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Prestige Culture Credo | Adopted from HubS Prestige Culture Credo | Adopted from HubS Presentation Transcript

  • Version 2.5 04.21.13Creating a company we love.**Phrase borrowed from HubSpotCULTURECREDOThe Prestige SecurityThis presentation is adapted from a public documentcreated and presented by the company HubspotThursday, June 20, 13
  • This is a requiredinternal curriculumfor all new hiresof any capacity.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • WHATS CULTURE?A set of common beliefs,shared values and practices.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Why care aboutculture?Thursday, June 20, 13
  • A great culture helpsattract great people.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Culture is to recruitingas innovation is to marketing.Customers are more easily attractedto great innovation and marketingGreat people are more easily attractedto great culture and visionShout out to Peter DruckerThursday, June 20, 13
  • A great culture helpspeople delivertheir best work.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Whether we plan it or notculture will happen.CULTUREHAPPENS.Why not create a culture we love?Culture eats strategy forbreakfast. Peter DruckerThursday, June 20, 13
  • Lets make the company we alwaysdreamed of. Lets create a companythat will be a great place to be from.REED HASTINGS and PATTY MCCORDNETFLIX.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Now, an observation...Thursday, June 20, 13
  • People havedramaticallychanged how they liveand how they work.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Then Now.FocusTenureNeedPension PurposeWhole Career WhateverGood Boss Great Colleaguescredit to DRiVEThursday, June 20, 13
  • Despite this fundamental change...Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Most organizations operate as ifthey are frozen in time.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • They operate as if moneyis what matters most......and as if amazing peopleare just happy to have a job.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We’re different.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We’re Prestige.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We’re creatinga company welove.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • This document is partmanifesto and partemployee handbook.Its part who we are andpart who we want to be.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Pursue something soimportant that even if youfail, the world is better offwith you having tried.TIM O’RIELLYThursday, June 20, 13
  • 1We are as focusedon our metrics ason our mission.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • OUR MISSION is to SECUREour communities, SMARTLY.Daily we challenge the big behemothsof the industry by recommitting to andradically pursuing a more heroic vision.more
  •   on
  •   this
  •   later...Thursday, June 20, 13
  • OUR MISSION is to SECUREour communities, SMARTLY.To make secure is to create an experiencepeople love, an environment of safety thatproduces peace-of-mind.SECUREThursday, June 20, 13
  • To make secure is to create an experiencepeople love, an environment of safety thatproduces peace-of-mind.YOU MUST CREATEcreateThursday, June 20, 13
  • We believe ours isa noble cause.We help businesses andfamilies protect their mostvaluable assets.1We make offices and homes“smart”, improving lifestyleand propagating simplicity.2Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We also reduce the burden placed onlocal and state government by activelygrowing a medical safety division forthe elderly nationwide.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Our commitment to our mission has earned usthe love of many.Our commitment to our metrics has earned usthe resources to further our mission.We are passionate about both.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Balancing this dual personality of mission andmetrics is challenging.But it is also what makes us different.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • One way we balance thesetwo necessities is by havinga guiding goal that servesour mission.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Our guiding goal is delighting customersThursday, June 20, 13
  • 2We obsess over ourcustomers.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Have the courage to start withthe customer. My biggestregrets are the moments that Ilet a lack of data override myintuition on what’s best for ourcustomers.ANDREW MASONFormer CEO of GROUPONin his departure email.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • FOR EVERY DECISIONWE SHOULD ASKOURSELVES:“Hey me, whats in it for the customers?Will this delight them?”Thursday, June 20, 13
  • SFTC.Solve For The CustomerNot just for their immediate happiness, butfor their long-term success.We
  •   often
  •   have
  •   to
  •   remind
  •   ourselves
  •   of
  •   this.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • WAIT. Does “Solve For The Customer”mean just giving more away for free?Wouldn’t that delight customers?Because...NO. To delight customers in the long-term,we have to survive in the short-term.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Bankruptcompaniesdon’t delighttheir customers.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • All other goalsshould supportour guiding goal.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We have a professional sales team.Does hitting our sales goalssupport our guiding goal?Thursday, June 20, 13
  • YES.Having delighted customers requireshaving customers.We’re on the path towards our guiding goal aslong as we sell to customers that weexpect to delight.This
  •   is
  •   the
  •   key.
  •   We
  •   must
  •   NEVER
  •   sell
  •   to
  •   customerswe’re
  •   not
  •   justifiably
  •   confident
  •   we
  •   can
  •   delight.
  •   Thursday, June 20, 13
  • WE LOVE TO TEACH.We believe success comes from educatingcustomers, not exploiting them.SO...Thursday, June 20, 13
  • 3We are radically anduncomfortablytransparent.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We are radically and uncomfortably transparent.‣With our customers‣With our teams‣With the office‣With ourselvesThursday, June 20, 13
  • The intent behind all this transparency is tosupport smarter behavior and better decisions.This empowers each of us and our customers.It always “is what it is” - not just when convenient.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • 4We believe that ourteams are powerful,so we empower.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • WE TRUSTOURSELVES.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Just because somebody made a mistakeyears ago doesn’t mean we need a policy.WE DON’T PENALIZE THE MANY FOR THEMISTAKES OF THE FEW.We only protect against really big stuff.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We don’t have pages ofpolicies and procedures.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • USEGOODJUDGEMENT.Instead, we have a three-word policy on justabout everything:Thursday, June 20, 13
  • USE GOOD JUDGEMENT.Customer Buy-OutsFalse Alarm FeesReplacing EquipmentService CallsSick DaysBreaksReimbursementsOur policy on all of these (and most other things) is:Thursday, June 20, 13
  • WHATS GOOD JUDGEMENT?1. Team > Self2. Company > Team3. Customer > CompanyFavor your team over yourself.We’re
  •   pretty
  •   good
  •   at
  •   the
  •   first
  •   and
  •   second
  •   -
  •   but
  •   the
  •   third
  •   is
  •   tricky
  •   sometimes.Remember,
  •   acting
  •   in
  •   our
  •   customers’
  •   interest
  •   is
  •   in
  •   our
  •   long-term
  •   interest
  •   too.
  •   Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Now, lets talk about when we work.Generally...Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Results matter more than the hours we work.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Results matter more thanhow much vacation we takeWe don’t have an official vacation policyThursday, June 20, 13
  • We believe in being empowered to workwhen and how we want.Remarkable and consistent results are whatmatter.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • But we also recognize that…Creative magic happens when phenomenal peopleconsistently connect.So, we trust our leaders touse good judgement when guiding their teams.And...Thursday, June 20, 13
  • ...we try hard to create a work environmentwhere we want to spend time.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • THEN.Influence based on hierarchyCommand & ControlINFLUENCE ISINDEPENDENT OFHIERARCHY.NOW...Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We want direction on wherewe are going….not detailed directionson how to get there.Simon SinekThursday, June 20, 13
  • We don’t want just “managers”…We want inspiring leaders.Passionate coaches.Tireless supporters.Managers exist to helpindividual starsmake magic.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • CEO, COO, PRESIDENTVP of This, Manager of That.Doesn’t matter what yourtitle is.EVERYBODY DOESREAL WORK ANDGETS THEIRHANDS DIRTYThursday, June 20, 13
  • Being powerful and empowered meansnothing if you don’t act.DON’T OVER-THINK IT.JUST DO IT. ACT. MOVE. MASSIVE ACTION.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • 5We are unreasonablypicky about our peers.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • You become the average of the five peopleyou hang out with most.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • What makes somebody a great fit forPrestige?What makes them awesome for us?What does it mean to be PRESTIG-OUS?Thursday, June 20, 13
  • There are five (5) attributesthat we value in people.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • HUMBLE.Modest, despite being awesome. Teachable.WAIT. Doesn’t being humble mean lacking confidence?NO.The very best people are self-aware and self-critical -not arrogant.1Thursday, June 20, 13
  • When things go well, humblepeople tend to share the credit.When things go poorly, they tend toshoulder the responsibility.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • EFFECTIVE.Gets it done.Measurably moves the needle. Immeasurably adds value.EFFECTIVE PEOPLE ARE:Predisposed to action. They just start doing.They have a sense of ownership.They’re resourceful and always looking for leverage.2Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Effective people find ways to have their cake, and eat it too.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • ADAPTABLE.Constantly changing.Life-long learner.3WAIT. What about good people that just want stabilityand predictability?They may do good work, but they likelywon’t be happy here. Change is constant.“PROGRESS IS IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT CHANGE.”GEORGE BERNARD SHAWThursday, June 20, 13
  • REMARK-ABLE.Worthy of being remarked upon.4Has a superpower that makes themstand out in some way.Remarkably smart.Remarkably creative.Remarkably eloquent.Remarkably kind.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • TRANSPARENT.Open and honest with others and themselves.5“NO LEGACY IS SO RICH AS HONESTY.”WILLIAM SHAKESPEAREThursday, June 20, 13
  • HUMBLE.EFFECTIVE.ADAPTABLE.REMARK-ABLE.TRANSPARENT.WE WANT PEOPLE WITH HEARTThose who willhelp us create acompany welove.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • WE DON’T JUSTBELIEVE IN HEART,WE BET ON IT.We hire, reward and releasepeople based on the five attributesThursday, June 20, 13
  • EXAMPLE 1.If you’re closed, arrogant and stuck in your ways, itdoesn’t matter how effective you are or how much youproduce. Its not going to work out.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • EXAMPLE 2.You can be remarkably smart, humble and open. But, ifyou’re not effectively moving us forward, its not going towork out.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • COMPROMISING ON CULTURE ISMORTGAGING THE FUTURE.Its reasonably to want to hire just for skills whenthe need for help is painfully acute.Its reasonable, but its also wrong.The interest rate on culture debt is crushingly high.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Does this mean we only accept those that matchthe five qualities perfectly?NO. Confucius has good advice here...Thursday, June 20, 13
  • BETTER a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.ConfuciusThursday, June 20, 13
  • “We’re a team, not a family. We hire, develop andcut smartly so we have stars in every position.”We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so we didn’t.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • Don’t just hire to delegate.It’s tempting to bring people in that youcan push off work you don’t have time for.Hire to elevate.Bring people in that are better than you atsomething an you can learn from.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We want to be as proud ofthe people we buildas we are ofthe company we build.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We compensate based onfair market value.It’s
  •   hard
  •   to
  •   know
  •   what
  •   market
  •   value
  •   is.We
  •   think
  •   of
  •   it
  •   as
  •   VORP(Value
  •   over
  •   replacement
  •   Player).Thursday, June 20, 13
  • THERE ARE TWO WAYS TOPROGRESS AT PRESTIGE.1. Gain mastery as an individual contributorand make magic happen - produce.2. Provide spectacular support to those whoare doing #1.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • 6We defy conventional“wisdom” because itsoften unwise.Thursday, June 20, 13
  • We’d rather befailing frequentlythan nevertrying new thingsThursday, June 20, 13