Towards An Easy Natural Treatment For Prostate Cancer


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Patients who suffer from prostate cancer have many alternatives treatment therapies. In addition to this, a patient who decides to use any alternative of complementary approaches for prostate cancer needs to take into consideration the doctor's advice and start a treatment in a short period of time.

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Towards An Easy Natural Treatment For Prostate Cancer

  1. 1. ==== ====Get more review about prostate cancer and what you can do now to reduce your risks and alwaysstay healthier at ====Before we can discuss an alternative treatment for prostate cancer, its important to know just whatthe prostate is, what it does and where it is.The prostate is only in men (gals, you dodged a bullet on this one) and is responsible for creatingseminal fluid, so its classified as a sex organ. Unfortunately, the prostate surrounds the urethra,just below the bladder, so if theres any problem with the prostate, it often causes a problem withurination.The alternative treatment for prostate cancer that Im going to talk about has it origins clear back in1924 when Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg in Germany first wrote that cancer cells wereanaerobic. In other words, they only existed in the absence of free oxygen. He said that this wasthe cause of cancer. He proved it by giving cancer to a group of animals over a period of 48hrs byinjecting them with acidic fluids, therefore, expelling any oxygen from their bodies. For somereason, his findings have largely been ignored by the cancer research community.Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting men in the US. Fortunately, prostatecancer is often caught early by ordinary blood tests and by digital rectal exams during routinephysicals. Another feature of prostate cancer is that it usually progresses slowly. This allows thepatient plenty of time to plan out his treatment and also means that malignant tumors dont havetime to spread. This also gives the patient time to consider an alternative treatment for prostatecancer. Traditional Western medicine treatments usually include radiation, chemotherapy,hormone therapy and/or surgery. All of these treatments are meant to kill the cancer cells, but,unfortunately, healthy cells are also killed. It also has been proven that surgery doesnt have anyaffect on the five year survival rate.The alternative treatment for prostate cancer thats based on Dr. Warburgs findings involves thatingesting of calcium and alkaline foods to raise the ph of the bodily fluids so that oxygen is presentin all of the cells. All calcium is good for raising the ph of the body, but coral calcium is the bestbecause it is already 100% ionized, so its much more usable by the body. If you have prostatecancer, you should take six coral calcium capsules per day. To facilitate the absorption of thecalcium, you should also take 5,000 I.U.s per day of vitamin D. Have you ever noticed that milkhas vitamin D added? This is why.The use of calcium to treat cancer might sound ridiculous, but the idea is gaining traction all thetime. In the October 13th, 1998 issue of the New York Times there was an article entitled,"Calcium Takes Its Place As a Superstar Of Nutrients". This article talked about a study that wasreviewed by the Journal of the American Medical Association. The journal reported that"increasing the calcium induced normal development of the epithelial cells and might also prevent
  2. 2. cancer in such organs as the breast, prostate and pancreas".If you do get rid of the cancer using the alkaline method, it will come back if you dont stop doingwhatever caused the cancer to appear in the first place. As part of an alternative treatment forprostate cancer, you should closely examine your diet to see if you can eliminate foods that arevery acidic. A case in point is soda pop. It is not only very acidic, but also is high in phosphateswhich leach calcium out of the body, usually lowering the ph. Even tap water is usually acidicbecause of all the additives that are in it to "purify" it.Most foods are acidic. This is natures way of helping us with digestion. The secret is to consumethe foods that are less acidic than others and to consume the foods that are acidic when they startout, but then are alkalizing after digestion (like lemons). To find out which foods have whichproperties, get a hold of a good food chart. They can be found online. Get several charts becauseIve noticed that some charts dont agree.-RANJEET-==== ====Get more review about prostate cancer and what you can do now to reduce your risks and alwaysstay healthier at ====