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Maemo Development Environment

Maemo Development Environment



maemo development environment

maemo development environment



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    Maemo Development Environment Maemo Development Environment Presentation Transcript

    • Development Environment Juha Tukkinen / November 2007
    • Content
      • development environment overview
      • how to install
      • tools
      • supported runtimes
      • software porting examples
    • Development environment overview
      • The problem: Open source projects use GNU configure build system
        • a developer creates GNU M4 macros
        • configure script gets generated by GNU Automake and GNU Autoconf
        • … which produce Makefile s and a config.h
    • Development environment overview
      • So what’s wrong with this?
        • configure assumes that the target environment will be the same as the compilation host environment
        • compilation natively on an Internet Tablet is not… optimal
    • Development environment overview
      • A solution: Scratchbox
        • a cross-compilation environment
        • a sandbox put together by wrappers, black magic and symbolic links
        • makes use of QEMU as a machine emulator (not as a virtualizer)
    • Scratchbox
    • Scratchbox and maemo SDK
      • Scratchbox provides a sandboxed cross-compilation development environment ( chroot on steroids)
      • maemo SDK is installed inside Scratchbox
      • maemo SDK provides two targets for Scratchbox:
        • X86 used for active development
        • ARMEL for cross-compilation, QEMU also provides CPU transparency
      • maemo SDK also provides closed Nokia binaries separately
    • Scratchbox under the hood
        • target : has a root file system, uses a toolchain
        • devkit : tools native to host
        • toolchain : compiler, linker, binutils…
        • rootstrap : root file system for the target device
        • CPU transparency (cputransp devkit)
        • maemo SDK provides two preconfigured targets: SDK_X86 and SDK_ARMEL
    • Tools inside Scratchbox (to list some)
      • GNU toolchain for ARM processors
      • debugger: gdb
      • tracing tools: strace, ltrace
      • valgrind: suite of tools for debugging and profiling
        • memcheck – memory management detector
        • cachegrind – cache profiler
        • callgrind – extra information of call graphs to the above
        • massif – heap profiler
        • helgrind – thread debugger
    • How to install maemo SDK
      • SDK depends on Scratchbox that is only available for Linux
      • installer script installs both Scratchbox and SDK
      • alternative solution: VMWare image
        • can be used also in Windows
        • Ubuntu Linux Desktop with maemo SDK installed
        • do not get confused: you run a virtualized Linux PC inside a Windows operating system and inside the virtualized Linux you run Scratchbox
    • Supported runtimes
      • official supported language is C
      • Python
      • C++
      • C# through Mono
      • Java
      • Ruby
      • ITOS has Gecko 1.9 and Flash 9: “Web 2.0” runtime
    • Hacking session – see README.TXT
      • Install VMware player
      • Unzip Ubuntu-maemo-sdk.zip
      • Start the virtual Ubuntu Gutsy Desktop
      • Start Xephyr (the spring icon in the top toolbar)
      • Start a Terminal
      • Start Scratchbox by typing scratchbox
      • Start the application framework: af-sb-init.sh start
      Change targets (SDK_X86 and SDK_ARMEL) with sb-menu /scratchbox/users/maemo/home/maemo (outside) /home/maemo (inside Scratchbox)
    • Hacking session – things to try
      • install “xterm” and “ssh server” on the N800
        • http://maemo.org/download
      • Compile maemo-examples in SDK_X86
        • make
      • Run some maemo-examples in SDK_X86
        • run-standalone.sh ./example
      • Compile maemo-examples in SDK_ARMEL
      • Run some examples in SDK_ARMEL
      • Copy binaries to N800 and run them there
      • Examine and try out examples, dosbox and frodo
      • Try out the python environment
        • python2.5
    • Thank you!