APSOTW - King of shaves Creative Brief


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APSOTW - King of shaves Creative Brief

  1. 1. Define character.King of shaves Creative BriefAccount Planning School of the WebJustin Thor Hoyerwhatinfluences.wordpress.comKing of Shaves Creative brief 1
  2. 2. What is the business problem we are going to solve?King of Shaves is currently at 9 percent market share. Gillette dominates the world razor industry with 72percent market share. Schick is the second largest but a meager 15 percent share followed by BIC 6percent market share.We are currently in a $20 billion per annum industry where the amount of blades on your razor is king. Thereis not enough emphasis on the process or art of shaving which is where the King of Shaves prime andprotect lotions and gels can compete more dominantly on the playing field. King of shaves also has theirown freshly designed razor, the AZOR, however, we dont want to get into a blade swinging catchup matcheven though we are proud of the razor we promote.King of Shaves products arent notorious enough to the emerging market to increase our marketshare to take the number 2 spot at 18% market share.Who are we talking to and what is our key insight?We want to talk to people at the origin of their shaving needs (male and female teens to mid 20s). At thetime when we can have the most influence to help create a good process with great products that create aamazing result.Shaving has fast become about getting a close shave at a lightening pace. We want to displace this bygenerating aspirations of character. What its like to become the man or woman you hoped to be when yougrew up - Important, defined, confident, proud and wanted. Note, this doesnt mean that they have to beclean shaven. Definition of character could come from manicuring the perfect gotee.Puberty creates the need for shaving. Its also when character development begins. We all haveidols and desires. Lets harness character building with the act of shaving - Allowing the King ofShaves products to become synonymous with building their character.What do we want them to do?Currently those first starting to shave will grab whichever product has the right familiarity with the right pricetag, or have this option handed to them.We want the target to associate the best buy as the solution that will give them the best result according totheir personal needs of character.We want the target to purchase the range of King of Shaves products - A primer, a shaver and aprotector, knowing that they will be better off with these three products than a single gimmickyblade-filled razor.King of Shaves Creative brief 2
  3. 3. What and who influences their choices?Culture, peers, stars and idols, parents (you cant buy what you cant afford)..Shaving and defining a style can be as complex as defining yourself via the clothes you wear and musicyou listen to.But be conscious that just because someone listens to death metal, they may also listen to classical, asthe musical compositions may be similar.Culture and our experiences define us. Nature or nurture, which ever is done better or moreprominently in the eyes of our target.We are all categorised on sight within seconds of first meet. REMEMBER: Judging a book by itscover still leads to a story somewhere.The proposition – keep it single minded, simple and unsexy.Define yourself by the way you shave.In a word: CharacterHow can we back this up?Jocks, geeks, metro-sexuals, farm boys, surfers, mods, models, rockers, transvestites, hippies,girl-next-door types, burlesque dancers, you and the person sitting next to you...etc..Every 2-6 weeks wereplenish our shaving stocks. And every year more people join our target audience and strive to definethemselves.And with every new cycle comes a new opportunity for the target to consider King of Shaves products.Everyone grooms themselves in some way at regular periods. Every new period is a chance toredefine or create anew.Whats our personality and how should we behave?We want to target defining roles of character. Using the principals of a man dressed in a three piece suitfrom the roaring 20s, complete with handkerchief and pocket watch - now living today.Someone who takes time with the finer things to make the right impression of their character.King of Shaves Creative brief 3
  4. 4. What does success look like?Business wise: Growth in sales. We want to double our percentage within two years and take the numbertwo spot.A viable alternative from the clean shaven poster boys of present.Culture wise: You can always tell between the real thing and a knock-off. We want people to assume thatwhen they see great results, those results are from using a great process (prime, shave, protect) a processdelivered by King of Shaves. It could be men spending more time in the bathroom, it could be more barbershops appearing in shopping centres, It could be King of Shaves co-opting with charities and causes thathelp define character of all-round young up-and-coming individuals.Success looks like a character driven youth. With morals and defined characteristics to match.Where at the age of puberty, future men and women reach for King of Shaves products over others.Mandatories or considerationsPlease consider how the King of Shaves was born. A man in his kitchen working on a better priming gel.From this came the protecting lotion, and then the shaver. Challenging the majors at their own game(Sports stars and razors) is a fruitless quest.The name and the ideology must remain. The ladies products look and feel has just changed andthat also must remain. Everything else is at your mercy.MediaMonth 1 - Awareness of brand: Teaser Campaign (eg. internet only)Create interest: Either traditional methods like: Radio, TV, Print/Press ads, Banner ads, Posters, Billboards, Sponsorships, On pack promo, Celebrity/Paid tweets Or non-traditional: like interactive choose your own adventure youtube videoMonths 2-3: Campaign launchCreate dialogue and engagement: Either traditional methods like: Radio, TV, Print/Press ads, Banner ads, Posters, Billboards, Sponsorships, On pack promo, Celebrity/Paid tweets Or non-traditional: like interactive choose your own adventure youtube videoMonths 3-6: Campaign re-engageTry, like, prefer: If King of Shaves own it. Use it. Especially any form of media that can leverage conversation between the brand the target audience. This list contains, but is not limited to: .com (Brand/product web page), King of Shaves australian blog, Facebook page, Youtube page, Brand Tweets, eDM, the King of Shaves boat, the lady barbersKing of Shaves Creative brief 4
  5. 5. Why not? ! Create a competition to find the King of Shaves characters amongst its users (utilising above media). See above (Whats our personality and how should we behave?).OR ! Create a King of Shaves barbershop in a couple of capital cities around the country, which are staffed by the best barbers of the area, where people are able to get a proper shave using King of Shaves products. Here they can discover their true character - be it bad boy, the boss, the wanted lady, the sports hero. etc. (Theyd pay for the service via interaction on a social media platform to get the word out)Create share value: Utilise emotion of: Lively/Able/Happy/InspiredStage 1Get people to interact with brand creating content utilising emotionStage 2Curate and publish socially made contentStage 3Give audience the ability to curate, publish and share their own versionKing of Shaves Creative brief 5