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  • 1. Powering high-end x86 systems vSMP Foundation 2.0 Announcement 3/26/2009 1 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save.
  • 2. vSMP Foundation – Background NEW SERVER VIRTUALIZATION PARADIGM ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING Applications requiring fraction Applications requiring superset of the physical server resources of the physical server resources Existing: Partitioning New: Aggregation Virtual Machines Virtual Machine App App App App OS OS OS OS Hypervisor or VMM Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor or VMM or VMM or VMM or VMM 3/26/2009 2 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 3. vSMP Foundation – Background THE NEED FOR AGGREGATION - TYPICAL USE CASES vSMP Foundation Virtual Machine App OS Cluster Management SMP Replacement Hypervisor or Hypervisor or Hypervisor or Hypervisor or VMM VMM VMM VMM • Requirements driven by IT to simplify • Requirements driven by the end cluster deployment: users per application characteristics: • • Large memory Single OS • • High core-count InfiniBand complexity removal • • IT simplification is a plus Simplified I/O: faster scratch storage • • CAPEX savings Large memory is a plus Capabilities: • OPEX savings Up to 16 nodes: • 32 processors (128 cores) • 4 TB RAM More at: http://www.scalemp.com/spec 3/26/2009 3 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 4. vSMP Foundation 2.0 Enhanced performance and enterprise-class features 3/26/2009 4 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 5. vSMP Foundation 2.0 – Details Bandwidth Efficiency STREAM (OMP) Performance (MB/s) • First Nehalem solution with more (MB/sec.) (compared to 1 board) 100% 100% 180,000 100% 99% 99% 98% than 2 processors 98% 97% 97% 142,280 150,000 95% 131,462 1333MHz FSB (128 cores / 16 boards) 1600MHz FSB (128 cores / 16 boards) 92% QPI 6.4GT/s (32 cores / 4 boards) 120,000 90% 90% 1333MHz - Efficiency • Up to 3 times better performance 1600MHz - Efficiency QPI - Efficiency 90,000 85% 75,634 73,218 66,536 60,000 80% 44,111 • Optimized performance with intra- 38,197 33,279 23,981 19,145 30,000 75% 74% 12,018 6,1579,714 board memory placement and 0 70% QDR InfiniBand Cores: 8 16 32 64 128 3/26/2009 5 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 6. vSMP Foundation 2.0 – Details • 2 InfiniBand switches (dual-rail) in an active-active configuration Server A Server B Server C • Automatic failover on link errors (cable) or switch failure Automatic failover and load-balancing • Improved performance with switch load- InfiniBand Switch 1 InfiniBand Switch 2 balancing (both switches used in parallel) 3/26/2009 6 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 7. vSMP Foundation 2.0 – Details • Create isolated hardware-level partitions, each can run different OS • Up to 8 partitions, minimum 2 Multiple Partitions servers per partition • Requires add-on license Single Partition 3/26/2009 7 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 8. vSMP Foundation 2.0 – Details • Up to 2 Emulex LightPulse® Fibre- Channel (FC) HBAs per server • Up to 32 HBAs for virtual machine • Significantly improves cluster IO capabilities, while keeping cost low 3/26/2009 8 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 9. vSMP Foundation 2.0 – Details • Serial console for all vSMP Foundation control and monitoring operations • Augments existing VGA-based control 3/26/2009 9 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 10. vSMP Foundation 2.0 – Details • Full stack profiler allows identification of code scalability inefficiencies • Zoom to line of code, providing insight about cross- node memory usage, I/O access and interrupts • Open API, allowing integration with 3rd party tools 3/26/2009 10 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 11. vSMP Foundation 2.0 MODULAR LICENSING STRUCTURE Add-on Modules Large memory Partitioning Profiling Future Module… Future Module… – Up to 4 TB RAM – Up to 8 partitions – Profiling tools Pricing structure: per- Pricing structure: one Pricing structure: free TB license starting the license per each 16 for academic customers 2nd TB (first TB is part of nodes the base product) Up to 16 systems vSMP Foundation Enterprise vSMP Foundation Lite – Up to 1 TB RAM, unlimited processor speed – For platforms with entry level processors (2.66GHz (core2) or 2.4GHz (corei7)) and maximum – Extensible platform: support for add-on of 4GB RAM per core modules – Add-on modules not available Pricing structure: per-node license starting the 2nd Pricing structure: per-node reduced-cost license starting the 2nd node, minimum 8-node configuration node. 3/26/2009 11 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 12. Target Environments and Applications Target Environments Typical end-user applications • Users seeking to simplify Energy Manufacturing Life Sciences cluster complexities Schlumberger ECLIPSE CSM (Computational Gaussian Paradigm GeoDepth Structural Mechanics) VASP ABAQUS/Explicit 3DGEO 3DPSDM AMBER • Applications that use large ABAQUS/Standard Norsar 3D Schrödinger Jaguar ANSYS Mechanical Schrödinger Glide memory footprint (even with LSTC LS-DYNA NAMD EDA ALTAIR Radioss one processor) DOCK Mentor GAMESS CFD (Computational Fluid Cadence GOLD Dynamics) • Applications that need mpiBLAST FLUENT Finance GROMACS ANSYS CFX multiple processors and shared MOLPRO STAR-CD Wombat memory OpenEye FRED AVL FIRE KX OpenEye OMEGA Tgrid SCM ADF Others HMMER Other inTrace OpenRT The MathWorks MATLAB R Octave Wolfram MATHEMATICA ISC STAR-P 3/26/2009 12 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save. Confidential and Proprietary
  • 13. Powering high-end x86 systems FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: US / ROW:Manuel Hoffmann (Manuel@ScaleMP.com) • US East: Jeff Stemler (Jeff@ScaleMP.com) • US West: Tom Wall (TWall@ScaleMP.com) EMEA: Benzi Galili (Benzi@ScaleMP.com) 3/26/200913 Aggregate. Scale. Simplify. Save.