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Courtney: NSA

  1. 1. By:Courtney Vannoy
  2. 2. How did the NationalSecurity Act of 1947 and itsgovernmental changes affect theUnited States security from thenuntil now?Research Question
  3. 3. • July 26,1947• Harry S. Truman was president• Did not take effect until Sept 18, 1947Signing Info
  4. 4. • U.S. Armed Forces • Added Air Force• Foreign Policy• Intelligence Community• Secretary of Defense• Major component, along with Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan, of the administration’s Cold War strategyChanges
  5. 5. • Merged Department of War and Department of the Navy into National Military Establishment • Led by Secretary of Defense • Officially set up the position• Created Air Force Department • Separate from Army Air ForcesDepartments of the Country
  6. 6. • A central place of coordination for national security policy in the executive branchNational Security Council
  7. 7. • 7 Permanent Members: • the President, who served as chairman • the Secretary of State • the Secretary of Defense • the Secretary of Army • the Secretary of Navy • the Secretary of Air Force • the Chairman of the National Security Resources Board• Others were invited when neededNational Security Council
  8. 8. • Original function with President Truman: • Helps the president on national security and foreign policies • Also helps coordinate the policies for many government agencies • Has counterparts in other nations’ national security councils National Security Council
  9. 9. • Consists of: • Chairman • Chief of Staff of the Army • Chief of Staff of the Air Force • Chief of Naval Operations • Commandant of the Marine Corps (occasionally when needed)Joint Chiefs of Staff
  10. 10. • A group of uniformed leaders in the United States Department of Defense • Help and advise: • Secretary of Defense • National Security Council • Homeland Security CouncilJoint Chiefs of Staff
  11. 11. • A civilian intelligence agency of the United States government• Reports directly to the Director of National IntelligenceCentral Intelligence Agency
  12. 12. • United States always carried out intelligence activities since George Washington’s presidency • Only since WWII has it been coordinated government wide • Realized they would make it officialCentral Intelligence Agency
  13. 13. • Functions: • Collects information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals • Instructs public policymakers • Leads emergency tactical operations • Carries out covert operationsCentral Intelligence Agency
  14. 14. • First operation ordered by National Security Council• To execute “covert psychological operations designed to counter Soviet and Soviet-inspired activities.” • In April 1948, set out to beat the communists of Italian electionsDecember 14, 1947
  15. 15. • Unsuccessful action• Launched in April 1961 • Invasion Day: April 17• Sent Cuban exiles back to southern Cuba to try and invade • Attempt to overthrow the Cuban government of Fidel CastroBay of Pigs Invasion
  16. 16. Old New• Truman said “It was • Used as spy organization intended merely as a • Carry out secret center for keeping the operations President informed on • They still do let president what was going on in the know what is going on world. but carries out the plans • Never wanted the CIA “to act as a spy organization.” That was never the intention when it was organized.Comparison: Old vs. New
  17. 17. Old New• National Security never • Basically take care of any said anything about operation that the oversea operations president orders• Supposed to perform • Anything the President “other functions and needs and orders the CIA duties related to does without having to intelligence affecting the “find a way through the national security” loop hole” • Many covert operations found a way through the loop holeComparison: Old vs. New
  18. 18. • May 2, 2011• Operation Neptune Spear • Ordered by President Obama and coordinated by the CIA • Found him in a house in Abbottabad, Pakistan• CIA mainly watched the house and gathered informationDeath of Osama bin Laden
  19. 19. • Began with information revealed in 2002 • Use of pictures and intelligence reports helped discover people involved • CIA rented home for staking out and observing the house for many months • Reviewed all the evidence on their own to figure out that bin Laden was actually living in the houseHow They Found Osama bin Laden
  20. 20. • CIA controlled operation • US not in war with Pakistan• Original Plan • 2 helicopters supposed to be involved • 4 SEALS, a dog, and translator positioned around perimeter • Leader and 6 other SEALS would land on the roof Plan for Osama bin Laden
  21. 21. • What really happened • First helicopter experienced mechanical issues and had to land unexpectedly and ran into perimeter walls • Second group had to go from outside and scale the walls to get to the house • They had to locate them and then follow them into the house and shootPlan for Osama bin Laden
  22. 22. Oral HistoryMerrill Pflug, my 87 year old grandfatherAlive when act was signed and first CIA operations
  23. 23. Question: Do you remember when the CIAwas formed?Answer: “ Yes, it was after World War II. Mybrothers came back from the war and we werejust happy it was over, but I do remember thatchanges were made.”
  24. 24. Question: What did people think of the AirForce splitting from the Army?Answer: “I can’t remember people talkingabout it at first but I got drafted into the Armyand was part of the airborne section. Wethought the Air Force was important. I reallythink they do a lot today.”
  25. 25. Question: What did people think of the CIAformation?Answer: “They were not really sure andthought it was a bad thing. I can rememberthat people talked about how it was not a goodthing after the Bay of Pigs Invasion and thenpeople kept questioning whether spying wasgood.”
  26. 26. Question: What do you think about the CIAtoday?Answer: “I am sure they do some goodthings, but I am not comfortable with all thespying we do. I am sure we don’t hear a lotabout what is going on with the CIA throughthe news.”
  27. 27. Question: How did the National Security Act of1947 and its governmental changes affect the UnitedStates security from then until now?Answer: “I don’t specifically remember when hesigned the act, but I know we needed better securityfor the nation when we lived through World War II.The security from World War II to now is muchbetter and we know more now to keep us safe. It isobvious there has been multiple changes for thebetter.”
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