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  • An online community A place to gather Share/respond/post/listen/discuss Photos/videos/quizzes/quests/games/opinions
  • Many benefits especially to the ‘hidden curriculum’ the thinking and reflection, the ideas that kids need in order to learn and go forward, skills not content but content gives context Writing and spelling – self-correcting and correcting each other. Were asking me questions face-to-face “how do I ask sam nicely to change his spelling?” “what’s a good way to help Sarah get her work done on time” “managing time and resources as a group – you need to have your bit done by tomorrow Laura because I need to do my bit next. A record of this hidden info!
  • posting videos, images, texts, documents all in one place upload photos and have them discuss – ONE PLACE FOR ALL LEARNING – IT’S THE ULTRANET! Reflection is biggest bonus – others see what I as teacher think, they can agree or refute but must justify.
  • Easy to sign up All staff online, they use it first, understand it and then make use of it in class.
  • Worked with local council, high school and community group (BLS) Online relationships with outside ‘expert’s Inappropriate comments/posts – able to ‘ban’ members and then reinstate. Teachers needed to be aware of need to monitor it – habit developed, no problem
  • Many are not cyber-safe 40% have first and last name online 10% have their address and phone number!
  • Pretend you are a student – click on the ‘im a student button’ add in your name and the class code!
  • What do the kids say? Can you see the learning?
  • Consistency across teams/school Monitoring of site – cant set and forget! School policy needs to be developed Students access – when/how much time/expectations? Privacy _ Edmodo doesn’t require email addresses (even though it asks for them!) Email addresses = spam! Use icon/avatar not a photo – smaller digital footprint
  • Video: social media is here to stay – apparantly! Video focusing on business but there are links here to education – what we teach (need to teach) changes as technology changes. 4 th largest country – facebook – shouldn’t we be using the tools and methods kids are familiar with in order to teach?


  • 1. Whitehorse Network
  • 3. Social networks
  • 4.  
  • 5. Where does it fit?
    • Literacy- discussions, questions, peer reviews, share written pieces, addrss spelling issues, give feedback
    Maths - problem solving , peer correcting, sharing solutions, explaining how, justifying, rethinking, accepting ideas , offering opinions
    • Inquiry/integrated curriculum - sharing resources, a real audience, videos, images, discussions, interviews, replies, questions, share knowledge, reflect , validate sources
  • 6.
    • For students
    • For teachers
  • 7. Our Community Project
  • 8. Where is the learning?
    • A social place
    • Peer learning and review
    • Virtual classroom – anytime, anyplace, anywhere
    • Real-world connections to what they are learning
    • Engaging – even when sick or not working well socially in class
    • Homework links to classroom activities
    60% of our students are already online – including preps!
  • 9.
  • 10. lt6ehu
  • 11.  
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14. Inquiry, Reading, Writing, Planning,Sharing…
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17. Safety First!
  • 18.  
  • 19.