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21 things
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21 things


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Presentation developed by: Carolyn McCarthy, Frank Miracola, Jennifer Parker-Moore, Melissa White …

Presentation developed by: Carolyn McCarthy, Frank Miracola, Jennifer Parker-Moore, Melissa White
Michigan REMC RITS Group

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  • Frank
    Created by Carolyn, Melissa, Jennifer myself.
    We also formed a focus group of nine administrators from around the state to help not only create the site but hone the capstone requirements.
  • Frank
    These are the key areas of the project and website.
  • Frank
    Key is that all activities must be relevant to their duties.
    i.e. Digital Age Culture 1.
    Create a resource page on the web. Many districts already have one.
    As our advisors stated if they do this is easy to do, just add a few new ideas like a vodcast or podcast, for those who do not have a web presence then it will take a fair amount of time.
    "Every Building Should have one"
  • Frank
    Some are the same as the 21 Things for Teachers
    There are a few that are different
    Instructional Leadership
    School Improvement Tools
    Beta Soon - Initial Launch in Jan 2011
  • Transcript

    • 1. Carolyn McCarthy, Frank Miracola, Jennifer Parker-Moore, Melissa White The 21 Things!
    • 2. 21things4teachers 21 Things for Teachers Launched May 2009 Over 37,000 people have accessed the site Just-in-time training for teachers K-12 through an online interface based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T)   Basic skills that every k12 Teacher should possess      The site is updated in August every year-revised with feedback from participants, instructors and changes in technology  
    • 3. What Makes this Site Unique? 21 Things that are free, online and safe for students to use   21 Things that are based on the NETS-T Assignments that are classroom related Live online sessions or watch the recorded sessions at your own leisure                  We use Adobe Connect for the live sessions    Marzano Connection- Integrating technology into instruction
    • 4. Personnel Skilled in Technology Assessment • Was created by the REMC Instructional Technology Specialists in Michigan • This self-assessment is embedded as a pre and post survey in • Upon completion of the course, teachers receive a certificate from the trainer, stating that they have completed the 66 required hours and that they are a 21st Century Technology Educator
    • 5. 21 Things (a small sample) Basics- Office Shortcuts, Bookmarking and Meeting Organizer Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms Web Page Design, Blogging Communication with Skype, Adobe Connect Screencasting with Jing or Screencastomatic Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety- Staying safe and identifying educational sites Differentiated Instruction- screen and text readers Copyright and Creative Commons Digital Images- Editing and Organizing Digital Storytelling Graphic Organizers and Mapping Presenting with Google Presenter or Prezi Research with MEL/MORE
    • 6. 21 Things Statistics • Over 1000 have attended the face to face sessions • Over 350 have completed for SB-CEUs • Over 55 have completed Graduate Credit • At least 15 ISDs have offered the training to date
    • 7.     • Just in Time - Training   • Online interface for K-12 administrators   • Based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A).    • Discover what teachers need in order to meet the NETS for Teachers (NETS-T).   • Participants who fulfill all of the requirements have the opportunity to earn SBCEU’s.  
    • 8.    5 Key Focus Areas Based on the NETS-A   • Visionary Leadership • Digital Age Learning Culture • Excellence in Professional Practice • Systemic Improvement • Digital Citizenship
    • 9. Visionary Leadership Aligned to the NETS-A and ties in work already being done by an administrator. Select a building-wide initiative that maximizes digital-age resources to meet your goal, such as: School Improvement Frameworks, MiBLSi, RtI, Technology Plan, etc.
    • 10. Capstone Activity for Visionary Leadership a. create a PLN b. using an online collaboration tool, post information related to this initiative and invite a target audience to collaborate c. create an online graphic for this initiative which you share with others d. create a survey to gather feedback on the presentation
    • 11.
    • 12. 21things4students ... Coming Fall 2011... Created by a collaboration of REMC Instructional Technology Specialists (RITS) group Fall 2010 - Initial Pilot with a few classrooms Jan 2011 - Revisions based on feedback Winter 2011 – 2nd pilot with more classrooms June - Aug 2011 - Final revisions Sept 2011 – Ready to launch
    • 13. 211-self-directed 2-Navigating Online 3-TechSavvy 4 Productivity Suite 5. Project Collaboration 6. Web Presence 7 Interactives 8 Digital Media 9 Project Planning 10 Presentations 11. Screen-Casting 12. Career Prep 13. PLN; 14. Info Lit 15. DataQuest 16. Staying Organized 17. e-commerce 18. Digital Citizenship 19. trouble shooting 20. v programming 21. mobile computing
    • 14. 8th Grade Tech Literacy Assessment Formative/Summative assessments: a. Portfolio of work from 21things4students b. RITS 8th grade multiple-choice tech test (content will be covered in 21things4students work and is aligned with the NETS-S and METS-S) •Note: The 2010 (revised 2009) pre and post multiple choice versions will be available in October 2010 from the REMC toolkit.
    • 15. 21 Questions?