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Education Research: Journal Rankings and Citation Reports
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Education Research: Journal Rankings and Citation Reports


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  • 1. Education Research: Journal Rankings and Citation Reports• Your impact author impact, o Google Scholar citation impact o Publish or Perish o Web of Science• Where to publish o “Best” journals journal impact o How to find them• Along the way o Discussion: How to raise profile of Education journals/research? Or does it matter?
  • 2. Assessing author/article impact• Why? o Promotion/tenure • How much have I published? Have my articles, etc. been cited? By whom? How often? o Trace your (or someone else’s) research over time o Find out the big names/big ideas• How? o Tools like Google Scholar, Publish or Perish, Web of Science, etc.
  • 3. Google Scholar• Freely available; easy to use• Generally better coverage of social sciences• Gives the big picture; the general idea• More current• Gives equal rank to everything • Inflated citation counts?  or • What’s missing?
  • 4. Get citationsfor non-journalmaterials(books, videos)
  • 5. Harzing’s Publish or Perish• Uses Google Scholar data• Software download (• H-index o a scholar with an index of h has published h papers with at least h citations each (Jorge E. Hirsch) o reflects both the number of publications and the number of citations per publication rather than simply total number of citations
  • 6. Publish or Perish
  • 7. H-index: 13M. Wesch has published 13 papers eachof which has been cited in other papersat least 13 times.
  • 8. Publish or Perish• Provides a way to manipulate Google Scholar data
  • 9. Web of Science• Impact of article/citation o Number of times cited
  • 10. Web of Science• Cited Reference Searching o to find articles whose authors cited your publications o only includes citations from its core list of journals
  • 11. All the articles that cited Nodding’s2005 article in Educational Leadership:
  • 12. Citation report
  • 13. Use WoS to see allcitations to one author
  • 14. Keeping track…• Create citation alerts
  • 15. Journal Impact• Why? o Where should I publish? o What does it mean that my colleague/student/ new hire published in journal X? o How do I find out more about journal quality?• How? o Journal Citation Reports(WoS) o H-index and other article-level tools o Cabell’s Publishing Directories
  • 16. Journal Citation Reports• Standard source for journal rankings• Impact factor o average number of citations received per paper published in that journal during the two preceding years• Education is not well-represented• WoS: “…covering less than ten percent of the journals in education” (Corby, 2008)
  • 17. JCR
  • 18. Does this reflect your view of “the best” journals?• Problems with JCR/Impact factor o Only indexes highest quality, most influential journals o Has roots in sciences (Corby, 2001) o Pure/hard subjects have higher impact factors than soft/applied (Goodyear et al., 2009) o Education is interdisciplinary by nature; education publishing more diverse (Goodyear et al., 2009)
  • 19. Goodyear et al., 2009• Identified 11 primary journals
  • 20. Where else?• Journal impact: o Eigenfactor o SCImago Journal and Country Rank o Google Scholar: Metrics• Info about journals: o Directory of Open Access Journals o Ulrichsweb
  • 21. SCImagoJournal and Country Rank
  • 22. Google Scholar Metrics
  • 23. Where to publish?• Journal impact just one way to assess journal• Other considerations: o Peer-review? (Ulrichsweb) o Publisher/editorial board (well-known?) o Acceptance rates (Cabell’s) o Scope/ good fit o High-visibility: Where is it indexed? (Klingner, 2005) o Open access?
  • 24. Ulrich’s• Peer-review, info about journal…
  • 25. Cabell’s• Acceptance rates, type of review, etc.
  • 26. Publisher/journal websites• Submission guidelines, contact info, etc.
  • 27. Search in articledatabase
  • 28. Summary• Many tools available• Relying on just one: inaccurate picture?• Use several tools/strategies to tell more accurate story about a researcher/author• Use several tools/strategies to select journal for publication• Ask your Librarian for help
  • 29. For more info and help…• Graduate Education Research Guide o• Jennifer Thiessen o o Ext. 3573• Open Access Week Oct. 22-26 o Sessions from 12-1 every day (more details on library website)