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2012 cookie sale su training

  1. 1. 2012 Service Unit Cookie Chair TrainingLearning Objectives: By the end of the session participants will be able to – List dates, cookies, cost and recognitions of the 2012 Cookie Sale. List two ways that they can encourage troops to participate in Cookie Sale. Advise Troop Cookie Chairs on how to get training. Administer inventory control and supervise the Snap data entry Discuss steps for a successful sale – before, during and after the sale Operate a successful delivery station and cupboard Collect, compile and summarize paperwork at the end of the sale, including outstanding balance reports If a parent does not want their daughter to participate, who can you get the girl involved, identify two ways. Describe the difference in a Booth Sale and a Clean-up Sale. Time Content/Topic Methods/Steps to Learning Resources Needed5 min Welcome Sign in, make name tags Slide 19:00 – Welcome participants – introduce facilitators and Product Sales Staff and Ursula Name tags, markers9:05 Rado with ABC BakersAnnette Have participants introduce themselves with following Newsprint or 1. Name Dry erase board 2. Service Unit Post It Notes 3. Post two things that are Absolutely Need to Knows before you leave class5 min Overview of Have participants look over materials in their folder. Slides 2-7 (slide 69:05 to Cookie Tidbits insert regional dates)9:10 Present them with general information regarding Cookie Sale. Who can sell and when do they need to join by? Order Card and TheAnnette o All girls registered can participate in the Cookie Sale even if they Cookie Jar join in February or March or doing clean up sales. How are cookies sold? o Direct Sale troops may elect to take orders and turn orders to SU Page 1
  2. 2. to fill on Sundays. TCCM— Frequently What is a direct sale? Asked Questions o Girls have cookies on hand to sell. Important dates Cost/Cookies/Troop Profit o Troops will pay council $2.95 and keep 0.55 cents per package if they are Daisy to Junior o Cadettes to Ambassadors may elect to pay council $2.90 and keep 0.60 cents per package and receive no recognitions, they will receive theme patch, Diva Trip for 1000 packages sold or 2000 package elective. Product Sales Task Group presentation at each November Service Unit meeting. Service Unit outline for training is provided for SU training. Council Product Sales Support Job Description – Have each person review and ask questions5 min Safety First Safeguarding Girls Slides 8-99:10 - Adult Supervision9:15 Daylight hours TCCM—Contact Troop Cookie Chair Agreements InformationAnnette Signed Permission slips Follow Safety checkpoints Carry amounts of money Online Safety Guidelines Safeguarding Money Girls turn in money to regularly to troop cookie chairs TCCM—Depositing Use Receipts to track product and money Money and Keeping Your Troop’s Proceeds Troops deposit cash frequently and Banking Troops turn in metered deposit slips cookie cupboards to receive additional Instructions—Fort cookies Worth and Wichita Falls Banking Procedures only Page 2
  3. 3. 20 min What’s Returning 5 Core Business Skills Slides 10-25 (Region and New for Goals for Service Unit inserts Slides,9:15 – 2012 10% increase in sales over last year 15,16,and 18)9:35 5% increases in girl participation over last year’s number as of 1/31/12 SUCCM – page 4 Service Unit Bonus Plan—goals are meet SU will receive .01 cent per packages sold. TCCM— RecognitionsJudy Increase in cookie sales by 10% and Cookie Bucks Increase girl participation by 5% over last year’s numbers as 1/31/12 If a troop meets both of the above goals an additional .01 per package sold bonus will be given. Hand out on Weekly Inventory bonus is 1.5 % or less in inventory left over after the sale. counts Cookie Calc—each folder has your service unit goals Goal Setting with Troops Troop Time Tables by Regions for Troops and SUCC Each SU has their SU Booth Scheduler Cookie calculator What is it? How does it work? Refer to hand out in Why are we doing this? folder on dates and number of booths. What businesses are participating? Booth Locator? TCCM—Booth Troop can place their booth locations on SNAP, council website will direct Scheduler customers by zip codes to your booth. Council will approve the locations. Snap Girl registered to sell will downloaded directly from our GSUSA registrations Weekly counts and reorders Communication with yahoo Going Green with Troop Manuals Page 3
  4. 4. 5 min Booth Sales Booth Sale verses Clean up Sale Slides 26-279:35 – Booth Sale Etiquette TCCM— Booth9:40 Planning inventory for Booth Average items sold per hour. Scheduler and Booth What if my SU Cupboard is running short on cookies? Etiquette Reduce the 3 day return on unsold cookies.Judy Rotate cookies checking after their sale and checking out to another troop for the next day’s booth sales. Check with your regional office and post on yahoo group if you need additional cookies15 min Cookie Sale What is the key to cookie sale success? Slides 28-50 Success9:40 -9 :55 ABC+D TCCM—Girl and Always set goals Parents MeetingUrsula o Cookie Zone o Setting Goals and tracking on line Be @ Parent Meeting o Family Guide Family Training Counts Communicate o Girl/Adult Partnership o Girls who set goals sell 37% more cookies o Hold troop progress meetings o Communicate through the sale Do have Booth Sale o Booth Sales verses Clean Up Sales o How do troop’s have a Booth Sale? o How does our troop have a Clean Up Sale? o Booth Sales Generate Good Business o Booth Etiquette Pledge o Booth Sale Support o Cookie Cases Make a Statement As easy of ABC+D Resources from ABC Smart Cookie Page 4
  5. 5. 10 min Before the Sale Become familiar with Cookie Chair Checklist and dates. Time line on the Check if off Slide 51 your list for service unit chairs SUCCM—Check it off9:55 – your list, pages 6 and 710:05 Do timeline on dry erase board outlining what needs to be done and in what order. Solicit answers from the group to fill the timeline. Dry EraseAnnette Board/Markers Processes and Questions! TCCM—Troop Time Where do I get information on troops that will participate? Table o Product Sales will email out SU current troop registration list in late Nov. when available. o Work with your SU registrar to get a list of new troops and troops that have re-registered. Cookie Calculator by Service Units with your goals. What materials will troops need to make sale successful? How will I set up delivery day? Troops will place troop initial orders in to SNAP by December 5 o SUCC will double check the numbers. o Compare to last years numbers. o Make sure they order in CASES for initial order and NOT PACKAGES. (lead into Inventory Management and SNAP)20 min Inventory and SNAP Slides 52 - 66 SNAP Passwords will be sent out by Regional Product Sales Coordinator. * This may or may not10:05 – Update your Service Unit Information. apply to every region.10:25 Have Troop Cookie Chairs update their information(Name,. address, * See separate file “On email, and telephone number) InventoryCara and Setting up Troop Cookie Chairs passwords Management”Judy Go more in depth at 1:00 p.m. at SNAP Training Inventory Management and SNAP TCCM—Placing your Assisting troops new with initial orders. Troop Initial Cookie For existing troops looking at last year’s records on SNAP. Order. Helping troops to have a troop inventory for the first two weeks of booth sales. Sunday evening counts all troops needs to SUCC by a time you set to Page 5
  6. 6. meet 9:00- 10:00 PM service unit inventory counts and order to Judy. Have troops send orders via email to SUCC directly, easier to track. What is SNAP and what improvements have been made? Under stocked and over stock of inventory. Having an overstock of inventory don’t hide it contact your Regional Product Sales Coordinator. At 1:00 p.m. we will meet with new SUCC and Cupboards to have hands on experience with SNAP.5 min Cookie Now! Cookie Now! event — just a reminder of date, time, fast pass and to tickets are good Slides 67 -6810: 25 – the month of January. Information found on page 21 in the Troop Cookie Chair *Insert Regional10:30 manual. InformationAnnette2 min Recognitions for Theme—What can a cookie do Slides 69 - 70 (Regions10:30 - 2012 Girls vote on selection of recognitions in the summer either at camps or online changes on slide 70)10:32 voting. SUCCM—Recognitions Council Product Sales Committee finalizes the recognitions. TCCM—Recognitions Show recognitions and number of packages sold needed to earn recognitions. and Cookie Bucks DIVA TRIP How many packages need to be sold? Where is the destination of the Diva Trip? What is the date of the Regional Diva Trip? 2000 packages recognitions options Who can earn these recognitions? NEW in 2012 Top Regional Sellers! How many Regional Sellers will there be? Special recognitions such as A Family 4 pack of tickets to Six Flags Over Texas2 min Project Troop to In SNAP will be identified as “Cookie Share” Slide 7110:32 – Troop SUCC will need to keep track of the following at the end of the sale: TCCM—Project Troop10:34 Virtual Sales—troops collect money and the council deliveries the cookies to to TroopAnnette military agencies. Actual Sales—troops collect actual cookies and take to distribute to military bases, VA Hospitals or Welcoming Home Troops at the Airports. Page 6
  7. 7. 10 min Initial Delivery Initial Delivery – Having a successful Delivery Day. Slide 72 - 7410:34 – Day Processes? SUCCM—How to10:44 How many cookies will our Service Unit receive? Operate A Cookie Where will you get that info? Delivery Stations PageCara Who will help on Delivery Day? 9 How much time will it take to unload the cookies? TCCM—Delivery Days When can we start to distribute cookies to troops? Working with troops on that day. Delivery Day pick up is for initial orders and not additional cookies pick up. Troops may elect to reduce initial order at delivery location (FW Region) due to Cookies Now! Inventory. SUCCM—How to What are some do’s and don’ts on delivery day. Operate A Cookie Delivery Stations Page Service Unit Cupboard. How do you get one? 9 Hours of operations heaviest days Thursday to Sunday evening. SUCCM—How to Operate A Service Unit Slow days of cupboards are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. cookie Cupboard page Receive orders from council cupboard Thursday and Friday. 10 Picking up additional cookies from selected warehouses (Fort Worth Region). Return of unsold cookies from the 3 day return on Sunday.45 min Brunch We will start back up at 11:50 a.m.10:45 –11:5010 min During the Sale Managing your cupboards. Slides 75-76 Process11:50 – 1. Receipts– go over in detail. No product moves without! SUCCM—Additional12:00 2. Review procedures for additional pick up. Why do we not deviate from Cookie Procedures these procedures? page 12Annette 3. Count, Count and Re-Count – Keeping up with your product 4. Where will you go to fill orders if you don’t have product on hand? Other service units – Council? How will you know when you need to pick up more SUCCM—Instructions products? Don’t hold on to product that isn’t moving. for Using Receipts 5. Staying in contact with your troops, troops need to give you their needs by page 11 early Sunday evening (set to meet your 9:00 -10:00 deadline with regional Page 7
  8. 8. office) and let you know if they are doing a 3 day return on Monday. 6. What inventory is still with your troops that will be returned on Monday or Tuesday? TCCM—Depositing 7. Cookies belong to the Council not the Service Units. Money and Keeping 8. Banking Procedures (review Regional Procedures) your Troop’s Proceed 9. ACH Form for over payment and Banking a. Form must completed and turned in with final paperwork with troop Instructions Fort paperwork. Worth and Wichita b. Reimbursement will occur when troops on have paid $25.00 or more Falls Regional Banking to the council. Procedures only Solicit questions. SUCCM-ACH Form page 2220 min End of Sale When should cookie cupboard close? Slide 77-79 Procedures Organize troop sale information and schedule times for turn in of paperwork.12:00 – SUCCM—Outstanding12:20 Outstanding balance reports. When do you use? Balance Report page 19Judy Review Additional product procedures. Brainstorm with group ways to eliminate left over product. SUCCM—Reports a. Watch SU inventory closely during the final 3 weeks of the sales. page 16, Forms: b. Promote booth sales. Samples – How, When c. Contact Troops Cookie Chairs to remind them to review girl and What pages 17- recognitions levels or girls close to the level or recognitions or cookie 18, and Final Troop bucks. Paperwork Example Turning in Final Paperwork with the Troops page 20 1. Organize troop balances and communicate with troops on what will be needed at paperwork turn in. Prepare a troop scenario card for each table. Make sure all information is entered in computer. 2. Troop to Troop virtual verse actual cookies (cookies troop will distribute themselves). 3. Review the troop recognition reports did the girls get credit for it. 4. Prepare a list of Diva’s and 2000 level recognitions recipients. 5. Make appointment with Region office to turn in and review paperwork. Who will you call? Page 8
  9. 9. Solicit questions.5 min Recognitions What do I do with them once the boxes arrive at my house? SUCCM—Recognitions12:20 – Distribution and Pulling information from SNAP page 1512:25 missing items Arrival of recognitions in late March or early April o Check order when it arrivesCara o Notify your Regional Product Sales Office of shortages within 7 days What do I do if a troop or girl has an outstanding balance How do troops get their recognitions and cookie bucks When do I give recognitions to the troop cookie chairs o Email troops cookie chairs to pick up recognitions o Take to Service Unit Meetings o June 1return to the Product Sales Department in your region10 min Closing Ask for additional questions. Slides 80 Each table comes up with answers to following questions. Review the Frequently Questions printed on12:25 - asked questions to answer questions. Card Stock for each12:35 1. What did you like best about training? table. 2. What did you like least?Annette 3. Was information you needed to have a successful sale covered in this training? 4. Do you feel confident in your role as Service Unit Cookie Chair? 5. What can the Product Sales team do to help you? 6. Any suggestions for future trainings? Announcements 1. SU Cupboard Training will Thursday, January 5 at 7:00 p.m. for all new cupboards and as a review for past cupboards. 2. Pick up your Service Unit paperwork before leaving today. 3. Volunteer for Cookies Now (Fort Worth Region) let Judy know. Page 9