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Find My Buzz full report

  1. 1. September 23, 2010 Find My Buzz The Buzz AboutBittersweet Cafe Alexandria, VA 629 64 14% 0% mentions in the last 30 days positive negative
  2. 2. September 23, 2010 Find My Buzz Today, 63% of customers will look to the internet first when deciding to visit a local business. Knowing what customers are saying - and viewing - about your business is a crucial part of managing your business. Find My Buzz helps you achieve this by looking everywhere on the web, filtering out the noise, and presenting you with meaningful and actionable results. This is a report of what customers are saying about your business online, prepared individually for you. Inside you’ll find what you want to know about your online buzz, including where people are talking, what they’re saying, what they love about your business, and much more.Bittersweet Cafe 1
  3. 3. September 23, 2010 Find My BuzzHow much do people likeBittersweet Cafe? Online ratings are one of the first things customers look for when searching for the next place to go. We’ve aggregated all your online reviews into one graph to give you a clear portrait of how online consumers feel about your business. Ratings This graph shows the number of ratings you have at each star level. Your average rating is 3.7 stars. Rating Trend This graph tracks your average rating each month over time. In the past month, your average rating went up by 0.2 stars. Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jul Sep2 Bittersweet Cafe
  4. 4. September 23, 2010 Find My Buzz Customer Opinions about Bittersweet Cafe Our sentiment analysis allows you to know how your customers feel about your business based on what they say online. It’s a survey, without the survey. The tables below show the top aspects that people like and don’t like about your business. Raves Rants lunch (perfect, tasty) cake (dry, bland, greasy) “Take a cupcake, drink an Old-fasioned Lemonade and “the cakes were dry and bland, the frosting was this is the perfect lunch!” greasy and tasted and felt like crisco” “Take a Cupcake and don’t forget your BIG drink for a “Wont order a cake from there again.” perfect and tasty lunch!” overpriced (overpriced, mundane) supersalad (fresh, tasty, healthy, delicious) “I have gone to Bittersweet several times and it is “A large choice of fresh, tasty & healthy SuperSalads!” an overpriced, mundane sand.” “Bittersweet Cafe offers you great SuperSalads: a large choice of delicious salads made to order!” deli (not the best) drink (big, fresh, tasty, healthy) “Not the best deli in the Alexandria area” “we shared a turkey blt and a big drink (its big)” “Come on down to the SnackShak and enjoy a Mango lunch (disappoints, cold, underseasoned) Smoothie or a Carrot & Apple Juice Cocktail, and so many other fresh, tasty and healthy drinks!” “The lunch buffet consistently disappoints with selections ranging from chilaquilas to eggplant food (yummy, fresh) parmesan they are typically cold and severly underseasoned.” “Bittersweet ALWAYS has some sort of yummy food.” “They go out of their way to keep the food fresh and bar (do not recommend) the customer happy.” “Good for weekend breadfast, if you want a sandwich, do not recommend the bar” sandwich (yummy, great) “Yummy cakes, yummy sandwiches.” “The sandwiches are great, the lemonade is amazing, and the cupcakes are a real treat.”Bittersweet Cafe 3
  5. 5. September 23, 2010 Find My Buzz Where People Are Talking About Bittersweet Cafe People use the web to make informed decisions about which businesses to visit. This means you not only need to have a web presence, but you need to know what web presence looks like. The problem is, there are too many places to look. We help to point you in the direction of relevant conversations about your business.Type of Sites The graph to the left shows the type of sites on which people are talking about your business. This is an indicator of the type and quality of conversations. For example, reviews will typically be well-written essays that contain useful feedback. On the other extreme, Twitter updates are always less than 140 characters, and contain less information. The majority (86%) of talk about Bittersweet Cafe happens on Social sites, which accounted for 543 of 629 mentions. Social 85 % Reviews 7% Blogs 5% Other 3% Links, Tips, Forums Top Sites Site Site Type Activities % Activities The table to the right shows the top sites on which people are mentioning your business, in addition to the Social 307 50.8% type of site (review, blog, Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook, etc.) and the number of mentions per site. Social 207 34.3% Reviews 24 3.9% Reviews 11 1.8% Tips 8 1.3%4 Bittersweet Cafe
  6. 6. September 23, 2010 Find My Buzz What People Said About Bittersweet Cafe “Buzz” -- it can mean the difference between make and break for your business. We covered the what and where in previous sections, now we show you how much you were talked about. Amount of Activity 160 This graph shows the amount of social media activity about your restaurant over time. 120 The table below shows a few of your 80 social media mentions including who mentioned your business, the date and time of the post, and where the post 40 was made. 0 Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jul Sep Social 85 % Reviews 7% Blogs 5% Sample of Comments KatieHall (Katie Hall) 10:45pm, 09/04/2010 via @BittersweetOT Thanks! You guys are my favorite lunch spot. Tasty ginormous tea and yummy chocolate cupcakes. ;-) Ethan Lane 5:00pm, 08/01/2010 via Beyond the rating itself, the more ratings given, the more people will trust it. Having a good rating is one of the Good breakfast spot when you have your dogs along and need to sit outside. Fair warning, they microwave their eggs for sandwiches. Right in front of you. Even McDonalds has the decency to do it behind a wall to keep up the illusion. Meredith Y. 5:00pm, 05/02/2010 via We came here during Saturday brunch and FYI, the brunch bar is by the pound and resembled something youd find in a mess hall so I personally think youre better off just ordering standard from the menu.Bittersweet Cafe 5
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