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US Patent Pending 12/978,469
Single Valve Cylinder Head
Investment Opportunity for a disruptive technology with potential to affect many internal combustion engine applications. Engine has 30% less part count, substantial emission/polution reduction, and major gains in fuel efficiency and power. This is due to the superior breathing ability of the cylinder head. Basically, the design makes multiple poppet valve heads obsolete by allowing the single valve to be similar in diameter to the cylinder bore.

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Westrom svic intro_v9 [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. WESTROM GroupSingle Valve Cylinder HeadUS Patent Pending 12/978,469 China Sourcing China Hong Kong USA Manufacturing www.westrom.net Engineering © 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. Supply Chain © 2011, WESTROM, LLC China Services
  2. 2. About WESTROM ABOUT THE WESTROM GROUP WESTROM, LLC ○ WESTROM was established in 2002 and is a LLC registered in South Dakota, USA ○ The LLC is our engineering company with headquarters in Hot Springs, SD USA ○ COWBOY TRADER is WESTROM’s consumer goods trading division, with headquarters and warehousing in Hot Springs, SD USA ○ WESTROM, LLC is the group’s US engineering and sales company managing all design engineering, China manufacturing engineering, marketing, sales, order management, US imports and domestic logistics WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. ○ WESTROM-DTB is a limited corporation chartered in Hong Kong with wholly owned China registered offices in Hong Kong, Dongguan and Guangzhou, China and was formed in 2003 ○ WESTROM-DTB is the group’s operations company managing all China manufacturing, supplier management, sourcing, China exports, international logistics and China services© 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC 2
  3. 3. WESTROM Group Offerings WESTROM provides engineering and manufacturing services in the US and China, plus develops and manages quality, low cost, supply from China Engineering Manufacturing China Sourcing China Services Customer Product Design & US Manufacturing Quality Low Cost China China Supply Needs Development Services Supply Improvement • Electrical and • Manufacturing and • China supply preparation: • US design engineering mechanical design quality engineering – Design for China for China manufacture engineering • Manufacturing manufacturing • US-ChinaWESTROM, • Prototype & tooling process – China quality specification manufacturing LLC USA development and characterization development strategy development manufacture • Quality & • China supply crisis – Design & manufacturing • Design specification process characterization mitigation characterization development • Tool sourcing and • Turn-key China supply: • China manufacturing manufacture in – Supplier selection engineering & quality China • Supplier capability &WESTROM- – Sample part production & quotation quality improvement DTB, LtdHong Kong – Supplier development & • Outsourced China management supplier management & China – International trade, order • Green & brown-field & logistics, management plant development© 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC
  4. 4. WESTROM Engineering Overview WESTROM has degreed & experienced electrical and mechanical designers and contractors across a wide range of products Mechanical Design & Engineering Product Design – internal combustion engines, security services, consumer hand tools, NEMA certified enclosures Machine Design – Mechanical assembly machines, automated assembly lines & work cells, material handling systems and machines Tooling Design – injection molds, punch die sets, welding fixtures, weld and assembly fixtures & jigs Packaging – retail ready packaging & branding materials for consumer durables Electrical Design & Engineering Product Design – LCD integrated panels, membrane keypad switches, inverters, power supplies, circuit boards, controllers, control sub-assemblies, transformers, coils and wound magnetic products of all types Tooling Design – Electrical assembly machines, wave soldering, automated assembly lines & work cells, material handling systems and machines, coil winding machines Engineering Control Control – WESTROM has the process and tools to maintain US and China engineering controls over the full lifecycle, prototyping and new product introduction (NPI) to product end-of-life (EOL) Design for Manufacturing – WESTROM designs for manufacturing in the US and in China, to reduce the total cost of ownership Prototyping, Quality & Validation Specifications – WESTROM has the experience and capability to characterize process and designs to ensure the correct specifications and standards have been established Quality & Integration – We ensure that our testing, specifications and quality systems integrate to your system© 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC 4
  5. 5. Key WESTROM Personnel WESTROM personnel have deep experience in engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management in the US and in China Joel T. Rickenbach, Founder & President, WESTROM Group • 20+ years of domestic and international experience R&D, and operations and corporate management • 12+ years of business & engineering experience in China, with a scope of 3,000 to 8,000 personnel • Over 20 manufacturing, sales & engineering facilities start-ups in the US, Mexico & China J.S. Rickenbach, Mechanical Designer, WESTROM, LLC • 40+ years of mechanical design and fabrication • 40+ years of business operations & management Mike Leraas, Mechanical Designer & Engineer, WESTROM, LLC • 20+ years of design, fabrication and technical experience of prototypes development and limited run production in professional racing (NASCAR, et al), and in the automotive and industrial products industries • 12+ years management and supervisory experience in professional racing industry • Degrees and qualifications in mechanical design, engineering, machining, welding, computer aided design, and 2D and 3D modeling© 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC 5
  6. 6. Combustion Engine Project Introduction WESTROM’s internal combustion engine design offers unique benefits over current and conventional internal combustion piston engines1 ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE: ○ Improved options and flexibility to optimize and improve exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) designs ○ Reduced nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions ○ Reduced particulate emissions ○ Optimized quench area FUEL ECONOMY : ○ Maximum volumetric efficiency ○ Maximum value intake & exhaust valve areas and fluid flow rates, leading to a more complete and clean burn 30% reduction in the number of cylinder head and valve train part counts leading to: ○ Improved reliability ○ Reduced manufacturing costs ○ Reduced maintenance costs and total cost of ownership Overall design theoretically enables improved thermodynamic & heat transfer performance: ○ Potential for short circuit air cooling & improved cooling of valves and value seats Note: ○ Greatly improved exhaust gas scavenging 1. Discussion and review of the design and the fully operational prototype is possible, after a binding non-disclosure agreement is executed© 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC
  7. 7. Development & Commercialization The project has three main phases, with major milestones and exit criteria for each phase; the concept development phase is now complete Initial design and Development & analysis for Production design & production of proof-of-concept technical viability the selected commercial applications Commercial Design Technical Application Concept Prototype Development Development & Pilot Production1 Proof-of-Concept Filed US Patent Concept Design Mechanical Design Prototype Build 12/978,469 CompleteKey Tasks • Conceptual • Mechanical design of • Fabrication of non- • Legal preparation for development: key design standard components patent submission –Mechanical cycle components • Procurement of • Patent submission –Thermodynamic • Selection of off-the- standard components • Provisional patent cycle shelf components for • Assembly & operation approval prototype buildOutcomes • Operational design • Component • Fully operational • US Patent Filed concept designs prototype • US Patent • Prototype build Pending approach 12/978,469 Note: 1. WESTROM may or may not be operationally involved in production Phase 1 Exit Criteria design & development © 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC
  8. 8. Development & Commercialization WESTROM is seeking a R&D agreement and funding to complete the development and analysis to assess the technical application viability Initial design and Development & analysis for Production design & production of proof-of-concept technical viability the selected commercial applications Commercial Design Technical Application Concept Prototype Development Development & Pilot Production1 Design Build & Test Application Refinement & Analysis Secure Commercial Application Application R&D Agreement Prototype & Secure Funding for Prototype Testing Commercial DevelopmentKey Tasks • Secure R&D agreements • Solid & flow design • Fabrication of non- • Design iterations, test mule and funding modeling standard components refinement & retesting • Establish detailed phase • Mechanical design of • Procurement of standard • Iterative analysis for viable 2 project plan key components components technical application • Secure longer term • Selection of off-the- • Test bed build / assembly commercial agreements shelf components • Engine assembly & • Test plans and designs operation and testingOutcomes • R&D funding & • Component designs • Fully operational • Viable technical application resources • Prototype build application test mule • Secure Funding for • Phase 2 project plan approach & test bed Commercial Development • Agreed commercials & • Technical test plan2 • Initial test results options Phase 2 Exit Criteria Notes: 1. WESTROM may or may not be operationally involved in production design & development 2. Key lever for project scope & cost management © 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC
  9. 9. Design Features & ExplanationWhat is a Single Valve Internal Combustion Engine Cylinder Head? –CUTAWAY of INTAKE & EXHAUST© 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC
  10. 10. Design Features & Explanation What does the prototype look like? - WHOLE MOTOR© 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC
  11. 11. Design Features & Explanation Valve Guide, Intake Porting & Venturi, Valve Seat, Exhaust Porting© 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC
  12. 12. Design Features & Explanation Assembled Cylinder Head and Combustion Chamber Side of Head© 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC
  13. 13. Contact Us for Investment Opportunities See our Facebook page to watch the engine run Joel T. Rickenbach President WESTROM, LLC, USA WESTROM-DTB, Ltd., Hong Kong US Mobile: +1 605 890 0570 China Office: +86 20 8268 5545 China Sourcing China Hong Kong USA Manufacturing www.westrom.net Engineering © 2010, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. Supply Chain © 2010, WESTROM, LLC China Services© 2011, WESTROM-DTB, Ltd. © 2011, WESTROM, LLC 13