers intothe trapezius and pull Uke back up and towards you again, with your left handreach across the front of Uke with your forearm across Uke’s throat, take hold ofyour own hands and squeeze, this tightens up the arms and cuts off the airsupply.Breaks From Wrist Grabs.OK the basics, what’s the natural instinct if someone grabs your wrist? You pullit back, and that’s what your attacker is going to expect, on each of these youdo something different to what they are expecting, remember, if Uke pulls youpush, if they push you pull and also the rotational principles of Ju-Jitsu.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 53
  54. 54. Double Wrist Grab.In a big circular movement bring your hands outwards and up in one cleanmovement, what you are going to do is smack the back of Uke’s hands together,it’s not what they are expecting and it hurts like hell.This next one is, if anything else even simpler, bring your hands up to look atyour palms, then push them away and down, pointing your fingers over the topof Uke’s forearms. This is a very simple dis-engagement.There’s a lot more but this time I am looking for a technical one:Bring your right hand up and point Uke’s hand palm up then smash it down sothat the back of Uke’s hand hits down on to the top of Uke’s thumb of the otherhand so loosening both grips, now with your lower hand you’re going to twistyour hand round and take hold of the pad of Uke’s thumb and pull down, turnyour top hand palm down and push on the top of Uke’s hand (the one you’vejust pulled on the thumb of) you should be familiar with this now, it’s the wristthrow described earlier.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 54
  55. 55. From a cross wrist grab. (Lets work on right takes right) put your left hand ontop of Uke’s grabbing hand, holding Uke’s hand on top of your wrist so they can’tget away. Put your fingers on top of Uke’s arm, you are both in the sameposition now so distract them with a kick to the knee and the lock is applied bypushing into and over Uke’s wrist with your little finger, it’s pretty much like thewrist lock from a push where you point down Uke’s centre line. Finish with a kickto the head.From the same side wrist grab, (Let’s work with right grabs left) same principles,as mentioned earlier, expect a punch to be coming in, block it. Reachunderneath the trapped hands and take hold of Uke’s thumb. From here themove is wrist throw with lock which you should have perfected by now.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 55
  56. 56. White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 56
  57. 57. StrikesPalm HeelTake note of my fingers in this photo, I have my fingers bent, that’s just mypersonal preference, you can also do it and some of the classical Ju-Jitsuinstructors will probably say I’m wrong and the fingers should be straight, so beit, I just prefer it this way, it doesn’t make it any less of a palm heel.Knife HandThis is a strike with the outside of the hand performed either fore or backhand,however like any other strike the real power comes from the hips.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 57
  58. 58. Ridge HandAgain, I’ll probably upset some people here with the position of my hand, somesay you must have your thumb protruding to the outside of the hand, I’ve triedit that way but don’t like it, you hit something solid it is going to hurt, tuck yourthumb in:And it’s going to hurt a lot less if you do hit something solid! Power like always isgenerated with the hips and a flicking motion from the elbow.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 58
  59. 59. ElbowThis is a really close range weapon, and really under-rated, I have found thatwomen really like using this weapon especially, not being sexist but quite oftenthe wrists are smaller and can’t take the same impact, but this weapon takesthat out of the equation. However to really generate that power more thanpunching you need to get those hips working, move them first independently ofthe rest of your body, let them pull your elbow through, turn the back of yourhand to your chest. This flattens out the elbow and points the bit that hurts toyour Uke.KicksAll these kicks are with the rear leg, but to enable these to work you need to payattention to the front foot, open the gate. What I mean by that is turn your leadfoot out, in this case point your lead foot to the left. What this does is open upthe hips to allow the right leg to come through more and put more power intothe pad/Uke. Keep your hands up guarding, it’s no good having your hands byyour sides, your Uke’s still got hands and legs! Lift your knee before you kickand remember that force equals mass * acceleration. Force you aim to put in toWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 59
  60. 60. the Uke and mass is your leg, you can’t alter that, so in order to put more forcein to the kick you need to increase the acceleration of the leg, its science, youcan’t argue with that!!Front KickFor this open the gate a little to allow the hips to come straight through, lift yourknee and point it at the target, pull the toes back and strike with the ball of thefoot, you flick out with your lower leg from the knee, this is where you generatethe acceleration then for that last little bit of oomph, just as you make contactpush through with the hips. I used to place more emphasis on the hips and lesson the lower leg but after training with a Shukokai Karate guy I realised that Iwas making it a push, admittedly a painful one which does have its uses, thisway you have all the power exploding inside the Uke and dropping them straightdown. (Apologies for the lack of impact, I forgot the big pad and thought I’dbeen nasty enough to Brian for one day!)Side KickFor this one open your front foot up more than you did for the front kick, bringyour rear leg up and point your knee at the target with your foot held back atyour left knee then flick it through to the target, (Uke’s knee maybe!) strikingwith the outside edge of your foot. To get the right angle, pull up with your bigtoe and push down with your little toe then push through the target with yourheel, sounds weird and feels weird, at first.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 60
  61. 61. Roundhouse KickSome real power and impressive impact can be achieved with this one, againopen the gate, bring your knee up and point it at the target, keeping your lowerleg at the angle you want the foot to go in at, this is important, then flick outwith the lower leg generating that acceleration, a common fault with this kick ispeople don’t have the flexibility in the hips to kick high keeping the leghorizontal so they left the leg keeping the lower leg angled down, the problemwith this is that when you flick your leg out it’s going to be going up and all thepower is going to glance off your Uke, that’s no good, you want all that powergoing into your Uke. So if you can’t kick high then don’t, and what’s more, don’tworry about it, if they’ve got no legs they can’t stand up and hit you!!White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 61
  62. 62. White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 62
  63. 63. Chapter 5 5th KYU Orange BeltSenior1. Half shoulder throw2. Full shoulder throw3. Leg throw with lock4. Dropping version of a full shoulder throw5. Crab claw scissors throw6. Sweeping loin throw7. Drawing ankle throw8. Inside hock9. Cross hock10. Stamp throw11. Escape when held over/under arms, front12. Escape when held over/under arms, rear13. Bar choke14. Strangles and chokes 1-815. 3 escapes from head chancery16. Hold down double arm lock17. Back hammer lock18. ResuscitationJunior1. Half shoulder throw2. Leg throw with lock3. Dropping version of a full shoulder throw4. Crab claw scissors throw5. Sweeping loin throw6. Drawing ankle throw7. Inside hock8. Cross hock9. Stamp throw10. Escape when held over/under arms, front11. Escape when held over/under arms, rear12. 2 escapes from head chancery13. Hold down double arm lock14. Back hammer lockWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 63
  64. 64. Chapter 5 5th KYU Orange BeltHalf ShoulderFrom a right hand punch to the head, you are going to do a cross block, we haveour right foot forward and the right hand as the leading hand, the right handstrikes to Uke’s bicep, the left comes up to the inside of Uke’s forearm - thisstops the fist swinging round and striking you as you stop the upper armmoving. As a weakener perform a backfist strike to Uke’s right ribs,(for youpressure point people, you are going for the Liver/gall bladder cross over point)keep the hand moving and it comes underneath Uke’s attacking arm and thenyou perform a ridge hand strike to Uke’s tricep. Your left hand keeps hold ofUke’s wrist and then you keep the upper arm where it is and push backwardswith your left putting on a mild arm bar. Although this is called ½ shoulder it’sactually from the hip throw family, so as you performed the block you shouldhave stepped in a bit with the right foot so that it is near Uke’s right foot, (that’sjust a bit of a short cut I’ll pass on to you now, saves more foot movement lateron) now bring back your left foot so that your feet are together in between Uke’sfeet and yours are together, bend your knees and pull Uke forward on to yourback, so that your legs are bent and Uke’s are straight. Straighten your legs topull Uke off the ground, pull round on Uke’s trapped arm so that Uke falls acrossyour feet, that’s the throw, for a finish you are going to perform a cricket batlock. So step forwards with your left leg so that it goes forwards in front of Uke’shead, point Uke’s fingers to the ceiling with their elbow up drop your right kneeon to their head as you push down with your right on the elbow and pull up onthe wrist with your left. (I’ll always remember being on a course with SenseiTerry Wall when I was a yellow belt and he took us through this move, he was abig guy, lots of practical experience, excellent guy, basically his words were,”don’t bother with any of this poncing around holding it, just get in there pushthrough and snap it then walk off!” In reality you may well do something likethat but in the dojo you’ll soon run out of partners)White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 64
  65. 65. Full ShoulderFrom a right hand punch to the head, you are going to do a cross block, we haveour right foot forward and the right hand as the leading hand, the right handstrikes to Uke’s bicep, the left comes up to the inside of Uke’s forearm this stopsthe fist swinging round and striking you as you stop the upper arm moving. As aweakner perform a backfist strike to Uke’s jaw, push your right elbow throughand underneath Uke’s punching arm pushing the bone up into the tricep pullingdown on Uke’s trapped wrist.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 65
  66. 66. Putting a lock on, obviously from here it’s really easy to just snap the arm, theproblem then is it becomes all floppy and makes it difficult to do the throw! OK,so to the throw, your left foot stays in front of Uke, almost in his centre, yourright leg goes down Uke’s right side, as far back as you can, the key to this morethan any other really is you need to get your centre of gravity lower than Uke’s.You can do the throw keeping Uke’s trapped arm straight but until you are goodthen it’s probably safer to allow it to bend. Pull forwards and down on Uke’strapped arm, at the same time pushing your hips back into Uke and over theygo, finish with an axe kick to the head.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 66
  67. 67. Dropping Version Of A Full ShoulderThis is against an attack from the rear. Uke comes up behind you and attackswith a choke by reaching round with one forearm across the throat. Keep yourbody nice and tight to Uke, first thing is to keep breathing, so with the same sidehand as Uke is using reach up into the crook of their elbow and pull down, at thesame time drop down to your knee, the same side as Uke’s arm grabs (i.e. theytry to strangle with the right and you drop on your right knee). Keep pullingdown on the arm and bend forwards pushing on the front of Uke’s leg (the legopposite to the arm you’re pulling on) Uke should now go straight over yourhead. If they don’t know how to break fall then their head is just straight intothe ground, nasty! Finish with a straight forward hammer fist to the nose.Leg Throw With LockFrom a right hand punch to the head, it’s an inside block with the left, fromthere it comes down for a ridge hand strike to the left hip joint, your right handcomes down to the left Achilles, it’s as low as that, some people have a tendencyto go more for the calf, it’s one of my pet hates, it’s too high, and don’t pushthem backwards, it’s the easy way out, you pull up on the Achilles and straightdown and into the floor with the left hand. It’s a left foot kick to the groin, thereare two locks you can do, the first is simpler, the right arm slips underneathUke’s left leg, towards the top of the Achilles, your arm should cut straightacross the leg at a right angle, with the bone directly up into the leg, with yourright hand take hold of your left forearm and then put your left hand onto Uke’sshin pushing in with your little finger whilst keeping your hand flat to the bone.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 67
  68. 68. To really finish the lock off grind the heel of your left foot into Uke’s Saphenousnerve, this can be found on the inside of the leg and the trouser seam usuallymarks the spot.The second lock starts the same, the right arm slips underneath Uke’s left leg,towards the top of the Achilles, your arm should cut straight across the leg at aright angle, with the bone directly up into the leg, with your right hand take holdof your left forearm and then put your left hand onto Uke’s shin pushing in withyour little finger whilst keeping your hand flat to the bone. You’ve already kickedinto Uke’s groin, leave it there, your right foot goes behind you to hook Uke’sright leg in and bring it across but behind your left leg nice and tight, to applyWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 68
  69. 69. the lock, sit down with your backside in nice and tight to your feet. Keep sat upinitially at least, then keeping your hands tight push your chest forwards andarch your back pushing your shoulders backwards.Crab Claw ScissorsThis attack is a stepping right punch to the head. Perform an outside block, withyour right foot coming back round in a circular motion, to finish up behind Ukecutting across the back of both their legs. Your right leg comes up now and backheels Uke in the chest, this is where the scissors comes in, your legs perform ascissors motion, as your left leg goes back into Uke’s chest your right leg sweepsforwards, finish with a back heel to the solar plexus.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 69
  70. 70. Sweeping Loin ThrowThis is from the hip throw family, attack is a right hand punch to the head. Thereare two versions to this throw, the attacking and defending, the only differencereally is how you start the move.Attacking: as the punch comes in you step forwards on your right leg so it is justpast Uke’s torso on their left, at the same time blocking the punch with your leftand keeping hold, then you drive your left knee into Uke’s Solar plexus, put yourright arm behind Uke’s back, as you put your foot down it goes inside of Uke’sleft foot, and your right foot goes through to the front of Uke, don’t put it downbut push it out in front of yourself and to the side, keep the leg straight andthink of it as a solid bar, it goes right back and through Uke’s leg and carry onup. In reality this would be a strike more downwards and you’d not have yourhips through quite as far, this strike is in reality aimed to break the Femur, andas this is the largest bone in the body requires some force, however it is do-able, I prefer in training to push your hips through and keep your leg that littlebit higher, it’s safer for your Uke and if you get it right you get a great rotationof Uke both forwards and to the side.Defending: as the punch comes in it is a “simple” inside block and then yourleft foot goes in to the same position as above. And the move carries on asdescribed before.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 70
  71. 71. Drawing Ankle Throw.Another one from a stepping right punch to the head. We’ll work from a rightpunch. The aim with this move is to keep the momentum going so as Uke comesin with a fully committed punch, step to the right and forwards on your rightfoot, your left comes up and pushes against Uke’s right leg.As the punch comes in you perform an inside block and keep that arm moving,your right hand goes underneath Uke’s armpit and pushes up and forwards, thishelps to keep the momentum going forwards and the foot against Uke’s legstops him re-gaining his balance, and over they go.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 71
  72. 72. Keep hold of the right arm. To finish, kneel down above Uke’s head, lookingdown the line of Uke’s body, go down on your left knee keeping your right footon the floor and a right angle at the knee, take hold of Uke’s trapped arm withyour right and turn the arm so that the back of the elbow is against your rightknee, pull round on the arm which forces Uke round and on to his front, he goesor his arm breaks!The finishing lock is to move in alongside Uke with your knees tight in to them ateither side of their shoulder, keep their arm vertical trap it in between your own,with your right apply pressure on to the Uke’s shoulder blade and with your leftWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 72
  73. 73. apply pressure across the back of the elbow, simply twist at the waist and itcauses pain.Inside HockThis throw is so easy, but so good, I love it. The attack is a right punch to thehead for description purposes, you perform an inside block with your left, yourright foot goes in between Uke’s legs, you move your body sideways into Uke atWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 73
  74. 74. the same time your right forearm comes up into Uke’s throat at their right sidefor a strike, leave it there.Your right foot bends round Uke’s left leg so it is bent but tight against Uke’s legon the ball of your foot.To throw them put your heel on the floor, straighten your leg and pushdownwards and back at a 45 degree angle to drive Uke to the floor. To finishkick through the groin with your left foot, keep the foot moving and put yourWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 74
  75. 75. foot to the floor to the left of Uke, pivot on the ball of your left foot and continueto turn clockwise and finish with a sidekick through Uke’s throat.Cross HockAgain we’ll describe this from a right hook punch to the head. As the punchcomes in it’s an inside block, but at the same time as you block you step into itwith your left, it takes practise and confidence to make this move, your left footneeds to be at least in line with Uke’s right foot or you are putting too muchstrain in. Bring your right foot through the same side, the hock is done bystriking back with your right foot against Uke’s Calf or Achilles, preferably theAchilles with your heel. Don’t do it fully like this in training, it hurts a lot. Keepthe leg moving backwards, basically strike through the leg. At the same time asyou are striking backwards with the leg your right hand comes up across thefront of Uke for a right hand ridge hand strike to the carotid artery, again becareful with this strike, I’ve seen people knocked out with this strike with noeffort at all. Which is disappointing in one respect, you don’t get the chance tofinish your technique!! To finish the move go down to the floor with them,keeping your right hand tight in to Uke’s neck, as you get to the floor you needto get your weight as low as possible, for me there are two ways to do this, youcan either lay face down, bending your right knee to give you stability in caseUke trys to move or you can sit down as close to Uke as possible and open yourlegs with the right leg forward and left split back to give you a base, bring yourleft hand round the back of Uke’s head to grasp your own hand in what we call abutchers grip(see image)White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 75
  76. 76. place your temple into Uke’s Sphenoid and try to pull your right wrist in towardsyour head. People tend to worry that there is too much gap at the front andpush there hands round the back then they struggle to put the lock on, it doesn’twork like that I’m afraid. Check out the photos and clips for some close looks atthis lock.Stamp ThrowWe’ll describe it from a Right punch to the head. This throw is from the hipthrow family and is really similar and can be used if someone sinks their weightto stop you throwing them.Inside block, pivoting slightly on your feet away from the punch, almost pushingthe punch away from you then fold the hand over and keep hold of the arm pullWhite To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 76
  77. 77. down on it to break Uke’s balance. Step in/across on the leading (left) foot, bigtoes should be almost touching with your foot in between Uke’s feet. Weakener,punch to the solar plexus area, now using the momentum a fast pivot isrequired, keeping the body low as you spin round anti-clockwise on your left footstrike with the palm heel to the hip and continue the hand moving round theback of the body to rest on the back. Keep low, your centre of balance must bebelow Uke’s and your feet must be together in between Uke’s feet with yourbody directly in front of Uke body facing in the same direction. Pull Uke down onto your hips, as your knees are bent keeping your body low you should have hislegs straight whilst yours are bent so the simple act of straightening your legsshould take his off the floor, lift your right foot off the floor then stamp down, asyour leg hits the floor use the momentum and additional impetus of the stamp tostraighten both legs then pull on the arm so Uke lands at a 90 degree angleacross your feet, step forward slightly on your left keeping hold of the arm andfinish with a simple arm bar and strike.Release and step back in to your fighting stance until Uke comes to his feet.Escape When Held/Over/Under The Arms From The FrontEscape When Held Over The Arms From The FrontCommonly referred to as a bear hug, you need a couple of weakners in here,first one move your hands behind Uke, and perform a double handed knife handstrike to Uke’s kidneys, head butt and using your feet stamp on Uke’s feet, ifyour being held off the floor then using your feet strike into the shins and slideyour feet down Uke’s shins, pushing in all the way down, using the circularmotion with your arms moving them outwards and upwards, ending your armsas they come up to shoulder height and pushing your hands under Uke’s jaw,push upwards and backwards then downwards and away from you, with yourfoot going inside Uke’s for an inside hock. Finish with a kick to Uke’s groin.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 77
  78. 78. Escape when held under the arms from the front, in this situation, Uke deserveswhat they are going to get for leaving your arms free. You have a multitude ofoptions at your disposal. What we are going for is something straight from theKISS thinking (Keep It Simple Stupid) take hold of Uke’s ears, thumb nearest toyou, you are going to twist pushing down with the thumb and pulling up with thelittle finger, push down and backwards as you twist,this causes quite an intense pain if done right, you can imagine, if you pulledreally hard you’re going to start to tear skin at the top of the ear. Once they’redown finish with a kick to the groin.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 78
  79. 79. Escape When Held Over/Under Arms From The RearEscape When Held Over The ArmsFirst thing is to get a weakner in, or in this case, 3! Place the knuckles of yourhand on to the back of Uke’s top hand, place your other hand over the top ofyours to re-enforce the grip and pull in, grinding your knuckles at the sametime. Stamp down on Uke’s foot and thrust backwards with your head for a rearbutt. Lift your right leg up and pull it behind Uke’s legs, with your finger tipspush in to the back of Uke’s knees and lift upthen push Uke round behind you so Uke spins round and his/her head ends upon your left side, finish with an upwards heel kick to Uke’s ribs or jaw.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 79
  80. 80. Escape When Held Under The Arms From The RearExactly the same weakners, grind/stamp and butt! Step out on your left leg,bend forwards and take hold of Uke’s left leg and pull up, Uke performs a backbreakfall. With your right foot stamp through the groin pivot on your right footand turn anti-clockwise twisting Uke’s foot to make them turn,when you are facing up Uke’s body, drive their knee into the floor, and pushUke’s toes forwards, trap with your left knee, step forward and drop your rightknee onto Uke’s back, reach forward to Uke’s eye sockets and pull back up.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 80
  81. 81. Bar ChokeAgainst a right hand punch to the head, perform a left inside block then your leftcomes across with a palm heel strike to Uke’s jaw with your thumb pointingdownwards towards the floor, after the strike your left goes across Uke’s throatnice and tight, take hold of Uke’s Gi at their left collar with your thumb on theinside of the Gi. Your right hand now comes up nice and high on the right side OfUke’s neck and takes hold of the Gi,To apply the choke you pull down with your right hand(this pulls the left arm upinto Uke’s throat) with your left arm push your forearm into Uke’s throat and rollthe arm, a key point to bear in mind is if you start off with the inside of yourforearm against Uke’s throat then the chances are that the “blade” of your armwill be above the adams apple,(if it’s a man at least)what you do in that casethen is roll downwards with your forearm to displace the adams apple. This isreally uncomfortable, if there is no adams apple don’t worry, it’s still going towork you are going to crush the oesophagus.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 81
  82. 82. Strangles And Chokes 1-8This we call a naked choke. The radius bone of the forearm is against Uke’sthroat, to really make this effective as you reach across with your arm pull intowards you, take hold of your own hand in a “butchers” grip shown in thephoto, pull in with your hands then pull your elbow in and pull back with yourattacking forearm, if you see the position of my left arm in the shot to apply thestrangle I would roll the radius downwards, crushing the oesophagus.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 82
  83. 83. Sleeper HoldWith the attacking arm reach down Uke’s front, until your inner elbow reachesthe front of Uke’s throat, then bend your arm upwards at the elbow, don’t rush itand take short cuts, it makes it harder to put on, reach up with your attackingarm and grasp our own bicep, with your other hand reach behind Uke’s head,there is a ledge in the back of the head, place the blade of your hand againstUke’s head underneath this ledge, then push forwards and squeeze with yourother arm.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 83
  84. 84. The strangle is done with the Gi and the pressure is applied with the elbow ofthe other arm.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 84
  85. 85. This is pretty much like the previous one apart from subtle difference, as youcan see you use the blade of your hand instead of the elbow to apply thepressure.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 85
  86. 86. Keep hold of the Gi still, using that ledge again at the back of the head, placethe heel of the palm under it and then apply the pressure with the hand pushingforwards.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 86
  87. 87. One Wing Choke, this one is pretty clear in the picture, what I will say is, keep ittight.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 87
  88. 88. A key point to remember is with the hand pulling on the guy don’t pull awayfrom you, pull back and round pulling Uke back against your knee.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 88
  89. 89. The hands grasp the same side of the Gi, and to apply the choke, push yourelbows out to the side.White To Orange http://www.ensoryu.co.uk Page 89