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Podango AWS Presentation

  1. 1. Podango on AWS Architecture for Rich Media Application Platform to achieve Deep Brand Engagement in a Web 2.0 world
  2. 2. Deep Brand Engagement Show producers need to cater to their audiences where they are, in the way that they are accustomed to–not in a walled garden, or a destination site. Rich Media Application Platform (RMAP)
  3. 3. Deep Brand Engagement Uniting brands, show producers, and audiences to create engagement and interaction around brands. Dixie and MommyCast Survey says: MommyCast listeners 70% more likely to buy Dixie paper products What does that mean for the technology? Distributed, audience-centric, loosely coupled
  4. 4. DBE Map Distribution Integrations Twitter Channel Hosting/Services FriendFeed Ning* Podango OpenSocial* Ning* Social Widgets Podango.com FaceBook* Network iTunes/RSS APIs Email* Adobe AMP Show A Podango Show B Podango Show C Podango Show D Podango Widgets Widgets Widgets Widgets Podango Blogger WordPress Drupal Press * Target Date Q4 ‘08
  5. 5. RMAP RMAP = lots of media files Lots of storage capacity and ability to grow CPU time for transcoding, media assembly (ad/ sponsorship and component stitching) Traffic patterns are ‘spikey’
  6. 6. Technology Map Podango.com Product Technology Social Networks Map (Facebook, Open Social, Ning, Friendfeed, etc.) via APIs, Widgets, Apps/ plugins PSBL * APIs & Widgets Push assembled Podango Press * RSS ingestion content into PE* view and manage * Media Management individual shows stitching/assembly, (upload content, standardization Uploader manage metadata), * Stats gathering, and stations mining & reporting * Generate RSS Feeds, email Remote Player notifications Consumes Content Record Stats Enables Sharing Enables Interaction www.podango.com Directory, site FTP Media Server Administration, Site Push episode media content (learning to PE center about us), payments, account S3 Storage signup, etc.. SQS Database farm Download Server Farm High availability & high Data performance Mine downloads, stats
  7. 7. Media Processing RSS ingestion Pull media producers’ feeds & create episodes Media transcoding and stitching listen on SQS queue for jobs, pull originals off S3, process and pushed finished files to S3
  8. 8. Content Publishing ~16 Download Server EC2 instances Proxy requests for S3 Can failover to CDN or S3 directly (bypassing proxy) 3 HTTP load balancer instances ~17 HTTP application server instances HTML RSS 2 Image application server instances
  9. 9. ROI - ROFL Colo solution (Competitors) Start: $100k+, 3-4 FTE management, ~$10k/mo Now: 2-3 FTE, ~$100k/mo AWS solution (smooth scaling) Start: $0 setup, 1.5 FTE management, ~$1k/mo Now: 1.5 FTE management
  10. 10. Extensions into Business AWS-inspired business practices Distributed offices On-demand staff augmentation Low-risk, high quality communication Flexible and fast, nimble and nascent
  11. 11. Contact Info JT Zemp CTO www.podango.com jt@podango.com twitter.com/jtzemp linkedin.com/in/jtzemp