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  • 1. Social Media and Announce Media
    • How to succeed with social media (Focused on FreshDeals)
  • 2. Overview
    • Goals and objectives
    • Social Media Strategy
      • Twitter, Facebook, other
    • Tactics and Ideas
    • Success Metrics
  • 3. Why Social Media
    • 3 of the top 5 Alexa traffic sites are Social Media site (Facebook, YouTube & MySpace)
    • Traffic cost is minimal
    • The reach and connection is more direct than any other form of interactive marketing
    • The “Cluetrain” Manifesto
  • 4. Goal
    • How useful is this traffic?
    • Can social media traffic convert?
    • What limitations should we consider?
    • How do we get started?
    IT’S SIMPLE WE WANT more traffic
  • 5. Objectives Outline your Social Media objective (5 Ws and one H)
    • Who is our demographic
    • What verticals are best to reach our audience
    • When will we see response
    • Where will we access information
    • Why will this information be influential
    • How do we start the conversation
  • 6. Tactics Many Tactics - Few Needed
    • Listening
      • Search for conversations (search.twitter.com)
      • Comment and participate in the conversation
      • Track and measure all traffic (CrazyEgg, Clicky, Radian6, internal)
    • Home Base (Website)
      • How do we integrate social media on the site
      • Icons, Badges, Feeds (Twitter), Social Media Page
    • Passports (Social Media Assets)
      • Twitter.com/site, Facebook Vanity URL
      • Other accounts Flickr, You Tube Channel, Digg.com Linkedin profile and many others
    • Outposts (Tools to reach the community)
      • Feeds, RSS, auto submit features
      • Applications, podcasts, and videos/images
      • Listings: Email signature, cross-promote on profiles, post to forums or listing sites (wefollow.com)
  • 7. Tactics Start the conversion
    • Content
      • Create new content regularly
      • Generate content with the intent of starting a conversion (Make others use your content)
      • Use visuals, videos and brevity
    • Conversation
      • Creating value statements in every comment
      • Disclose anything that is questionable, never be too defensive and be humble
      • Ask questions, create lists and reach new contacts! Defer to experts and learn from each conversation
    • Community
      • Making it about others not yourself (Look at the top businesses http://twitterholic.com/top100/followers )
      • Be human! - People need to trust that the resource is not automated (twitter.com/delloutlet)
      • Know the competition and learn! Learn who visits, why they visit and how they interact
  • 8. Tactics Promotion - Wow that’s slick
    • Face to Face is always the best
      • Business cards - Add handles and urls
      • Be confident! Trust that your social resource is best (Trust Factor)
      • Ask questions | Be brief | Promote others more than yourself
    • Outbound linking is helpful
    • Ads can be useful with a hook
    • Attract guest bloggers and experts
    • Contests and giveaways work!
    • Self promotion is not a practical strategy
  • 9. Ideas Freshdeals
    • Create a deal only account
    • Encourage users to rank products
    • invite guest “deal” experts (mom blogger or tech writer)
    • Tweet deals from a “news” prospective
    • Be the authority with exclusivity and first to market information
    • Free deals can be a resource
    • Look at the deal marketplace
      • twitter.com/delloutlet | twitter.com/TheNegotiator | twitter.com/Buy_com
      • twitter.com/woot | twitter.com/cheaptweet
      • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nutella/11340144318?ref=pdb
  • 10. Success Metrics
    • Fans and Followers
    • Traffic - Visits from passports
    • Activity - Q&A, revenue clicks and signups
    • Dialog or insights
    • Revenue and other company financial goals
  • 11. Tools - Other
    • twitterholic.com | Wefollow.com
    • tweetdeck.com | Hootsuite.com | Cotweet.com
    • FBMl - Static | Promotions
    • Radian6 - Other analytics and monitoring tools
    • Short URL - Bit.ly
  • 12. Where do we start?