Castro and cuba history project


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Castro and cuba history project

  1. 1. By Justin Gregory
  2. 2.  How did Fidel Castro’s Rise to power affect current relations with the United States.
  3. 3.  In 1898 Cuba Gained its Independence from Spain. Cuba was under US military Occupation until 1902. Most of the Cuban wealth was still controlled by The US.
  4. 4.  Corruption and Violence grew in Cuba.  Causing the US to intervene a Number of times. This allowed Fulgecio Batista to come to power as a dictator.  Batista was originally elected as president and made himself dictator and banned free elections. While he was in power there was poverty, poor education, and limited healthcare causing a need for revolution.
  5. 5.  Castro’s revolution took seven years to succeed. Castro was originally arrested and sent to jail for 15 years and was released.  After he was released he fled to Mexico to create a new group of Rebels with supplies from the United States. Castro Finally defeated Balista and his government and made himself Dictator.
  6. 6.  Castro’s government was communist. All property belonging to any American was claimed by the Cuban Government. The Government Owned about everything. Cuban TV stations, newspapers and radio stations were shut down.  The only way to get any news was through the government. Cubans were no longer able to protest against the government.
  7. 7.  The US and Cuba didn’t get along.  The US didn’t Like that Cuba was a communist nation and such a close nieghbor.  All American property in Cuba was lost .  Castro Forced American Civilians to leave.  America didn’t like Cuba being Allied with the Soviet Union.
  8. 8.  Goal: to overthrow Castro Plan: Arm Cuban exiles and send them to Cuba. Then Cuban citizens would join them and fight back. What happen: Castro’s Forces intercepted the plan and captured the invaders.  This Sparked a deep hatred for the US.
  9. 9.  In 1962 US spy planes spotted Soviet Missile bases in Cuba.  President announces that they have Nuclear Missiles in Cuba.  This was a very tense and scary time. Solution:  Kennedy agreed to remove missiles from turkey and not to invade Cuba. In return the USSR would remove missiles from Cuba.
  10. 10.  Result  The limited test ban treaty banned above ground testing and was agreed upon by the United States, Soviet Union, and Great Britain.
  11. 11.  This Act was created in 1962 and is still in place today. Mainly Cuba’s crops (mainly sugar cane) could no longer be sold to America which hurt Cuba’s economy. With the embargo act, poor harvests, and poor government planning Cuba’s economy soon took a turn for the worst.
  12. 12.  Over the past 50 years Relations have not improved. Over the past 50 years thousands of people have escaped Cuba to come to the US.  Many did so because Castro would not allow Free elections, Freedom of the press, Freedom of speech, etc. Now the Us only accepts 20,000 immigrants a year from Cuba.
  13. 13.  After Castro’s decline in health, he gave up his Cuban dictatorship on February 19 2008. His brother Raul Castro is now Cuba’s leader. It is unknown today if Castro is alive.
  14. 14.  Many policies are kept From Fidel Castro’s Government.  The government still controls the Media.  Limited Internet Access  Forbids almost everyone from leaving or returning to the island.  Anyone who criticizes the government will face criminal charges .
  15. 15. I think that he changed Cuba for the worst.Why? He took away many freedoms from hispeople and ruined most of their lives in theprocess.
  16. 16.  Jerry Lutz Lived in Western Pennsylvania Almost her entire life. Mother of Six 80 Years old
  17. 17.  No, I wouldn’t visit Cuba, it seems like a very harsh place where it citizens seem to be abused and have their freedoms taken away.
  18. 18.  I think he ruined this relationship by threatening the US with nukes and allying themselves with Russia. Everyone was already scared of communism adding a missile crisis was like adding gasoline to a fire.
  19. 19.  Y AND_MG111.pdf Cuba-history.htm i/621027%20The%20Crisis%20USSR-Cuba.pdf report-2012-cuba