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EDfest Education & Career Conference

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EDfest Ppt V5

  1. 1. media services company with large- scale event production capability Performance-based, strategic, experiential programs that build connection between brands and targeted audiencesIntegrate interactive digital platforms Key services include: touring event management, sponsorship activation, nationwide staff casting, customized vehicle and set production, venue acquisition, micro site and social media development, and talent booking
  2. 2. Global publisher of assessments that help individuals achieve self-awareness Publish the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument which is used by millions of people each year in over 20 languages to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others Key services include: • assessment portfolio that maps to individual and employeeProvides the catalyst for those development cycleAH HA MOMENTS when • online platform for delivering assessmentspeople truly understand why • support materials to aid the usethey are the way they are, and of assessmentshow their personality impacts • assessment training andtheir relationships, their career certification programspath, and even their passions • employee development consultation • leadership development programs
  3. 3. Worlds most interactive technology for EXPERIENTIAL ENVIRONMENTS Unprecedented behavioral measurementEnhanced visitor experience REALTIME ACTIONABLE DATA
  4. 4. EDfest Brandcasting TM REALTIME DATA Event RFID Activity RFID Facebook Amplification Total Guests Registered 2651 Total User’s Facebook Friends 745,128 Total Facebook Authorizations 1912 (75.2%) Average Number of User Friends 390 FB Authorizations On-Site 1290 Total Users’ Friends Who Post/Like 3741 FB Pre-Registration 622 Total Facebook Users (1912+3741) 5653 FB Authorization Emails 631 Total Friends’ Facebook Posts 5970 Total RFID-Generated FB Posts 4270 Total Friend Likes 4166 Registration Check-In 1901 Total Friends’ Comments 1804 Photo 1281 Total Facebook Click-Throughs 3079 DJ Mix Like 564 Total Facebook Posts (4270+5970) 10240 Artist Like 314 Total Facebook impressions ~1,589,466 Drink Like 210 Total User-Generated FB Impressions ~655,712 Total Friend-Generated FB Impressions ~933,754
  5. 5. Millennial Generation The Millennial Generation...Demographic cohort following Generation X.The generation born between the mid -1970s to the mid -1990s Members of this generation are called ECHO BOOMERS due to the significant increase in birth rates through the 1980s and into the 1990s, and because many of them are children of baby boomersDELINEATORS that separate the Millennial Generation:Optimistic Consider Grown up Spend less Their primaryabout their themselves using time watching mode offuture, global citizens technology, traditional communication and consider media, and isTO SPITE THE themselves more timeECONOMY technology online DIGITAL dependent
  6. 6. Millennial PerspectivePew Institute psychographic studies reveal thatEcho Boomers DIFFER from previousgenerations regarding EDUCATION & CAREERTheir education and career goals arecentered around finding: PERSONAL FIT’ FINANCIAL SECURTIY PERSONAL GROWTH
  7. 7. Learn important lifestyle habits Making friends Finding the Right college TOP 10 ISSUES concerning High School SeniorsManage your money Enroll in random, interesting classesGet an internship and job Pick up a minorMake friends from different cultures Participate in extracurricular activitiesExperience different cultures, foods,races, religions, and perspectives Have Fun!
  8. 8. Millennial Media ConsumptionAccording to the Nielsen 2008 study, the media experience forEcho Boomers has evolved, and cross-platform engagementis critical to reaching this segment 50% of U.S. teens use Facebook 37% of teens access the Web over their phones Echo Boomers time-shift video with DVRs, and they place-shift on their video MP3 players 25% read a Newspaper Average 3 hours 20 minutes of TV daily 15 minutes of Mobile Video daily Spend 1 hour daily surfing the Internet
  9. 9. Millennial TECHNOLOGY This generation grew up with TECHNOLOGY and consider themselvesTECHNOLOGY DEPENDENT They consider previousgenerations immigrants to TECHNOLOGY
  10. 10. Junco and Mastrodicasa Survey 76% 92% 40% 44% 96%of students of those of them used of students textused instant reported television to surveyed messagesmessaging as multitasking get most of used the a daytheir primary while IMing their news Internetcommunicationtool
  11. 11. A GENERATION ... A Terrible Thing to Waste Bloomberg Business Week: youths ages 15-24 are being kicked off the career ladder into unemployment or Additional underemployment education holds few guarantees of* Unemployment rate nationally: 9% employmentMillennial unemployment rate: 20%*Department of Labor 6/2011 The best educated and most technologically savvy generation to enter todays work force…. BUT THEY CANT FIND A JOB
  12. 12. Solutions Greater understanding that a slow start is not ‘failure to launch’ Greater emphasis on: mentoring career training technical education More alternatives like, Gap Year stipends for public service and other ways to put non- productive time to good use, without going into deeper debt
  13. 13. EDfestProject.comStudents Provide: Students Receive: Demographic Schedule of Psychographic Events Myers Briggs Financial Assessment Academic EDfest Apps RFID Extracurricular Silicone Appointment Band Calendar
  14. 14. 2013TM EDfestTM Site PlanEDfest 400,000+ square foot venue
  15. 15. EDfest™ Student Union Students gather informally, in a super-sized Café equipped with wireless access Registration, event scheduling apps, and Student-focused, interactive.com gallery, all aimed to help Students maximize their EDfest experienceCouches and tables allow Students to comfortably meet and mix in a social setting in between events to connect with friends, review assessments and plan their day
  16. 16. Star In Your Own Career™ Self Discovery LabStudents attendinteractive Life Personality and Interest Assessments:Coaching MBTI and iStartStrong™sessions with Offered to registered Students online andcertified onsite at EDfestassessmentcoaches
  17. 17. 16 Sixteen near field interactive pods will provide Students with a more in-depth understanding of: RELATIONSHIPSPersonal discovery will guide STUDY HABITSthem to choose Colleges, WORK CULTURECollege Majors, and Careersthat align with theirpersonality and interests
  18. 18. Test Drive Cool Careers™ At EDfest™Interactive career experience hall provides Students with a 3Dopportunity to better visualize Career Experiences within thistechnology-rich environment A broad range of 21st century industries will exhibit Career options
  19. 19. University CampusAt EDfest™Students can take virtualcampus tours to‘Experience’ life on eachschool’s campus Students meet with Student ambassadors from a broad cross-section of universities, colleges, professional and technical colleges
  20. 20. EDfest™ Studio CityLIVE Studio Platform1200seat venue from 9am to 9pm dailyBroad array of inspiring and thought-provoking speakers providedby exhibitors and TED.com Evening Entertainment provided by TED/MTV/BET/MTV Tr3s
  21. 21. Gap Year LabNon-Profit and For Profit GAP YEAR Opportunities: Internships Externships Apprenticeships
  22. 22. Business Of Your Life™ Financial Planning LabPersonal Coaches, equipped with digital dashboards, guide students through financial planning opportunities Loans Scholarships Grants
  23. 23. Career and Life Mapping LabStudents discover Jobs of the Future anddevelop highly personalized Career & Education RoadmapsIdentify and register withtarget companies of interest
  24. 24. Parent Orientation LabParents Only Lab… take the Myers Briggs assessment purchase ebooks live stream of Studio City live speakers concessions read e-newspapers experience abridged XPLs
  25. 25. EDfestCross-Platform Media Activation
  26. 26. Before andDuring
  27. 27. EDfestLifestyle Media Approach 2012 Launch Website Q1 App School/County/State Websites Social Media 2012 Q2 Department of Education Announcement Student Marketing 2012-2013 Speaker Endorsements/Shout Outs Q3/4 MTV MTV Tr3s, BET, MTVU activation TM Live Events on Campus & Corporate Sponsors Partner Co-op/ Interstitial Series
  28. 28. EDfest During EventCross Platform Media Local Contemporary Radio School Newspaper School Radio Station Public Broadcast Social Media School Clubs Department of Education MTV/MTVU/BET/MTV Tr3s Partner Co-Op EDfest Website media TM
  29. 29. EDfest OnlineSpeaker Endorsements Social Media ShoutOuts Mobile App media TM
  30. 30. Contact Julie Stanwick CPP & MMEVP, Event Sponsorship & Sales 770.329.9612 jstanwick comcast.net