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Overview of Industrial Automation
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Overview of Industrial Automation



This Power Point is a simple overview of industrial automation used at NCC for EMEC254.

This Power Point is a simple overview of industrial automation used at NCC for EMEC254.



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    Overview of Industrial Automation Overview of Industrial Automation Presentation Transcript

    • Overview of Industrial AutomationNorthampton Community College 1
    • Automated SystemDefinition: A Collection of devices working together to accomplish tasks or produce a product or family of products. Northampton Community College 2
    • Automated Systems ExamplesAutomobiles: On-board computer receives inputs from various sensors to control various outputs that regulate the engine’s operation and other functions such as antilock braking. Northampton Community College 3
    • Automated Systems ExamplesAutomobile (Next slide to enlarge) Northampton Community College 4
    • Northampton Community College 5
    • Automated Systems ExamplesHome security systems: The controller receives inputs from sensors on windows, doors, smoke detectors, etc. When the controller receives a signal that a door or window is open, or there is smoke in the house, it sounds an alarm and calls either the police department and/or the fire department. Northampton Community College 6
    • Automated SystemsIndustrial automated systems can be just one machine or a group of machines. This group of machines is commonly called a manufacturing cell.Four basic types of devices in a cell: Production Support Control Feedback Northampton Community College 7
    • Simple Automation Cell CNC Lathe Controller CNC Mill Controller Mill CNC Lathe Barcode Reader ControllerSensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Conveyor Robot Robot Robot Robot Controller Controller Cell Controller Northampton Community College 8
    • RobotsCommonly used in automation cells for:  Moving parts  Positioning parts  Welding  Assembling parts  PalletizingUsed when repetitive tasks are required.Fast and accurate. Northampton Community College 9
    • Types of RobotsSeveral types of robots are available. Each one has its own advantages. Three basic types are: Pneumatic Hydraulic Electric Northampton Community College 10
    • Pneumatic RobotsAdvantages: Used for simple positioning task. Inexpensive Fairly fast Somewhat accurateDisadvantages: Cannot be used for complex tasks Limited in the number of positions they can move Northampton Community College 11
    • Electric RobotsAdvantages: Very versatile Fast Accurate and repeatable Can be used for precision positioningDisadvantages: Expensive Northampton Community College 12
    • Hydraulic RobotsAdvantages: Good for painting and heavy applications Fast and can move very smoothly Can be used in hazardous areasDisadvantages: Somewhat dirty Usually large Northampton Community College 13
    • Robot IntegrationMost robots have digital I/O that can easily be interfaced to PLC’s/PAC’s, computers or other devicesThey are relatively easy to program.Robot positions are taught using either a handheld teach pendent or a computer. Northampton Community College 14
    • Hard AutomationA device designed for one specific purpose and has little or no flexibility.When the product that this device is designed to build and/or handle is no longer manufactured, the device is usually worthless. Northampton Community College 15
    • Support EquipmentIncludes: Automated Storage/Automated Retrieval equipment (AS/AR) Conveyors Hard automation devices Northampton Community College 16
    • PalletizersUsed to take boxes, bags, etc. from a cell and pack them onto a pallet containing many boxes, bags, etc. The palletizer might also wrap the items with plastic wrap or bands to hold them together.Considered hard automation, trends in robotics are making them fall into the support category. Northampton Community College 17
    • Robotic Bag Pallatizer 50# Feed Bag Can also be viewed on YouTube at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbm1DDZD75A Northampton Community College 18
    • Robotic Bag Pallatizer 50# Feed Bag Can also be viewed on YouTube at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1mAhcJo7Og Northampton Community College 19
    • BibliographyStenerson, Jon. Industrial Automation and Process Control. Francis, Ed. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2003. ISBN 0-13-033030-2Encobotics. (2008 February 28). Robotic 50# feed bag palletizer. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbm1DDZD75AColumbiaOkura. (n.d.). Robotic bag palletizer Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1mAhcJo7OgWeatherby, Lee. (n.d.). Accurate automotive. Retrieved from http://www.accurateautomotiveaz.com/index.php?option=c om_content&view=article&id=84&Itemid=90 Northampton Community College 20