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WordPress for Small Business Owners presentation. Learn everything you should know about your website in small business (including WordPress)!

WordPress for Small Business Owners presentation. Learn everything you should know about your website in small business (including WordPress)!



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Wordpress small-business Wordpress small-business Presentation Transcript

  • WordPress for Small Business www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • What is WordPress?
    • Why Is It SO Popular?
    • What Is a CMS?
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • How do I get WordPress?
    • WordPress.com is a free blog service
    • WordPress.org is free software
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • WordPress.com is a free blog service
    • signup for: websitename.wordpress.com
    • can't modify theme code
    • have to pay to modify CSS code
    • can't install plugins or themes they don't already have
    • has paid upgrades (like vanity domain names)
    • don't have to pay for hosting
    • maintained for Automattic company, not WordPress community
    • limited customization - but nearly unbreakable
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • WordPress.org is free software
    • requires web hosting
    • maintained by WordPress community (which includes Automattic)
    • can install any plugins or themes you want
    • highly intuitive, fairly easy learning curve
    • unlimited customization potential
    • you break it - you fix it
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
  • Isn't Wordpress for Blogging? www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • Can I Really Create and Manage a Website?
    • WordPress is Free
    • Thousands of Free Themes
    • Thousands of Free plugins
    • What's Your Time Worth?
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • How Much Money Will I Need?
    • WordPress.com is free (but inflexible)
    • Most businesses "self-host"
    • requires a domain name and web hosting account
    • What you spend beyond that is unique to your business needs
    • DO NOT put your website LAST on your list of expenditures
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • Preventative Maintenance Tips
    • Offsite backups
    • Update WordPress regularly
    • Update Plugins regularly
    • Remove unused plugins
    • Use Basic Security measures
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • How do I Find a WordPress Expert?
    • Google search
    • forums or groups
    • outsourcing websites
    • recommendations
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • How Do I know if my WordPress guy IS AN expert?
    • ask for examples of work
    • ask for references WITH contact information
    • get estimates of work in advance
    • ask lots of questions
    • talk with them over the phone
    • pay for only portions of work over time
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • How Much Do I Pay a WordPress expert?
    • You get what you pay for
    • Rates run from $10/hr to $200/hr
    • Compare costs to any other skilled trade
    • Differences are from coaches to coders
    • If you want custom work, you pay a custom price
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • first impressions are everything
    • you have about 5 seconds time
    • it's like a job interview
    • are you trustworthy?
    • can YOU do what I want?
    • is what I want within 2 clicks?
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • The Needs of a Small Business Online
    • listing of services
    • selling products (e-commerce)
    • blogging
    • social media engagement
    • contact forms
    • invoicing
    • generating leads
    • SEO (getting found)
    • email marketing
    • advertising
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • Listing Your Services
    • write in depth descriptions
    • don't put non-relevant services on the same page
    • think off each service page as a "target"
    • know your keywords in advance
    • don't OVER-SEO
    • don't forget the homepage target
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • Selling Products (e-commerce)
    • know your requirements first
    • find the best solution (using WordPress or not)
    • have a dedicated maintenance person
    • be secure
    • cover yourself legally
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • Blogging for a Small Business
    • don't let it be a missed opportunity
    • position yourself as an expert
    • grow in the search engines
    • use it to populate social media
    • give away knowledge as your loss leader
    • Keep people engaged via updates
    • Use examples, case studies, and testimonials
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
  • What Plumber Would You Call? www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
  • What Painter Would You Contact? www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
  • What Lawyer is most reputable? www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
  • Which Accountant Is Best? www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
  • Who Has the Best Pizza? www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • What Have We Learned?
    • Have an extremely visible “call to action”
    • Look as professional as possible
    • Highlight your strengths
    • Don't have a “cluttered” website
    • Is your message “5 seconds or less”?
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • Are You Getting Conversions?
    • Is your website bringing in visitors?
    • Are those visitors converting to sales?
    • What can you do to get more traffic?
    • What can you do to convert more sales?
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
    • Does Your Website have ROI?
    • Every business owners wants ROI
    • If you don't spend (time or money), no ROI
    • ROI is NOT manufactured overnight
    • You get OUT of it what you put INTO it
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com </li>
    • Go BEYOND your website
    • Spend time doing external promotion
    • Network in local meetups and groups
    • Answer questions in forums
    • Connect in forums
    • Connect traditional media to your website
    www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com
  • Questions? www.jtpratt.com www.jtprattmedia.com