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  • 1. twitter: jtag
  • 2. Marketing for Startups Toolbox Workshop DLA | Piper, Palo Alto, CA June 12, 2010
  • 3. Branding Marketing Customer Relationships Public relations Social Media
  • 4. “Perception is reality.” Marketing is as valuable as your product Marketing (and Design) connect you to customers. It organizes information and convinces through emotion. It is helps to raise $, acquire customers, attract employees, enable your business to grow.
  • 5. Marketing for Startups Design Design Know yourself Content Branding Engineer a brand/ and Writing Customer Dev social experience Social Media your customers Public Relations YOU Brand experience Put yourself Public Relations Customer Dev Evaluate your Metrics Social Media out there, Feedback efforts Public relations consistently
  • 6. Know yourself and your customers
  • 7. “Know thyself.” • Who are you? • What do you do? • Why does it matter?
  • 8. “It’s not what you think, it’s what your customers think.” Know your customers.
  • 9. “Extreme Customer Support” • Gain high-quality feedback. • Builds early adopters/spokespeople. • Strengthens trust, reinforces 1:1.
  • 10. Customer Personas • Create (fictional) personas for 2-3 segments of your audience. • Consider demographics, socialgraphics, psychographics... STAY CONNECTED TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS! • Refer to when planning goals, and deciding media, design directions, copy writing, etc.
  • 11. Know your competition But focus on your own direction the most.
  • 12. Name & Logo Possibly a tagline
  • 13. Facebook Your name should be: Craigslist RescueTime 1. Distinctive Airbnb 2. Descriptive Posterous YourVersion 3. Short ClearBits 4. Appropriate EngineYard 5. Easily spelled & pronounced Kissmetrics Dropbox 6. Likable, good “mouth feel” Twitter 7. Protected ™ Citizen Space
  • 14. Legal Torrents ClearBits openoopen openculture opencontent opendistribution clearcontent clearmedia
  • 15. Tagline ClearBits Distribute Everything. Citizen Space A Nicer Place to Work. The Helmet Lock Lock Your Lid. Engine Yard Rails in the Cloud.
  • 16. Logo 1. Distinctive 2. Relevant 3. Memorable 4. Extendable 5. Depth Identifies, differentiates and reinforces your brand.
  • 17. Designing your identity Do it yourself Graphic Designer Clip Art Referrals, AIGA, Coroflot Crowdsourced Logo website
  • 18. Put yourself Craft a brand/social out there, experience consistently Social Media • Content associated w/your company Marketing • Customer loyalty (micro) • Easy • Affordable • Word of mouth, viral (macro) • 1:1 and “1:1”
  • 19. Social Media How do you share your content? • Web site • Twitter • Blog • Facebook • Email newsletters • Whitepapers • Email signatures • Webinars • YouTube • Podcasts • E-books • Vlogs • Flickr • Presentations
  • 20. How do you create content? • What are you doing? • Write about making your product. • Ask a question and answer it. • Conduct polls, ask questions and post • Find your strong p.o.v. answers/results. and express it. • Post other’s content • Solve a customer’s about your product. problem. • Crowdsource • Don’t “sell” your something cool product. (video, event, etc.) Edward Boches
  • 21. Public Relations • You directly influence and generate media • Your customers generate your pr online. • News releases have multiple uses • Target/befriend influential bloggers • 1:1 customer interactions en masse • Apologize if you mess up • Opportunities to measure
  • 22. “You can’t delete a cereal box.”
  • 23. Evaluate your Get feedback. efforts • Google analytics • • Online polls • Focus groups • Facebook tools • Customer dialogues •
  • 24. Some resources to explore BOOKS BLOGS + WEB The New Rule of Marketing & PR David Meerman Scott Made to Stick Chip Heath & Dan Heath REWORK Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design Marty Neumeier
  • 25. twitter: jtag Thank You. Questions?