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  • Today I'm going to go through a number of non-powerpoint tools that will help you either create a presentation or augment one. 
  • Term for presentation programs.
  • There is more I am sure but the two main competitors to powerpoint on the desktop are OpenOffice Impress & Apple's Keynote.  They have mostly the same feature set as Powerpoint.  OOo is open source & free and works on most OSs. Keynote comes as part the Mac office software. 
  • These are all "cloud based" presentation software.  Ability to create, store & run presentation from browser or any machine/OS.  Can "publish" slides to obtain public url &  chat (Zoho Show & Gdocs) during presentation.  Gives you ebeddable code for a a webpage. 
  • Prezi In its own class.  A zoomable non-linear animated canvas.  Create motion paths  No slides. Tilt/zoom, drag  insert images, video flash based
  • Google Docs Presentation & Zoho Show both allow sharing & collaborating on slide.  If you are working with a group or team, simply invite collaborators to slides & they can edit or add slides.  No more sending back & forth files over email.  
  • Slideshare is where you can host your presentation & share them with other.  It has social features, so people can favorite or comment on your slides. It also links up with other services like facebook & linkedin.  Similarly, Google Preso & Zoho you can make "publish" your presentation with a publicly available URL. 
  • Hashtag is a keyword prefixed with the pound sign used in twitter. It allows you to filter twitter tweets.   create a hash tag for your preso (#sdcpub) Ask people in audience to tweet a question or comment to the hashtag in twitter monitor during Q&A or have a friend monitor during presentation CAVEAT - be careful of projecting the twitter backchannel on stage! 
  • A service where you can create a simple txt based poll. Respondents txt a question or response with a number or keyword to SMS 22333 and the results are presented on a webpage.  Has free & pay model.  This poll is live & you can txt a question that I will montior. 
  • Screen capture is where you make a video of your screen movements over time.  This is ideal for when you want to make a video of a tutorial or demo a new product or tool.   Captivate & Camtasia are cost, but are full featured.  Jing is free desktop client with nice 'upload & share features. Screen Toaster is fully web based - no download required, starts from the browser.  All support audio. 
  • If you have any questions, hopefully we will have time during the panel session.  I'll look at the hashtag #sdcpub on my cell for questions & comments. 
  • Beyond power point

    1. 1. Beyond PowerPoint Tim Dennis Slides:
    2. 2. Slideware
    3. 3. Client Based
    4. 4. Online Presentation Tools
    5. 5. Prezi
    6. 6. Collaborate
    7. 8. Share
    8. 9. Upload & share your presentations with SlideShare.  Embed a playable slideshow in your blog or webpage.
    9. 10. Engage 
    10. 11. Create a hashtag for your talk. Most effective for Q&A after presentation. TRY IT: Tweet a comment or question & include #sdcpub now.
    11. 12. Poll Everywhere
    12. 13. Screen Capture
    13. 14. Thank You! SlideShare: Google Doc: Handout: