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Why Ravens24x7

  1. 1. “Why Ravens24x7.com?”<br />Ravens24x7.com provides new Ravens & NFL content daily<br />Ravens24x7.com reaches a desirable niche audience (21 to 55 years old with the highest level of discretionary income)<br />Ravens24x7.com provide added value by promoting through our rapidly growing social networks (like Facebook & Twitter)<br />Ads are attractively presented<br />VALUE! We challenge you to find better value for your ad dollars anywhere!<br />
  2. 2. Ravens24x7.com Promotion<br />Social Networks<br /> <br />Ravens 24x7 has more social media power than any promoter in Baltimore.<br /> <br />27,000 visitors browse Ravens24x7.com at least 50 times per month.<br />23,000collective Facebook friends<br />2,400message board members.<br />Voted Baltimore’s Best Blog by the fans<br />Ravens 24x7 street team will promote each event with hand delivered fliers at every home game.<br />Our Email Alert list includes thousands!<br /> <br />
  3. 3. Why is internet advertising better?<br />Consumers are spending more time on the web in an increasing number of ways<br />Ads are more specifically targeted to desirable audiences<br />The advertised message delivered is deeper and more meaningful<br />Tracking the effectiveness of an ad is easier and more measureable<br />And perhaps the biggest advantage of all, it provides more value during economic times that demand it<br />
  4. 4. Ravens24x7.com Events<br /> <br />Throughout the year we will host some fun events that will interest all Ravens fans. <br /> <br />Purple Hazeis what you would expect when you combine the energy of diehard Ravens' fans with that of rock and roll music.<br />It’s One O’clock Somewhere It’s One O’clock somewhere is a top 40, happy hour, with a DJ and Ravens player appearances.<br /> <br />Catch The Wave Catch The Wave is a beach themed party with palm trees, Reggae, Jimmy Buffet and lots of Margaritas.<br /> <br />The bottom line is for a minimal investment Ravens 24x7 Events, will increases your exposure, bring quantifiable sales and put your venue on The Ravens Map!<br />
  5. 5. Ravens24x7.com Events<br />In addition to growing your sphere of influence online, Ravens 24x7 Events will do it with real people. <br />Ravens 24x7 can invite Ravens minded businesses to your event. This will not only expand your range of promotion, but add energy to your event. <br />Ravens merchandise vendors<br />Local modeling agencies<br />Cosmetic surgery offices<br />Hair salons<br />Car and motorcycle dealerships and more!<br />
  6. 6.  <br />Header Ad 278 x 62 pixels (Manhattan Grill)<br />LeaderboardAd (Toyota) will be placed at the foot of pages throughout Ravens24x7.com<br />$6.00 per 1,000 impressions (CPM) ~ off season*<br />$8.00 CPM ~ in season*<br />Navigation Bar Ad 234 x 60 pixels (Ravens24x7 Gear)<br />$3.00 CPM (off season), $4.00 CPM (in season)<br />
  7. 7. Bottom Fold of Home Page<br />Banner Ad 120 x 240 pixels (Exclusive 24x7 Gear/RavensTrips)<br />Rotation Footer Ad 544 x 135 pixels (Get Exclusive Gear)<br />$5.00 CPM (offseason), $6.50 CPM (in season)<br />Poll Ad 234 x 60<br />$6.00 CPM (offseason), $8.00 CPM (in season)<br />
  8. 8. Sub Page Ads<br />Content Insert Ads (Ravens Trips) 250 x 250 pixels<br />Feature Ads (Exclusive 24x7 Gear) 250 x 250 pixels<br />$6.00 CPM (offseason), $8.00 (in season)<br />
  9. 9. What Others Are Saying<br />Baltimore Magazine: "It's their almost disturbing obsession with every aspect of the Baltimore Ravens (down to the atomic level) that sets Ravens24x7.com head and shoulders above the other sites.” Voted Best Blog in Baltimore<br />NFL Network Insider Jason La Canfora: I haven't encountered another website that delves as deeply into the match-ups and break things down into such detail. I can't speak highly enough about the<br />content Ravens24x7.com provides."<br />Ravens24x7’s passion for Baltimore football is contagious. Check out Ravens24x7.com daily. You'll learn<br />something about your team every time." ~ Eric DeCosta, Director of <br />Personnel, Baltimore Ravens<br />"I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your website! I am amazed at the detail you provide." ~ Sage Steele,<br />ESPN<br />If you're a fan of attracting Ravens fans, call Todd Today! <br />443-876-5315<br />