Back to school night 2010

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  • 1. Welcome to fifth-grade in Room 309
    Please sign in and take any handouts you need from the front table.
  • 2. Parent Compact
  • 3. Contact Mrs. Tiggs
    My blog:
    Comment directly on blog under a post
    Phone: 313.874.9800 x 2309
    Email: Please note: I am much faster at returning emails than phone messages.
    Conferences/meetings: I am available Tuesdays and Friday between 11-11:45 and after-school some days until 4:15.
  • 4. Classroom Rules/Student expectations
    Your children came up with and agreed to these four rules:
    1. Take care of school and things that are in it.
    2. If you want respect, give it.
    3. Walk and be immature at appropriate times.
    4. Work hard and use your time wisely.
  • 5. Friday Folders
    Each Friday a folder will come home with a weekly behavior & work habits report called a Friday Form.
    A check mark next to a category for the current week means that is an area where improvement is needed.
    A parent/guardian should initial the bottom of the page each week.
    These folders are due back on Mondays.
    The side labeled “Keep at Home” has graded papers and other notes that you should READ and keep at home.
  • 6. What do we need from you?
    Help your child practice
    If there’s a test, replicate the conditions of the test
    No TV, stereo, iPod
    Practice math facts with triangle cards or flash cards everyday
    Check ELO folder and homework everyday (blog:
    Look for returned/checked papers, notes and Friday Forms in the purple “Friday Folder.”
  • 7. What do we need from you? (cont.)
    Help with exhibition requirements
    Make sure they read everyday and DISCUSS THE BOOKS WITH THEM
  • 8. Daily Class Work
    Reading-Weekly Reading letters to Mrs. Tiggs, read guided & independent reading books
    Writing-Writing projects, entries in writer’s notebooks, grammar assignments & poetry assignments
    Word Study-Complete Building Academic Vocabulary assignments & Word Study quizzes
    Math-Student Math Journal pages, independent practice assignments, play EDM game assigned, & weekly quizzes
    Science & Social Studies-Journal pages and group projects
  • 9. What can I expect every week?
    Math homework everyday!!
    Facts for 15 minutes
    Study links
    Journal pages
    Weekend Writing homework assignment on Fridays, due Monday. Post on or write in journal 3 paragraph minimum.
    Fridays-Math quiz, Word Study test, SS/Science quiz
  • 10. What can you expect from Mrs. Tiggs?
    Check and return homework by Friday.
    Let you know what learning is going on using the blog.
    Be consistent and fair with students.
  • 11. Writing
    This year will work on grammar and writing genre projects (eg. Personal narrative, mysteries, tall tales, position paper).
    The kids will collect poems, read, write poems and come to learn more about figurative language, rhyming, non-rhyming, free-verse and structured poems.
  • 12. Mathematics
    Right now we are reviewing concepts from last year in preparation for MEAP.
    Soon we will be back to using:
    Student Math Journals
    Math boxes
    Study links
  • 13. Reading Workshop
    Guided Reading groups
    Independent Reading
    Weekly Reading letters
    Sticky notes
    Easy, just right, and challenging books
  • 14. Word Study & Building Academic Vocabulary
    Building Academic Vocabulary
    Word Study Words will be studied with ELO
    Choosing words
    Pencil Marker Crayon
    Making Connections
    Buddy check
    Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
    Tests are on Fridays
  • 15. Extras
  • 16. Questions?
    Thank you for taking time out to spend with us tonight.