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Nowadays, mobile is developing more than a gadget. This proposal is explaining how we can change the way of your mobile phone become an extraordinary entertainment gadget.

Nowadays, mobile is developing more than a gadget. This proposal is explaining how we can change the way of your mobile phone become an extraordinary entertainment gadget.

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  • 1.
  • 2. is a mobile video delivery service also mobile videosearch. What any consumer can do is go to the browser on theirphone and, without any application or client,they can go to, click in the search terms they are lookingfor, and play those videos.
  • 3. why built majority of users across the world, Indonesians have warmedup to the idea of ‘snacking’, watching 2-3 minute video on mobile tokill some time.Example online video-sharing sites like Vimeo and YouTube, allows any user that has a mobile phone with an embed-ded video player to watch clips on real-time.By learning on the previous competitor currently, klipku can sup-ports over 5000 devices.But insists since the website does not stream the video,even users that have basic 2.5G internet or GPRS connectivity onthe mobile can enjoy the video access.
  • 4. business model?This is what always we deal on and there are a lot of question like that,“how do you monetize?”our business model is three style. One is for the direct to consumer, it is an advertisingbased business model. We’ll put banners or even just text ads on our search pages, sameas video ads — but we’ll only put video ads for content we have a partnership with.For example, we have content with local tv, ex: SCTV. With the SCTV copyrighted content,we could stitch in video ads and share revenue with them.Second part for the B2B [business-to-business], we have two models. If we power theirvideos, we will do it either on a revenue share model (with their branding), or we willcharge them on a per-video basis. For every video we enable for them, we would chargethem a Rupiah.The last but not least is site powered by who those that dont offer video oftheir own but want to start offering it to visitors. While there is no difference for the user,benefits for business can be significant; enabling online publishers and content owners tomobilize their Web video content via a simple API.
  • 5. is there anybody else?Everyone knows and talk about it.- vuclip as we know that maybe the biggest mobile searchvideo portal inthe last Q3 2011- youtube, the biggest video streaming portal almost inlast few years.- skyfire- mtap- daily motion- vimeo- ripcode
  • 6. différence?Focusing on the market- as we know that indonesia had 20 million mobile data user.Local rich content expertise- we had partnership with all local brandBasic connectivity feature- even the GPRS user can acces and enjoy the videoLocal Based advertising- the grow up of local mobile advertising on end 2011 alsoearly 2012 had tremendously high.
  • 7. design and lay out lite version full version
  • 8. JT 62 811 189 2842 PT Tama Cipta Teknologi Wisma Metropolitan II 6th Fl. Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 29 Jakarta 12920, Indonesia Phone/Fax: 6221 726 16 87 Workshop: Jl. Grinting 3 No 35 Jakarta Selatan 12160