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Ga Ga Presentation Transcript

  • Graduate Assistantships JSU Center for University Scholars Policies for Faculty Supervisors
  • Eligible ApplicantsFull-Time Tenure-Track JSU FacultyPreferred Applicants Pursuing Productive Research Agendas Implementing Course Innovations or Re-Designs Engaged in Interdisciplinary Teaching Collaborations
  • What It IncludesPayment for Graduate Assistant Work $8/hour for master’s students or $10/hour for doctoral students Students may work a maximum of 20 hours per week.It does not include a tuition waiver or tuition assistance.
  • Application and Approval ProcessComplete an online request for a JSUCUS-funded graduate assistantship. Graduate assistantships are not automatically renewed.Wait for approval of that request from the Center’s director. This is not an approval for the student to work.
  • Application and Approval ProcessDesignate a student to fill the GA position. The student must be enrolled in at least nine semester hours of courses pursuing a JSU graduate degree to be eligible (even in the summer). Upon approval, a supervisor will be notified how many GA positions (usually 1) have been awarded.
  • Application and Approval ProcessNext, the designated student should Complete the online student information form. Print and complete the State Withholding Exemption Certificate and W-4 Form. Make an appointment with Ms. Louise Vaughn (ext. 6949) to complete remaining paperwork.
  • Application and Approval ProcessNext, the designated student should Bring to the appointment (1) a copy of a state-issued form of ID (i.e. drivers license, passport, JSU ID, etc.), (2) original Social Security card or birth certificate, (3) copy of current class schedule, (4) a copy of his/her resume/CV and (5) completed copies of the State Withholding Exemption Certificate and W-4 Form.
  • Application and Approval ProcessDuring the appointment, Ms. Vaughn will prepare and print a student personnel action form and the Employment Eligibility Form (I-9). It should be signed by the student and the faculty supervisor and returned to the Center.
  • Application and Approval ProcessThe Center for University Scholars will notify via e-mail the student and faculty supervisor that the student’s contract has been approved.The student cannot work before this final notification is received. He/she may not be paid for those hours.
  • Approving Student TimesheetsJSU uses a web-based timekeeping system.First, the student enters his/her time during the work period and sends that time to the supervisor.Second, the supervisor approves that time.
  • Approving Student Timesheets1. Go to Click the JSU P.A.W.S. menu item.
  • Approving Student Timesheets 2. Log in using your J# and PIN. 3. From the main menu, choose “Employee.” 4. From the “Employee” screen, choose "Time Sheet.”
  • Approving Student Timesheets4. On the "Time Reporting Selection" screen, choose the link for “Proxy Set Up.” (First-Time Only)5. On the "Proxy Set Up" screen, choose the correct name. Click add. Click save. (First-Time Only)
  • Approving Student Timesheets7. On the "Time Reporting Selection" screen, select "Approve or Acknowledge Time," choose "Act as Proxy," choose the correct supervisor name and click the select button.
  • Approving Student Timesheets8. On the "Approver Selection" screen, choose the unit and pay period to review. Click select.9. To view a students time sheet, click the hyperlinked name of the student. Scroll down and click approve if correct.  You can also add a comment and return the timesheet to the student if it incorrect. (Choose “Add Comment,” type a comment and save on the resulting screen. Then select “Return for Correction.” If it is returned, the faculty supervisor must notify the graduate assistant.)
  • Approving Student Timesheets
  • Approving Student TimesheetsThe deadline for students to submit time for your approval is the 2nd work day of the following month. However, they can record hours throughout the work period.The deadline for faculty supervisors to approve time is the 3rd work day of the following month.
  • Approving Student TimesheetsSee the JSU Business and Finance presentation for detailed information about the time approval process.If you cannot view or approve time for your GA, contact the Center as soon as possible. Doing so avoids the retroactive timesheet process and missed paychecks for the GA.
  • Retroactive TimesheetsIf a retroactive timesheet has to be completed, contact the Center for University Scholars immediately for assistance.
  • Dismissing Graduate AssistantsTermination requires written notice to the assistant and to the Center.Upon notification, the Center will process a contract termination.Graduate assistants cannot be swapped or substituted without completing the student contract process via the Center.
  • Contact the CenterIf you have questions or concerns about these policies, please contact the Center. 601 979-6949
  • Apply for the Graduate AssistantshipClick here to apply for a graduate assista