WS-* Protocol Workshop Process Overview
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WS-* Protocol Workshop Process Overview






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WS-* Protocol Workshop Process Overview WS-* Protocol Workshop Process Overview Presentation Transcript

  • WS Protocol Workshop Process The path to interoperable Web Services specifications Jorgen Thelin, Microsoft Corporation
  • Workshops – The Path to Interoperable Specs
    • Purpose:
      • Applying software testing practices to Web Services specs
      • Provide review, testing and validation of WS-* specifications earlier in the spec development cycle
      • Find and fix problems in the specs before they are widely implemented and adopted
      • Gather feedback from implementers, vendors and other interested parties on spec interoperability and usability problems
      • Demonstrate and test of the interoperability achievable using the spec(s)
    • Result:
      • Community consultation and involvement in the spec development process
      • Proven interoperability among spec implementations
  • Workshops - Attendance
    • Open to EVERYONE
      • Anyone who signs a feedback agreement can:
        • Attend feedback or interop workshop
        • Post to workshop mailing lists
    • For example
      • Spec authors
      • Companies with known interest in the spec
      • Authors of competing specs, if they wish
      • Researchers / University staff
  • Types of Workshop
    • Feedback Workshop
      • Gather comments from implementers and interested parties
      • Equivalent to: Code review / walkthrough
    • Interop Workshop
      • Exercise spec implementations
      • Equivalent to: System / integration testing for software
  • Specification State Transitions Interop Draft Author Draft Move to standards org for ratification Workshop Pipeline Spec States Published Consultation Draft Interop Draft Interop Scenarios Feedback Workshops Interop Workshops
  • Compare With: Software Development State Transitions WIP Code External Release Review / Test Pipeline Software States Committed Code Test Cases Code Review System and Integration Testing Internal Milestone Release
  • Feedback Workshop Details
    • Audience: all interested parties
      • Just sign the feedback agreement
    • Goal: Gathering feedback on published drafts
    • Format - 1-day event
      • Presentations for half a day
      • Feedback discussion for half a day
    • Deliverables
      • Feedback to spec authors
      • Suggestions for future interop scenarios
  • Interop Workshop Details
    • Audience: spec implementers
      • Sign the feedback agreement and bring your own implementation
    • Goal: Achieving interoperability between implementations
    • Format - 2-day event
      • Round-table interoperability lab - 1 room, many implementations
      • Hands-on peer-to-peer testing - BYO Laptop
      • Test cases created in advance – included in invite pack
    • Deliverables
      • Feedback to spec authors on implementability of spec(s)
      • Broad levels of interoperability between implementations
      • Suggestions for future interop scenarios
      • (If possible) Live endpoints from ongoing testing
  • Workshop Tracks WS-Discovery, Device Profile for WS Devices WS-Eventing Eventing WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction, WS-BusinessActivity Transactions WS-Addressing, WS-Policy, WS-PolicyAttachment Infrastructure / Metadata WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation, WS-SecurityPolicy, Security Kerberos Binding, WS-Federation, WS-Federation Active and Passive Client Profiles Security WS-ReliableMessaging Reliable Messaging Specs Track
  • Workshop History
    • Feedback Workshops
      • Policy + Security (Trust) – Feb 2003
      • Policy + Security (Trust) – March 2003
      • Reliable Messaging – July 2003
      • Security (Federation) – Nov 2003
      • Eventing – Feb 2004
      • Transactions – Mar 2004
      • WS-Discovery – May 2004
    • Interop Workshops
      • Reliable Messaging – Oct 2003
      • Security (Secure Conv and Trust) – Nov 2003
      • Security (Federation Passive Profile) – March 2004
      • Eventing – Apr 2004
      • Reliable Messaging – May 2004
  • Why the incremental approach?
    • Rome wasn’t built in a day
      • Neither was the Internet, or any major IT infrastructure!
    • Specs take time to settle in and usage experiences develop
    • Building the higher layers of the architecture can point out changes required in lower levels
    • For example: HTML didn’t jump straight to v4.0 – it took time to see what worked and what didn’t
  • Workshops – More Info
    • Workshops Home Page on MSDN
    • Workshops Home Page on IBM developerWorks
  • Workshops – More Info
    • Workshops Home Page on MSDN
      • http:// /webservices/community/workshops/
  • Ways to get involved
    • Visit Workshop web pages for more info
    • Join the workshop discussion groups on Yahoo
      • WS-RM-Workshops
      • WS-Security-Workshops
      • WS-TX-Workshops
      • WS-Eventing-Workshops
      • WS-Discovery-Workshops
    • Come to future Feedback and/or Interop Workshops and give us your input