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Presentation 2.0

  1. 1. Meeting people where they are on the sustainability spectrum and providing information and ideas to make sustainable choices for homes or neighborhoods, schools, business’ or non- profits. Goals: Convene and engage citizens to increase long-lasting outcomes; Encourage public/private partnerships to shape our community’s future; Create an interactive inventory of sustainable practices; Measure and manage results; Reduce the community’s carbon footprint; Promote Dubuque as a national model that can be shared with other cities in Iowa
  2. 2. partnership Platform for Community Sustainability 11 Principals Municipal Climate Action Plan Applies technology Collects and analyzes data Inspires and engages community Builds connection between community and our partners
  3. 3. engagement Specific Engagement- (immediate impact) engaging members of the water pilot soon the electric pilot to encourage regular use of the portal and give feedback Community-wide Engagement- Familiarizing community members with sustainability (immediate impact) concepts, principals easy things everyone can do to save resources and money Encouraging sustainable lifestyles (long term impact) building practices home efficiency improvements use of data systems
  4. 4. Facilitates an engaged community by providing ways to get information and share information about sustainable behaviors and ideas. This is the part.
  5. 5. funding A unique mix of funding supports our engagement effort Business Utilities Local Non-profits State- Power Fund (OEI) National Foundation
  6. 6. partnership Alliant, Black Hills Energy & City of Dubuque Water Dept. Dubuque Community School District & Holy Family Schools – Green Vision Education, Community Outreach East Central Intergovernmental Association – Petal Project/Buyer-Supplier, Safe Routes, Ride-Share
  7. 7. steering committee Alliant Energy Black Hills Energy Carnegie-Stout Public Library City of Dubuque Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque Dubuque Area Campus Sustainability Network Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce Dubuque Art Center Dubuque Community School District Dubuque Main Street Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency Dubuque Multicultural Family Center East Central Intergovernmental Association Greater Dubuque Development Corporation Holy Family Schools Mission Creative Mystique Smarter Sustainable Dubuque Telegraph Herald Western Dubuque Community School District Individual Community Members
  8. 8. engagement Website Green Asset Map- sustainable places, activities, info Information Forum- calendars, events, info, articles, webinars Sustainability Dashboard & Game- resource calculators, 2.0 Challenge game, water pilot portal Toolkits Info resources, journal, tips, Game for underserved and non-internet Community Cafes Hyper-local events- neighborhoods, businesses, schools, groups, etc. Themed to sustainability topics to encourage idea sharing Gaming 2.0 Sustainability Challenge Micro-gaming for water portal, Main Street, buildings or schools Outreach Marketing/Social Media Traditional and Guerilla Marketing Social Networking (Facebook, twitter, Street Jaw, etc.)