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Evan's Exhibition-How to throw a boomerang
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Evan's Exhibition-How to throw a boomerang


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  • 1. Monday, June 7, 2010
    Evan Moore’s Exhibition
  • 2. Social Studies
    Interest Project
  • 3. Social Studies
    Declaration of Independence & The Bill of Rights
  • 4. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    Social Studies
  • 5. Inalienable Rights
    Endowed by their creator
    Social Studies
  • 6. I have amendment number 3.
    Social Studies
  • 7. Math
  • 8. My numerator is 13 less than my denominator.
    My numerator is odd but my denominator is even.
    My numerator is a multiple of 7.
    My denominator is a multiple of 10.
    My denominator only has one zero.
    What am I??
    Riddle # 1
  • 9. I have a tenths and a hundredths place.
    Both of my numbers are odd.
    My tenths place is four more than my hundredths place.
    My tenths place is a multiple of 7.
    What am I?
    Riddle # 2
  • 10. Writing
    College Project & Glogster
  • 11. Evan Christopher Moore
    How To Throw A Boomerang
  • 12. The boomerang is one of the oldest weapons in the world.
    The boomerang was used before bows and arrows were invented.
    The aborigines invented the returnable boomerang.
    History of Boomerangs
  • 13. Aborigine Indians with boomerangs
  • 14. Most of the time boomerangs are made from wood but sometimes they are made other materials like cardboard and metal.
    Boomerang materials
  • 15. Boomerangs were used by Ancient Egyptians for killing birds.
    The Aborigines used 3 types of boomerangs:
    The Ritual Boomerang ,
    The non-returnable boomerang,
    The returning boomerang.
    It was used by the Bushmen Indians for hunting.
    It was also used by the Hopi Indians.
    People Who Used Boomerangs
  • 16. If you are left-handed, grip the boomerang with your left hand.
    Your left hand palm should be facing down to the ground.
    Move your left hand across your body to your right side.
    You can chose the direction to throw – up, diagonal, or straight.
    Step By Step How To Throw Boomerangs
  • 17. If you are right handed,
    the directions are the same but hold the boomerang in your right hand with your palms down.
    Catch the boomerang when it returns.
    Step By Step How To Throw Boomerangs
  • 18. Returning Boomerangs
    Pin-wheel boomerang will return.
    Boombirds will return.
    Tumblesticks will return.
    Australian boomerangs will return.
    Cardboard boomerangs will return.
  • 19. Cross-stick boomerang
    This is a boomerang that looks like a cross but the ends are circular.
    Non-Returning Boomerangs
  • 20. How are boomerangs used?
    They were used in war by throwing them at people and hurting or killing them.
    They were used for hunting by hitting and killing animals.
    They are used for games and fun.
    Fun Facts
  • 21. Boomerangs were weapons used along with spears to hunt or fight
    Fun Fact - Weapons
  • 22. What type of boomerangs is there?
    There is a type of boomerang called a boombird.
    There are Pin-wheel boomerangs.
    There are Tumblesticks.
    You have to make Cardboard boomerangs.
    Australian boomerangs will return.
    Most boomerangs are short so they fly farther distances.
    The boomerang looks like a bird in the air.
    Fun Facts Continued
  • 23. Boomerangs