John Stuppy the EDUMETRIX 10 - Secrets to More Successful Investor, Exit & Sales Pitches


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Want to create a better pitch to raise money or sell? Dr. John Stuppy has uncovered tips -- we call them the "EDUMETRIX 10" -- that drive great presentations and get results.

Many of these tips seem counter-intuitive. For example, you should AVOID saving the best for last in your pitch, educating your audience or providing a dozen reasons why your plan is solid,

To see all the tips download "the EDUMETRIX 10" here free -- Pitch Perfect!

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John Stuppy the EDUMETRIX 10 - Secrets to More Successful Investor, Exit & Sales Pitches

  1. 1. John Stuppy, MBA, Ph.D. EDUMETRIX - CEO 10 Secrets To More Successful Investor, Exit & Sales Pitches
  2. 2. No More “Death by PowerPoint” Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC. When you present your pitch deck do your attendees often check their watch or smart phone? Then you’re killing them – and not in a good way! Implement these 10 secrets & make your sales, investor & exit pitches more interesting, compelling & actionable. Achieve your goals
  3. 3. #1 – Save the Rest for Last Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  Lead with your best, most compelling points to grab your audience’s attention and get them hooked right from the start!  Don’t save the best for last If you “Save the best for last” your audience will become disinterested and tune out – long before the great finale!
  4. 4. #2 – Tell a Simple Story Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  Focus your message on what’s Important for your present audience  Don’t use the same deck to sell VC’s, partners, customers, acquirers influencers and users One deck for each purpose. One size doesn’t fit all
  5. 5. #3 – In ‘Pitch Math’ 4x3 > 12x1 Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  Identify your top 3-4 killer unique selling propositions and unfair competitive advantages and drive them each home 3 times in some way in the presentation  Don’t rattle off 12 features once each Describe your 3 or 4 most compelling, impactful “reasons for being” and “rinse and repeat”
  6. 6. #4 – Don’t Educate…SELL Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  There’s nothing more boring than over-describing true but irrelevant facts about your Industry, or common features that Everyone has in their product  Focus on what makes your product or service unique and compelling and leave the history to the historians. Teachers are paid to educate – you are paid to sell. Sharing some background is fine, but too much doesn’t close the deal
  7. 7. Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  Start off your presentation with a BOLD claim that peaks your audience's interests and sounds like the answer to a pressing, valuable and important problem in the industry  Remember to explain your claim/solution and reinforce it several times as noted in #3. Yes, we’re repeating #3 because it’s important! : ) Also remember to start right away with your strongest points. You get the idea. Claiming to have the solution to a big pain point will get your audience’s attention and make them want to learn more #5 – Make a BOLD Claim
  8. 8. #6 – Keep Good Company Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  People like to bet on a horse that has won big before. Does your company have:  Management with a proven track record?  Influential industry leads who sing your praise?  Conference speaking engagements?  “Smart Money” investors?  Awards?  Other bragging rights? Follow the Money. People trust you more when when people in the know back or endorse you
  9. 9. #7 – Give Real Numbers Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  Instead of saying “the percentage of customers that upgrade to our premium model is 10%,” use the real number, e.g. “9.85%”  Round numbers look made up  Do projections of sales, growth, retention etc. “fit?”  Your audience may not know what’s right, but they’ll know it’s wrong if various numbers don’t “Add up” If you are growing by X%, all related numbers such as revenue, retention, etc.) should reflect and be consistent With that growth rate
  10. 10. #8 – A Picture > 1,000 Words Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  Blah blah words more words bullets explanation details and this minutia the obvious the obscure so what and then irrelevant of minor importance Blah blah words more words bullets explanation details and this minutia the obvious the obscure so what and then irrelevant of minor importance Blah blah words more words bullets explanation details and this minutia the obvious the obscure so what and then irrelevant of minor importance  Paint a picture; don’t talk about each brushstroke Present big ideas and the big picture so your audience “gets” the most important & relevant points =
  11. 11. #9 – Prove You’re Ready 1-2-3 Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  Investor/Acquirer says (out of thin air) “Come back when you have 100,000 subscribers with lifetime value that is 2 times the cost of acquisition and 25% EBITDA” You think but DON’T say! “When that time comes, I won’t need to come back!” INSTEAD…  Define in your pitch your own reasonable milestones that show you have achieved sufficient success for funding or sale “We’re ready for funding because we’ve hit these milestones…1-2-3” If you present credible indicators of success, use your steps to show you’re ready!
  12. 12. Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  If you can replace your company’s name in a slide or brochure with your competitor’s name, and the slide or brochure still rings true, then you have not identified something that makes you unique, nor have you made a compelling case for what differentiates and validates the superiority of your products/services/company. Anything your competitor can say that is in your deck is a lost opportunity to demonstrate what makes you best #10 – Be Unique
  13. 13. FOLLOW UP! FOLLOW UP! FOLLOW UP! Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC.  Added bonus – every week or two after presenting with your deck that cleans up the EDUMETRIX 10 pitch deck problems, update the people you pitched with news such as:  New contracts signed  Hit/exceeded sales projections, goals etc.  New strong top/bottom line improving partnership  Awards  Upcoming speaking engagements Give your pitch audience new things to get excited about. Show you’re making good on your plan
  14. 14. About John Stuppy, MBA, Ph.D. Copyright (C) 2014, EDUMETRIX INC. John Stuppy EDUMETRIX, CEO John was president of startup TutorVista which raised $34M from Sequoia & other top VC’s, grew 825% a year to be the world largest online tutoring company and sold to Pearson for $213M. John is now CEO of EDUMETRIX where he helps for- profit education companies raise money, grow quickly, build value, dominate their market and exit with the best package. John is a respected education technology visionary. He has earned 39 patents. Earlier John held senior roles at The Princeton Review, ETS & Sylvan Learning/Educate. He has been featured on ABC, NBC & CBS news, in the NY Times & Wall Street Journal and is an expert on fast growth strategies & technology-enabled school reform. Ph.D., Education Policy, UCLA MBA, Marketing, Kent College MA, Curriculum/Teacher Studies, Stanford University B.S., Biological Sciences, Stanford University
  15. 15. Stuppy: The EDUMETRIX 8 Secrets of the Pitch Deck pro’s15