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  • 1. What’s Coming At ArcGIS 10.1
    CSRA GIS Users Group Meeting
    October 4, 2011
    Jim Tochterman, VP – Research & Development
  • 2. First and Foremost…
    Name Changes
    Everything is ArcGIS now!
    ArcGIS for Desktop (Advanced, Standard, Basic)
    ArcGIS for Server
    ArcGIS for Mobile
    ArcGIS for iOS
    ArcGIS for Android
    ArcGIS for Windows Phone
    ArcGIS for Windows Mobile
    ArcGIS SDK for Windows Mobile
  • 3. What is 10.1 All About?
    Sharing & Collaboration
    Deliver GIS Resources (maps, data, tools) as Web Services
    Cloud Computing (Public & Private Clouds)
    Functionally The Same
    Boundaries Of Communication and Sharing Reduced
    Introduces ArcGIS Runtime
    Allows Users To Deploy Focused Standalone Applications
    Extremely Lightweight
    Positioned in the Middle Between ArcEngine & Web Mapping API’s
    Extremely Fast Display
    Does Not Require Installation
    Introduces Spatial Data Services (SDS)
    Allows you to edit spatial data in a standard database without ArcSDE
    Expected Early 2012
  • 4. Desktop Enhancements
    Drag & Drop Support for Excel Files
    GPX to Features Tool
    Quick Loading of GPS Waypoints, Tracks & Routes
    KML to Layers
    Supports Symbols & Pop-Up Imports
    Geotagged Photos
    Create Points From Folders of Photos
    Dynamic Legends
    Change at Different Scales
    “Share As” Menu
    Easy Sharing of Maps & Packages
    Cloud Delivery
  • 5. Server Enhancements
    Performance Enhancements
    Faster querying for “On-The-Fly” Analysis
    Faster Redraw
    High Quality Print Services
    Create Maps from Web & Mobile Apps
    Map Service Enhancements
    Handle Thousands of Layers
    Easier To Install and Configure
    New Architecture
    64-Bit Native Architecture
    Silverlight Viewer
    Quick Building of Application with Map, Editing Tools, Geoprocessing Tasks
  • 6. Mobile Enhancements
    Easier Deployments of Maps and Data
    Using Packages
    Faster Map Display
    Social Media Integration Sharing
    Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email
    ArcGIS for Android for Tablets & Phones
    Coming in October
    Market Application Will Be Available as well
    ArcGIS for iOSUpdated
    App Store Application Updated, More Map Real Estate
    ArcGIS for Windows Mobile
    Designed for more precise data collection (Device Dependent)
  • 7. Deprecation Update for 10.1
    ArcGIS Desktop
    Last Release Supported on Windows Server 2003
    No longer supports Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
    No longer supports ArcObjects SDK for Microsoft.NET on VS 2008
    ArcInfo Workstation
    No plans to release a new version
    Can use 10.0 version along side new versions of Desktop
    Moves to Mature Phase as of January 1st, 2012
  • 8. Deprecation Update for 10.1
    Will no longer be shipped at 10.1
    ArcGIS Server
    Last planned release for the Web ADF’s for both .NET and Java.
    Will no longer support local connection (DCOM). Must use web services (REST, SOAP, OGC)
    Fine Grained ArcObjects through DCOM will not be supported. Migrate to a Server Object Extension (SOE) pattern.
    32-bit Operating Systems no longer supported. This includes ArcSDE.
    Last release supporting Windows Server 2003.
    No longer support publishing of Desktop Map Documents (MXD)
    No longer supporting Access based pGDB’s or SQL Server 2005
  • 9. Esri Technical Certification Program
    The purpose of the Esri Technical Certification Program is to create a standardized level of expertise for the use of Esri products and technology.
    This is achieved by allowing individuals to validate their knowledge, skills and abilities against a proven and measurable level of competency.
    The program is designed around three Esri user domains: Desktop, Developer and Enterprise. Each domain includes multiple tracks and certification levels to establish a hierarchy of expertise using Esri products.
  • 10. Esri Technical Certification Program
  • 11. Esri Technical Certification Program
    Provides a professional development path for individuals
    Creates a benchmark of skills and expertise to aid employers with hiring decisions
    Helps professionals who've achieved Esri Technical Certification distinguish themselves among their peers when seeking employment, projects, or new clients
    Maximizes an organization's investment in Esri products by ensuring staff achieve an established level of competency
  • 12. Questions?