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Social and Digital Media Strategy

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Digital marketing strategy_9.08_original-3

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Strategies & Objectives for 2009 Jim Venable Sr. Director Consumer & Interactive Marketing
  2. 2. Integrated Marketing Web/Interactive Marketing Drive web traffic thru SEO, SEM, Banner Ads, E-marketing, PPC, etc.. Increase brand awareness and extend touch points that push customers through the purchase funnel. Drive consumers to NewCo practices for treatments Create engaging experiences with Customers and Consumers that promote awareness, loyalty, advocacy and purchase behavior. Digital Media Pillar of Integrated Marketing dept. Provides the word of mouth vehicle that will building awareness and motivate purchases Continue with top 25 influencer site monitoring and outreach. Maximize Fraxel YouTube channel. Add Social media to mix - Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Marketing Communications Build trust and drive awareness for NewCo and its portfolio of brands with key B2B and B2C constituents Earn and maintain the dominate Share of Voice in the market Reinforce differentiation that sets us apart from competition thru consistency of voice, tone and message
  3. 3. Digital Media Services – Summary
  4. 4. Digital Strategy Overview <ul><li>Social Media </li></ul><ul><li>Hosted community for NewCo customers. E.g. Fraxel Forum, Thermage Talk, etc… </li></ul><ul><li>2) Branded Social media E.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc… </li></ul><ul><li>Hybrid of controlled and consumer driven engagement for conversations and learnings </li></ul>brand awareness, customer acquisition, consumable revenue, customer service, product pipeline Focus on key influencer. Top 25 key sites for Customer, Consumer and Cross Audience Tiered engagement strategy. 1) General outreach; 2) Site specific outreach; 3) General Monitoring; 4) Paid NewCo Ambassadors are key. Identify social network ‘content contributors’ within NewCo customer base and arm them with data. Social Networks Blogs and Online News Reputation Aggregators Online Communities Satellite and Mobile
  5. 5. 2009 Objectives: Support Strategies and Tactics Interactive & Web Marketing brand awareness, customer acquisition; consumable revenue SEO – Optimize web copy, messaging and content to drive organic on line search traffic to Thermage and Fraxel websites SEM – Bid on key search words / terms that are relevant to the conditions treated by NewCo products Banner Ads –targeted product/ treatment specific ads on key sites Emarketing – Develop, execute and measure as a key tactic across all Customer targeted campaigns. RSS Feed – pushes opt in frequency with NewCo.
  6. 6. 2009 Objectives: Support Strategies and Tactics Media & Marketing Communications Consumer Outreach – Ongoing pitch of brand and product specific message to key influencers. E.g. consumer pub editorials, t.v coverage, etc… Trade Outreach- Product and Event specific campaigns to gains share of mind/voice with customers, drive traffic to tradeshow booths, etc.. Digital/Social – daily monitoring/engagement of key influencers to identify trends, drive traffic, increase loyalty and educate. brand awareness, customer acquisition, consumable revenue Media Monitoring – provides ‘power of the brand’ data; quantifies ROI of initiatives, refreshes web content
  7. 7. Appendix
  8. 8. Interactive Media - Strategy Central
  9. 9. Fraxel Channel on You Tube
  10. 10. Social Media
  11. 11. Fraxel on Tour 2 month - 20 city tour Fraxel treatments street side Daily Tweets