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  • Ask them questions, kick this off by understanding the client and what their key business needs and initiatives are
  • No matter how you measure it (technology, size, culture), Volt is a leader in our industry. <perhaps add example explaining the Fortune Magazine criteria>Explain SIA and their role in ranking. We have a corporate membership and access to daily updates. What does this mean to you- We are an industry leader in the acquisition and management of talent, we understand that your business runs on talent.
  • We are financially stable, and positioned as a leader in our industry and a strong business partner 100 % company owned and operated with over 300+ servicing locations in the US-, much of our competition are franchised We have a strong client presence with Fortune 100 companies. We are proud of our work with 28% of the Fortune 100, and 47% of the Fortune 500 companiesAs a Six Sigma company, we offer the benefit of exceptional delivery capabilities with our service quality and responsiveness.Our organization thrives on innovation. Transition statement- What trends or growth strategies have you seen within your organization?
  • Volt is a Six Sigma company, which means that we are focused on driving continuous improvement in our client facing processes In Recruitment and Delivery, for example, we will analyze what’s working, and areas of improvement, and we will make recommendations to reduce time-to-hire process (e.g. hiring sessions, on-line candidate testing, etc.). Our approach is consultative. What that means is that we will listen to you, and incorporate the “voice of the customer” into our proposed solutions. Our goal is to be a long-term strategic business partner. We have over 600 employees certified at different Six Sigma levels, including 2 Master Black belts, and 70 Champions at a leadership level, and, we offer Six Sigma sessions to our clients>Speak to Six Sigma strengths from a project perspective. Competitiveness, efficiency, velocity, successTransition Statement- How do you measure success? What initiatives do you have in place to improve processes and decrease costs?
  • We can bundle or unbundle our services based on your business objectives. Three different components in our service portfolio, Talent Acquisition, Professional Search and Managed Services.Our goal is to take a consultative approach based on our Workforce Architecture experience. Placement #s on-boarded over 140,000 contingent employees in 2008 Difference between Executive Search, Contained Search and Professional Search: Executive Search would be management positions in a company.  Any management position.  Contingent Search.  25%+ of annual compensation upon placement.Professional Search – can encompass Executive – but also those who earn professional degrees and certifications – (Don’t have to be management.)  Accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, IT professionals, scientists, sales, etc. Our niche specialties.  Contingent Search.  20%+ of annual compensation upon placement.Retained Search  – high level – usually directors and above.  The retained search recruiter has an exclusive engagement.  They will be paid, regardless of placing one of their candidates.  They will review internal and external candidates.  Typically they are paid 1/3 when taking the assignment, 1/3 on submittals, 1/3 on finalization or placement.  % of annual compensation – starting at 30% and above.  (Well known firms – Korn Ferry.  Heidrich and Struggles.)  Transition statement- What information would help you when making future business decisions?What model has worked best for you when acquiring talent?
  • This slide depicts the breadth and depth of our Workforce Solutions service offerings What areas or positions are most critical to the success of your organization? We also have specific practice areas of specialization within these categories. For example, we have an SAP Practice which focuses on SAP requirements. If appropriate, you can ask, Do you currently have an ERP platform solution? (e.g. SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, other?). If so, what is it and what does the current landscape or projects look like?Transition Statement- What skill sets are most difficult to find in your market? What positions are candidates most attracted to in your organization and why ?
  • The purpose of this slide is to speak to what you heard during your qualification. What’s important to them? Subject matter expertise: Volt’s people provide expertise in specific practice areasPerformance metrics: Discuss fill ratio / interview to hire / SLAsContinuous Improvement: Speak to the fact that we never stop with “good enough”Business Intelligence: Cost analysis: Transition statement- What areas of this solution would be most important to you? What kind of solutions have you implemented?
  • Our proven recruiting methodology depends on our ability to partner with your hiring managers, saving them time and providing quality of talent every time we deliver. There are a couple of key areas to point out that serve as Volt differentiators When we receive an order, we conduct an order qualify (preferably with the hiring manager), where we gain a detailed understanding of hard and soft skill requirements, or “must haves”, their priority, and other critical information that allows us to conduct a successful recruit (e.g. culture, project, team make up, budget, why should someone be interested in this position?, etc.). Then, when we present a candidate to you, we create a candidate submittal that is basically the recruiters assessment of how the candidate matches up to those requirements. We also include the candidates’ Resume, salary requirements, availability, etc. This proven process has yielded the following results across Volt <add quality metrics such as time to hire, or submittal-to-interview, interview-to-hire, submittal-to-hire, and/or maybe just bottom line number of positions filled…> At the core of this process is our investment in Training:Recruiter methodology training – one-week training with ongoing development programsTechnology training – two day-long sessions on technology and ongoing training through vteonlineMSP support trainingProfessional Placement trainingSix Sigma trainingE-learning module sessions on: co-employment, HR issue resolution, sourcing strategy, knowledge builders, termination/separation training
  • We use a variety of recruiting sources. When we embark on a search, the Recruiter develops a Recruiting Strategy specific to the position. The strategy includes referrals, re-activates, and best practices in today’s recruiting such as social networking sites, creative internet search strings, and the ongoing building of candidate pools for common or hard-to-find position types. We then systematically work through the Sourcing Strategy, aggressively contacting candidates, until the position is filled.Speak to the fact that “Your skill requirements, location, and hiring manager preferences are the foundation for us to deploy candidate recruiting strategies to locate the right candidate match”Internet recruiting portal: When a recruiter post a job to the IRT they have several different job boards to choose from, Monster, Career Builder and Hot Jobs.  You check a box to determine which job boards they want to use.  All VTR job postings go to Dice as well, and they get pushed out to many independent job boards.  Remind prospects that the current market won’t stay this way, we are prepared for the recovery and can respond due to our deep history as a technical recruiting company. Transition Statement- What social networking sites have been beneficial for you?
  • One of our recruiting tools, is our award-winning Contextual Search technology feature, which is embedded in Volt’s Resume/Applicant Tracking System. Contextual Search is a significant enhancement to a keyword search. It’s based on artificial intelligence technology that reads and interprets the actual words in the Resume, and as a result understand the contextual relationship between words, thereby providing a more powerful search resultContextual search is more than a word match, it’s people touching people.
  • We find our candidate through sophisticated marketing materials, specific to their geography, the market, and the voice they want to hear from a recruitment partner.Aspire Candidate Material = Volt Technical & Creative Communication“You Deserve to Have A Job You Love” = Respectful candidate acquisition on Chicago Transit commuter rail“With Change Comes Opportunity” = Speaking to the candidate during difficult economic timesTransition Statement- What would you want a perspective candidate to know about your company? What are you most proud of?
  • Speak on the timekeeping at more of a functional level. On Electronic timekeeping, give the options, rather than branding as eTime. Speak more to a functional level, become tool agnostic rather than focusing on our products. We have a menu of options, we’ll interface with what you have or show you what is available.
  • The final step is to align with their needs, and speak to what’s important to their business. “With Change Comes Opportunity” : If the dialogue hasn’t already taken you here, ask them about changes in their business, what opportunities are presenting themselves with these changes.
  • Volt Capabilities Overview

    1. 1. Volt Technical ResourcesCapabilities Overview<br />
    2. 2. Recognizing Your Business Need<br />At Volt, we understand that:<br /><ul><li>The foundation of a consultative relationship begins by listening to you</li></li></ul><li>Industry Leadership<br /><ul><li>Top-tier industry leader, rated by Staffing Industry Analysts
    3. 3. Top tier leader in Information Technology and Engineering Service
    4. 4. Top 10 U.S. staffing firm
    5. 5. Top 20 global staffing firm
    6. 6. Information Week 500 award for Contextual Search
    7. 7. Fortune magazine’sMost Admired Companies
    8. 8. Founding member of Hire America’s Heroes</li></li></ul><li>Volt’s Strength & Stability<br /><ul><li>59 years of success
    9. 9. Financially strong, publicly traded NYSE
    10. 10. 100% company-owned global servicing locations
    11. 11. Six Sigma company
    12. 12. Tenured executive management
    13. 13. Fortune 1000 company</li></li></ul><li>The Six Sigma Commitment to Quality and Improvement<br />Six Sigma benefits – Identifying new efficiencies, improving processes and exceptional delivery<br /><ul><li>Turnover/retention
    14. 14. Cost savings
    15. 15. Candidate quality
    16. 16. Time-to-fill</li></ul>Six Sigma and Volt<br /><ul><li>Driving process improvement
    17. 17. Partnering on Six Sigma projects
    18. 18. Identifying and resolving challenges </li></li></ul><li>Service Portfolio<br />Professional<br />Search<br />Managed<br />Services<br />Talent<br />Acquisition<br /><ul><li>Contract
    19. 19. Contract to Direct
    20. 20. Referred Employee Services
    21. 21. Independent Contractor Management /1099
    22. 22. Direct Hire
    23. 23. Professional Search
    24. 24. Executive Search
    25. 25. Retained Search
    26. 26. Onsite/Offsite
    27. 27. Preferred Vendor
    28. 28. Master Vendor
    29. 29. Managed Services Provider
    30. 30. Vendor Management Systems
    31. 31. Recruitment Process Outsourcing</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Accounting
    32. 32. Finance
    33. 33. Human Resources
    34. 34. Engineering
    35. 35. Information Technology
    36. 36. Technical
    37. 37. Support
    38. 38. Design
    39. 39. Electronic Media
    40. 40. Marketing
    41. 41. Tech Communication
    42. 42. Tech Sales
    43. 43. Administrative
    44. 44. Customer Care & Call Center
    45. 45. Sales & Marketing
    46. 46. Manufacturing & Assembly
    47. 47. Warehousing & Fulfillment
    48. 48. Management
    49. 49. Accounting & Finance
    50. 50. Life Sciences
    51. 51. Human Resources
    52. 52. Engineering
    53. 53. Information Technology
    54. 54. Clinical Research & Operations
    55. 55. Medical
    56. 56. Manufacturing
    57. 57. Regulatory
    58. 58. Scientific</li></li></ul><li>Designing a Complete Solution<br />People<br /><ul><li>Tenured & knowledgeable
    59. 59. Niche & subject matter expertise
    60. 60. Industry-leading training programs</li></ul>Business Intelligence<br /><ul><li>Cost analysis
    61. 61. Operational analysis
    62. 62. Performance metrics</li></ul>Continuous Improvement<br /><ul><li>Six Sigma
    63. 63. Examine all processes
    64. 64. Repeatable & proven processes</li></ul>“Our program teams conduct ongoing assessments at all levels—companywide, regional/business division and local—allowing us to keep a pulse on your business climate, to forecast, and to ensure that we have qualified resources when and where you need them.”<br />Jake Packebush, National Account ManagerVolt Technical Resources<br />Technology<br /><ul><li>Efficient
    65. 65. Consistent
    66. 66. Transparent</li></li></ul><li>People – Training and Tenure<br />Recruiting Mission Statement<br /><ul><li>Our best-in-class teams deliver quality talent following our proven recruiting methodology, leveraging technology and establishing and sustaining partnerships</li></ul>Volt Recruiters average 6.2 years of industry experience<br />
    67. 67. Sourcing Talent through Flexible and Localized Recruiting<br />Traditional Sourcing<br /><ul><li>Employee referral
    68. 68. Community recruiting
    69. 69. Job fairs
    70. 70. Open house events
    71. 71. Redeployment campaign
    72. 72. Colleges & schools
    73. 73. Print ads and medium
    74. 74. Industry associations</li></ul>E-Recruiting<br /><ul><li>Jobs.volt.com
    75. 75. Internet recruiting portal
    76. 76. On-line job board integration
    77. 77. Virtual job fairs
    78. 78. Career-related sites
    79. 79. E-Broadcasting
    80. 80. Community job boards
    81. 81. Video broadcasting
    82. 82. Social networking</li></ul>Targeted and Strategic<br /><ul><li>Field/industry specific
    83. 83. Partnerships
    84. 84. Contextual Search
    85. 85. Referral programs
    86. 86. Co-branded recruitment
    87. 87. Leveraging the Volt brand
    88. 88. Network affiliations
    89. 89. Hiring sessions</li></ul>VoltTrack’s proprietary database of over 4 million candidates is also integrated with leading job boards including monster.com and careerbuilder.com<br />
    90. 90. Contextual Search<br />The Ideal Candidate<br />Position Qualifications<br />Senior Web Developer<br />95% Match.NET Developer, recently completed web-based patient tracking application<br /><ul><li>Computer Science BS, .NET Certification required
    91. 91. Web development experience within the last year
    92. 92. Healthcare industry experience</li></ul>Equally Qualified Candidates<br />88% Match<br /><ul><li>.NET Certification
    93. 93. Web development experience</li></ul>91% Match<br /><ul><li>.NET Certification
    94. 94. Computer Science BS</li></ul>93% Match<br /><ul><li>.NET Developer
    95. 95. Past HMO employment</li></li></ul><li>Increased Candidate Acquisition<br />
    96. 96. Workforce Management Technology<br />Applicant & Requisition Tracking : VoltTrack Elite<br /><ul><li>Resume management
    97. 97. Interview management
    98. 98. Real-time reporting</li></ul>Client Portal : Volt Link<br /><ul><li>Created by Volt specifically, combines program details
    99. 99. Information portal
    100. 100. Client branded</li></ul>Electronic Timekeeping : Volt eTime<br /><ul><li>Online reporting
    101. 101. Real-time review and approval
    102. 102. Timecard notifications
    103. 103. State and Federal law compliance</li></li></ul><li>Why Companies <br />Choose Volt<br />
    104. 104. Questions?<br />My Contact Information:<br />Jason Williams<br />Client Solutions Mgr.<br />Boise, ID <br />208.375.9930<br />jswilliams@volt.com<br />