Share point content deploymet presentation Chicago

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SharePoint Content Deployment presentation at SharePoint Saturday Chicago on 10/16/10

SharePoint Content Deployment presentation at SharePoint Saturday Chicago on 10/16/10

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  • 1. SharePoint 2010 Content Deployment
    What is that, who should use that, and when that should be used
    Prepared for:SharePoint Saturday Chicago
    Date:October 16, 2010
  • 2. 2
    What is it?
    Microsoft says:
    Content deployment deploys content from a source SharePoint Server 2010 site collection to a destination site collection. The complete source site collection can be deployed, or a subset of sites can be deployed.
  • 3. 3
    What do I say it is?
  • 4
    That’s great! I’m going to go use it right now!
    Consider your particular scenario. Is it a good fit?
    Farm Topologies are Completely Different
    Servers have specific performance tuning requirements
    Security concerns for content on the destination
    What do you gain?
  • 5
    Content Deployments are horrible! Isn’t there a better way?
    Author on Production via an extended web application
    Custom solution?
    Backup and restore
  • 10. 6
    So what do you need to pull this off?
    Authoring and Production Farm
    Use this for:
    Internet-facing sites
    Extranet sites with read-only access
  • 11. 7
    Next step up…
    Authoring, Staging, and Production Farms
    Use this for:
    Multi-stage approval process business requirement
    Validating content that reflects production environment
    Testing content with custom web parts and code
  • 12. 8
    Now that is to big. What about the little guy?
    Single Publishing Farm
    Use this for:
    Intranet deployments
    External testing/validation is not needed
    When one farm is all you have
  • 13. 9
    I’m still interested….
    Who gets it and who doesn’t…
  • 14. 10
    The Details Please….
    So what does it take to set this up?
    A Path…
    …is the road to get from A to B
    A Job…
    …is the car that drives you from A to B
  • 15. 11
    Enough Talk! Let take a look at SharePoint…
    Spin up that VM!
  • 16. 12
    Common Pitfalls
    Not enough Planning...
    Plan for which server are the export import server
    Plan content deployment paths
    Plan job scheduling
    Plan for large jobs
  • 17. 13
    And the Complexity Continues…
    Keep content in scope
    I exported the child but not the parent
    Use empty site collection as a destination (Not blank!)
    Install required features on destination but don’t active
    What's your patching level?
    Don’t forget the language packs
  • 18. 14
    So What new in SharePoint 2010?
    Database Snapshots!
    Import Settings
    Removed Export part – ‘retry’ is gone
    Custom deployment aware event handlers and feature activation code
  • 19. 15
  • 20. 16
    Javier Barrera
    Twitter: @BlueUser