Blogging with Coach JT and Mark Taylor


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In this Learning Lab Coach JT and Mark Taylor take you through the power of ActiveRain and how to leverage it to create your own online identity and take over as a Real Estate agent in your focused farm as we call it BLARMING

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Blogging with Coach JT and Mark Taylor

  1. 1. Welcomes You To:How to Dominate Your Market & Attract More Customers Proven Blogging Lead Strategies That WORK! Prepared For:Agents Who Want To:Dominate Their Market
  2. 2. “I’m 39…I don’t understand the Internet2
  3. 3. WIIFM – Today You’ll Take Away1. What is Blarming2. The Art of Blogging3. All That’s Included w with ActiveRain4. ActiveRain Basic and Advanced Profile Set Up5. How to Build YOUR Online Identity
  4. 4. What Are We Competing For?
  5. 5. How Do The Links Rank?
  6. 6. Organic vs. Paid SearchPaidOrganic
  7. 7. Organic vs. Paid Search2-3% of Clicks 1-2% of Clicks95-97% of Clicks
  8. 8. Yes It Is A Word…BLARMING
  9. 9. So What Does It MeanIt is a consistent and cohesive step by step marketing campaign to your farm area.This will ensure that when you are done you will bethe agent of record for that community every time someone searches for a home in that community
  10. 10. How Do I Dominate My Community Post your listing in your farm and get a bunch from your broker onto Epropertysites Blog about it on ActiveRain Blog about your farm area/community and why its cool to live there Blog about the schools that service your farm Blog the past years sales results and appreciation stats Blog on each just sold and just listed as they happen on properties in your farm Blog each month about the monthly current sales and inventory for sale in your farm Blog each month the activities going on in your community NOW WE ARE BLARMING RIGHT? Blog about the trails and or maps of your farm Have me write a blog about the loans available in your farm area Blog about the builders and their floor plans available for new builds and re-sales Now you have just BLARMED your neighborhood!
  11. 11. Blarming Articles on Grayhawk Other Articles on Grayhawk by Mark Taylor: | HOMES FOR SALE | HOMES JUST SOLD | EVENTS | MONTHLY UPDATE | ANOTHER SALE | ANOTHER LISTING | THEGOLF COURSES | GRAYHAWK TRAILS | RAPTOR MAP | TALON MAP | THE PARKS MAP | THE SUBDIVISIONS | SCHOOLS | LOANS |Mark Taylor is a licensed Mortgage originator and is using his blog as an information resource for consumers and to help consumers find Real Estate agents and is no way acting as a real estate agent.
  12. 12. All That’s Included with ActiveRain1. Main Profile2. Outside Blog3.4.5. 6 Community Groups and Referral Network Blog Popularity (Statistics) How to Post a Blog
  13. 13. Basic and Advanced Profile Set UpNow It’s Your Turn 6
  14. 14. The Power 0f ActiveRain 6
  15. 15. The Power of ActiveRain 6
  16. 16. The Power of ActiveRain 6
  17. 17. The Power of ActiveRain 6
  18. 18. If You Want To Be #1 on Google JUST DO IT!