X-Conf India - Ideas for Personal Retrospectives
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X-Conf India - Ideas for Personal Retrospectives






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  • * Introduction to Retrospectives (Short)
  • Time for ReflectionWhat we (as a team) didWhat happenedHow we felt about it
  • Regular RitualReflection is not natural to usDoing it regular creates a habitMaking it a ritual to stress, that it is a special meeting
  • LearnAcknowlegde ExperienceKeep doing what was goodStop doing what was badAcknowlegde what you cannot change
  • LearnAcknowlegde ExperienceKeep doing what was goodStop doing what was badAcknowlegde what you cannot change
  • Difference Personal Retrospectives vs. Team RetrospectivesIn Your Head vs. Write it down
  • A retrospective about me
  • Write it downRetrospective Meetings are communication in Team -> Sticky Notes support communicationPersonal Retrospectives are happening in Your Head -> Write it down, to help you structure your thoughts
  • Stages of a Personal Retrospecitve
  • PreparationSwitch off anything which takes your focus away (phone, spouse, children)Move to different table/environment
  • Music
  • CalendarToDo ListsMingleJIRA/Buzgzilla etc.
  • Dairy/NotesE-Mails/Call LogsRecorded FeedbackMetrics
  • Put Data in the Timeline
  • Color the TimelineMark the Timeline with PatternsMads/Sads/GladsKeep/Drop/Add Prouds/Sorries
  • See patterns?When came the red in?Were are the implication
  • Goals
  • What could I do?SMART Objectives
  • Make it happenPlan the time (Calendar)Remind yourself (ToDo List)Tell other people
  • Retrospective Letter to yourself
  • ----- Meeting Notes (05/07/2012 23:28) ------ How would you start?- Do you do PRs?
  • My storyenergized to try Retrospectives ⇒ Linda Rising/SE RadioFinished studies and was working for some time what are my goals?Retrospective of Year 2009
  • Retrospective 2009finished studies and was working for some timewhat are my goals?Retrospective of Year 2009Good way to start -> because you have timeTook a Sunday afternoon (4 hrs) Reflected on what happened in 2009 (finished studies & started to work)Put it in a timeline -> started to do Retrospecitves
  • Heartbeat RetrospectiveRetrospective FormRythmAlways the same
  • How would you start your Personal Retrospective?Does anyone practice them and wants to share his view?

X-Conf India - Ideas for Personal Retrospectives X-Conf India - Ideas for Personal Retrospectives Presentation Transcript

  • Ideas for Personal Retrospectives
  • What is aRetrospective?
  • Time for Reflection
  • Regular Ritual
  • Learn
  • Learn
  • What is aPersonalRetrospective?
  • About me
  • Write it down
  • ① Set the Stage② Gather Data③ Generate Insights④ Decide What to Do⑤ Closing the Retrospective
  • Prepare Set the Stage
  • Have Music Set the Stage
  • Data Sources Gather Data
  • Data Sources Gather Data
  • Fill Timeline Generate Insights
  • Colorize Timeline Mads Sads Glads Generate Insights
  • Patterns in Timeline Generate Insights
  • Define Goals Decide What to Do
  • Choose Actions Decide What to Do
  • Make it happen Decide What to Do
  • Write a letter Closing
  • How to startwith PersonalRetrospectives?
  • Retrospective 2009
  • How willyou startPersonalRetrospective?
  • Evolve yourown style
  • ① Set the Stage ④ Decide What to Do • Preparations • Goals • Starting Music • SMART Objectives • Read out Prime • Make it happen Directive ⑤ Closing the② Gather Data Retrospective • Calendar/ToDo Lists • Retrospective Letter • Mingle/Jira/Bugzilla • Enjoy Timeline et al. Cocktail • Notes, Diary, • Closing Music Engineering Log • Feedback • Metrics③ Generate Insights • Timeline • Ask Why 5 Times • Mind Maps • Lists
  • Ideas for Personal Retrospectives
  • Johannes ThönesThoughtWorks Germany (Hamburg)jthoenes@thoughtworks.comhttp://blog.jthoenes.net
  • ImagesTimes for Reflection http://www.flickr.com/photos/paul_everett82/379557067Ritual http://www.flickr.com/photos/pasukaru76/3694736727/Learn 1 http://www.flickr.com/photos/28096801@N05/4023696768Learn 2 http://www.flickr.com/photos/matthewfane/6489257009Write it down http://www.flickr.com/photos/matsuyuki/2328829160Music http://www.flickr.com/photos/tangysd/6816262905Retrospective 2009 http://www.flickr.com/photos/jakecaptive/3205277810Fotos of Me Lukasz Burdzanowski et al.Other Images MS PowerPoint ClipArt Gallery